Leo Reflections- New Moon- 28th July, 2022

La forza (the force”) by Boris Indrikov

La forza (the force”) by Boris Indrikov

At times I am despondent, isolated, alone, feeling as though I cannot connect, that I am misunderstood. I knew this would not be easy this “standing up to be counted” (I’ve got a Chiron Mars thing going on).

Sometimes, I see and feel things and I want to take a position of authority, as though I know, and that my truth is right- so strongly do I feel this truth in my soul.

I see a new world emerging, a ‘brave new world’, but I also see beneath the surface of things- it is both a blessing and a curse. I say what I see and feel and yet I am also humble enough to know that what I see and feel comes through me, through my soul, and maybe it is my role- or one of them- to speak what comes through me or maybe I am deluded and have much to learn. At any rate I am a vibrational manifestation as every other person is too and If I can accept that in myself without judgment (which is not easy) then I can also accept it in others even if I do not agree with them or like their vibration; even if I see and feel that they are headed down a path I myself have chosen to avoid (or so I think).

I do not embrace our journey into AI, our entrenchment deeper into materialism while flying the flag of spiritualism, or bio- chemical manipulation and sometimes I want to call out… “welcome to your false awakening, humans”. I can see that we are careering down a path of greater dependency on technology, on the need to make money, to be a name, to be bright and shiny, to be healed and fixed from the weight and burden of the human condition (to bypass). I see that and yet I could only ever criticize another soul if I thought I alone could see the full picture, that I had the privilege of knowing the whole story, but I know that is not the case, I am one of billions of souls currently incarnate on this planet- I seek to find my most authentic self for better or worse. I try to stick with it even though I don’t always appear the successful one, or the bright shiny healed one. But this is what I can do, it is what I have right now.

Yes, I believe I can see behind the veil at times but like the grail the veil is different for everyone and that is because we are each on our own soul odyssey, all at different stages of our evolution just like the Earth herself… and maybe the gods too.

I study the mysteries, but I do not know the mystery and mainly I am just trying to unravel the mystery of myself.

What is the point of this post? My point is that you can never know the soul of another person, heck, it is likely you barely know your own. I am no authority, none of us are, so live let and let live. If we are affected by the vibration or expression of another person, it is to reflect something back at ourselves.

That said, speak out what you see, share your journey if you are called to but don’t expect anything in return… though I personally applaud anyone who does step out of the box and show themselves. It seems clear to me that when we do that we sometimes -and if we are lucky often – move something in others whether that is triggering or inspiring- either way it shifts things, and this is a time of great shifts.

We’re all just doing and being what we know how with what we’ve got in this moment. The bigger picture is still unravelling and may or may not ever be known.

Maybe self sovereignty is simply taking responsibility for who we are in each moment.

1 thought on “Leo Reflections- New Moon- 28th July, 2022

  1. You got this… thank you for all your words. You are another me, and we value thee:)
    For a wee bit of hope, maybe watch Bracha Goldsmith interview Forrest Gamble on YouTube


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