Work With Me

I am available to facilitate groups and individuals to connect with their innate wisdom, vision, and creative power.

Using techniques such as shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, guided visualization, breathwork, sound, and dreamwork, my aim is to guide you to your inner authority and intuition.

Removing blocks and conditioning that have suppressed or over-written our natural instincts and feelings these practices help to reconnect us to our essence, or creative well-spring, where we can learn to trust ourselves.

Connecting with the cycles of the moon, the seasons, our own cycles, and the natural rhythms of the earth, stars, and planets can embed us into an expanded matrix of consciousness.

As women, connecting with our heart and womb opens us to layers of consciousness that have become shut-down due to attitudes and beliefs that are not always favorable or open to the sacred feminine.

Men may also be disconnected from their seat of power and masculine grounding.

Working with myths, symbolism, archetypes and stories is a way to move beyond the personal to the transpersonal and begin to see our lives clearer and in ways that allow us to become less attached to outmoded ways of being and become freer in our expression of who we are and what we are here to do.

Engaging with ourselves and the world in this way initiates inner and outer journeys towards authenticity and wholeness. It is a process of becoming aware of and integrating the shadow as well as tapping into our inner resources and strengths.

Without rites of passage, ritual, ceremony and observance of change and transition, life can become stagnated and limited. Opening to the power of change can affect renewal and transformation. This is the key at the heart of feminine, or soul wisdom.

This work is essentially shamanic in nature and is open to both men and women.

Astrology consultations and coaching sessions are available via Skype for those who cannot visit me in person.