Venus conjunct Regulus: Power of the majestic feminine.

La forza (“the force”) by Boris Indrikov

Every 8 years Venus meets with the royal star Regulus- heart of the lion.

If you get up just before sunrise on October 2 & 3, you may be able to see Regulus shining in the morning sky next to Venus (Venus is the brighter of the two).
While this event happens every 8 Earth years, during that time Venus has circled the Sun 13 times.
The union of Venus and Regulus announces the fierce feminine, the one who will not be tamed, silenced, or subdued beneath false authority. It is an energy that is resonant with the mighty Egyptian goddess Sekhmet whose name means ‘one who is powerful’ and who is also given many epithets such as ‘one before whom evil trembles’.
This is an opportunity to remember and reaffirm sacred patterns of feminine wisdom and strength as a force that will not tolerate oppression, corruption, or evil.
She is the one who rises again and again to defend the sacredness of life, freedom, sovereignty, and truth.
Perhaps you feel called to honour this force in yourself, align with ancient feminine power and shine your light through the murkiness, confusions, and illusions of this time… if you’re feeling particularly inspired or focused you might want to rise before the Sun to meet these celestial beauties within and without.
The exact conjunction happens on October 3 at 00:00 UTC.
Hymn of Sekhmet
Mine is a heart of carnelian, crimson as murder on a holy day.
Mine is a heart of corneal, the gnarled roots of a dogwood and the bursting of flowers.
I am the broken wax seal on my lover’s letters.
I am the phoenix, the fiery sun, consuming and resuming myself.
I pace the halls of the Duat.
I knock on the doors of death.
I wander into the fields to stare at the sun and lie in the grass, ripe as a fig.
The souls of the gods are with me.
They hum like flies in my ears.
I will what I will.
Mine is a heart of carnelian, blood red as the crest of a phoenix.

Virgo New Moon: Mars in the Temple of Lilith

Edvard Munch ‘Madonna’

Not only is Mars retrograde and squaring Pluto on this Virgo new moon, he is also in communion with Black Moon Lilith within the precincts of her temple. Mars square Pluto can be explosive, hostile, and quick to react, particularly in response to perceived abuse of power.

Rather than shooting from the hip or being overtaken by primal fight or flight responses, Lilith influences Mars to look beyond the surface, dig deeper and find the true cause of the offense.

Mars can get lost in the fight blindly lashing out at the enemy and in doing so miss the real meaning of the situation. In this sort of combat there are no winners because even when there is a victor there is no real victory when nothing has been learned and no real change has occurred… the boxing ring bell will ring again and again until the real reason for the war is discovered and set right.

Black Moon Lilith can penetrate the nervous system transforming primal aggression to righteous anger and offer strategies beyond military style combat. And even while there may be a code of ethics in war, Lilith leads us beyond the chasms of duality to show that the real split is between our limited selves and our cosmic nature.

Beneath the rage is a sense of powerlessness and injustice. Lilith- as with Pluto- asks us to acknowledge where and how we have given our power away.

This applies to the stories and patterns of our personal lives as well as collectively- when we take our power (energy) back from toxic and abusive situations in our personal lives we effect change in the collective, slowly but surely untangling and dismantling webs of power that appear to trap us in ever tighter systems of control. By believing in and fearing these systems that we imagine arise from the outside we give away our power.

During this lunar cycle we have an opportunity to get real about the abuses, subtle and overt, that we endure, normalise, or justify in our lives. Maybe every once in a while we lash out or run away from situations and people who seem too challenging to confront. Or we may be compulsive pleasers in an attempt to keep the peace at all costs, or simply become numb and frozen, handling the difficulties of our lives on automatic pilot.

This new moon in Virgo is about self-preservation and self-respect, it is an opportunity to find the strength to tap into our essential truth and express it with wisdom, composure, and conviction. It is a time to commit to what we know is right and see the bigger picture free from endless reactivity.

The Rebrith of Quetzalcoatl & the Rise of Venus


The heliacal rising of Venus occurs on June 10th where after a period of darkness she transforms into the Morning Star, rising just before the sun. For the Maya and Aztecs of Mesoamerica the journey of Venus was observed and noted with great interest and precision. Her journey was well documented and richly mythologised.

According to observations made by the Maya, episodes of upheaval linked to the cyclical motion of Venus play out as life-changing events.

What life changing events are taking place today? On the surface what we see is a world under the shadow of a global pandemic… and yet, many sense more is occurring behind the scenes and below the veil of consciousness. We might ask, what aspects of Venus- our value system- are we ready to transform? For the Maya -and contemporary astrologers- Venus’s rise as the Morning Star heralds a new beginning.

What part do we play in this cosmic unfolding? Does the consciousness we bring to bear upon the dawning of a new world influence and create that world? Is this the time when we individually and collectively realise we are far more powerful than we have been led to believe?

This is the first Venus retrograde in Gemini that has happened since the Venus transit of 2012- a year that coincided with the end of a 5125-year solar cycle in the Mayan calendar. It is also taking place between a lunar and solar eclipse. These are powerful times!

Questions to ask: why were the ancient Mesoamericans so fascinated by the movement of Venus on her journey around the sun, and what can that consciousness teach us now?

