Me on the Tor

Me on Glastonbury Tor-credit to Emma Stoner

I currently have a private practice in Canterbury, England, and offer online astrology sessions & counselling.

I work with mythology, astrology, shamanism and the cycles of nature (especially the moon) to develop personal and collective awareness, and to initiate transformation, healing, renewal, and integration.

It has taken many years of soul searching, training, research, embodiment, travel, break-up, break-down, break-through, and home-coming to reach a point where I am confident in holding a safe and sacred space for others to experience inner transformation. This can happen when people trust and open to a deeper awareness of their inner dynamics and subconscious urges.

The psyche- or soul- is in a constant process of renewal, and rather than fear the more destructive or painful aspects we can learn to dance and co-create with them. Astrology, mythology and archetypes all belong to the imaginal and symbolic realm. This is the language of the soul and can open up new pathways for deeper understanding of our inner world and unconscious urges.

Consciously working in this way can lead to a profound understanding of ourselves… who we are, why we are here, what we carry, what stories and beliefs we hold, and what strengths, powers and talents are waiting to be recognised and released.

This is the warrior path to self-becoming, or as archetypal psychologist James Hillman would say, ‘soul making’.

I work with individuals, groups, couples, and families.

My shamanic training formally began in 2005 when after talking with a friend and describing some of my inner perceptions, dreams, intuitions and insights, it was recognised that I had been on the ‘shamanic path’ since childhood. I realised that I needed guidance, training and support and promptly set-out to find my first teacher. I have been training and deepening into this path ever since.

In 2009 I received a certificate in person-centred counselling, and also trained in relational presence.

In 2012, after a two-year training with the Edinburgh School of Shamanism, I graduated as a certified shamanic practitioner making it possible for me to work from established clinics.

I began to explore astrology in 2009, and in 2014/2015 formally trained with Kairos astrology, mainly exploring the astrological chart through astro- drama.

2014- 2015 also saw me immersed in a 1-year training in the ways of the sacred sexual priestess. This has played an important part in the unfolding of my own feminine consciousness to reveal and release some of the blocks and wounds I have been carrying. This journey also initiated an exploration of my ancestry, and in particular my mother-line. The myth of Lilith and working with her archetype, and in the astrolgical chart has been enlightening.

In 2019, along with a fellow astrologer and Myth graduate, I set up a Sun & Moon lodge in Canterbury working with astro-drama and astro- constellations.

Since 2017 I have been holding women’s monthly moon lodge circles in Canterbury. We meet on or near the new moon to share, journey, and work with lunar and archetypal energies. It has become important for us to weave the archetypal and mythological into the stories and experiences of our current life situations. Meeting the archetypal powers in this way gives us a shared language to explore the personal and the transpersonal without dissolving into either.

In 2015 I was drawn to academic study and began a master’s degree in Myth, Cosmology & the Sacred at Canterbury Christ Church university. I studied the work of Barbara Tedlock, Carl Jung, James Hillman, and many thinkers in the field of feminine consciousness, and psycho-spiritual studies.

The myths, practices, rites, and initiations of the ancient world spoke to my soul and opened a door for me to bridge the ancient and the modern worlds.

My shamanic practice is called Red Spiral- Ancient Practices for a Modern World

In 2017- 2018 I trained as a Rites for Girls facilitator- a programme created to mentor girls safely through their menstrual rites of passage.

Menstruation as a Symbol of Renewal is the title of my dissertation for which I gained a distinction from CCCU.