Long before Copernicus was tracking the movement of the planets in the high renaissance period, the Maya followed Venus with amazing accuracy. In a text known as the Dresden codex (thought to have been produced in the first half of the tenth century) the rise and fall of Venus from Morning Star to Evening Star is carefully illustrated. Curiously, the text made its way from the Yucatan Peninsula to the Royal Library in Dresden, Germany where in the 1800s a German mathematician named Ernst Förstemann- without any prior knowledge of Mayan glyphs- deciphered the text as an illustration of the celestial journey of the planet Venus.

In working with their solar Haab and Tzolkin calendar, the Maya viewed the heliacal rising of Venus (the rising of the planet before the sun after the inferior conjunction) as both potentially auspicious- a sign of new beginnings and the resurrection of Light after a period of Darkness, and potentially inauspicious, an evil portent invoking wars and conflict.  Ritual and warfare were planned accordingly.

Professor Anthony Aveni tells us, “Rituals celebrating the appearance of the Morning Star may have been held on the large plaza in front of the House of the Governor, providing the rulers of Uxmal with a way to commemorate their ties to the sky god.”

In another pre-colonial codex know as the ‘Borgia’, the narrative of the planet Venus suggest that the feathered god Quetzalcoatl represents Venus through the synodic cycle. Also revealed in this codex is the belief of the Maya that Venus is seen as the cause of a total solar eclipse. The story of Quetzalcoatl is also symbolised in the Annals of Cuauhtitlan which associates the 8-day period between the Evening Star and Morning Star- when Venus makes an inferior conjunction to the sun- with the death and resurrection of the feathered serpent deity.

Aveni says, “Before emerging as the Morning Star, Quetzalcoatl descended into the underworld for 8 days, evoking a link with the number of days Venus is invisible in inferior conjunction.”

In Mayan mythology, the planet/goddess Venus was inextricably linked with the sun- never being more than 47 ° away from the sun- and the serpent god Kukulkan- closely related to the Aztec deity Quetzalcoatl- whose name means ‘one who emerges from the serpent-spirit’ or cosmic kundalini force.

In ‘The Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion’, Mayan daykeeper Hunbatz Men says,

 “To be Quetzalcoatl or Kukulcan is to know the seven forces (chakras) that govern our body – not only know them but also use them and understand their intimate relationship with natural and cosmic laws. We must comprehend the long and short cycles and the solar laws that sustain our lives. We must know how to die, and how to be born.”

This initiatory process of death and rebirth is also symbolised in the Sumerian myth of Inanna in her descent to the underworld as a parallel to the cosmic movement of Venus.

In ‘The Hidden Maya’ by Martin Brennan, the Maya equivalent of “chi” is referred to as coyopa or “lightning in the blood,” which enables one to perceive within the body messages from the external worlds – both natural and supernatural. There is no one word for this in English, but it means something like, “vital force spirit.”

For the Maya, when Venus follows the sun, appearing as the Evening Star, she is Lamat when she reappears before the sun as the Morning Star, she is Ah-Chicum-Ek.

Morning Star Venus is associated with war, this is also the case in ancient Mesopotamia where She is Istar d’ Akat, a male deity of war. This warrior aspect of Venus is not to easily grasped or recognised in our modern patriarchal world where political and military power is firmly held by men. Feminine power- ahead of the sun and in her warrior aspect- was  largely rejected in patrilineal cultures such as Hellenistic, pharaonic Egypt, Latin Rome, and Judaism- and still today.

Knowledge of the 7 power centres- the serpent rising- vital energy- kundalini… these are the gifts of Venus. She shows us how to clear our vessels, to burn the old by descending into the darkness to illuminate what lies there, so we can see what is ready to be transformed, and like the Phoenix, or the feathered serpent, we rise.

Venus as the Scorpion Goddess

Image credit: CHN. From the Jiroft culture- Bronze Age (late 3rd millennium BCE) located in present day Iran.

Right now Venus is out of sight, obscured by the light of the Sun in what is known as her inferior conjunction. The ancient Sumerian myth of Inanna- our oldest written myth- tells the story of the descent and rebirth of the goddess as a symbolic representation of the movement of the planet Venus as she moves between the Earth and the sun- and then the other side of the sun.

For Inanna, the underworld journey is a process of healing the split between herself and her dark sister, the lost or unconscious parts of herself that have experienced loss, betrayal, rejection, and trauma. It is a profound experience of awakening, reclamation, reintegration, and sovereignty.

For the ancient world -and still many today- it is believed that Venus is guiding and showing us how to move through the process of death and rebirth as an initiatory journey into the sacred nature of our being. She is showing us how to integrate the shadow and the light parts of ourselves.

This feels more important than ever as the dark unacknowledged aspects of the collective unconscious are becoming painfully visible and destructive.

In Mesopotamia, Venus in her underworld phase was represented by the deity known as Ishhara or Ishkhara- who was symbolised by the Scorpion. She takes her place among the other Scorpion goddesses seen in cultures from Hindu, Aztec, and Egyptian.

Ishhara is the goddess of healing, magic, and sexuality. A vow made to Ishhara was taken very seriously… vows made in the underworld are for real, as is eating the food of the underworld as seen in the myth of Persephone.

Perhaps we are realising that many Faustian pacts have unwittingly been made and that it is time to free ourselves from the bondage of corrupt systems which have led to the desacralization of our humanity.

Times of underworld descent are an opportunity to right wrongs and free ourselves from unconscious patterns and behaviours by making them conscious. This works individually and collectively – as we become conscious of the ‘great below’, below the veil of illusion, or behind the curtain of OZ, the impulse is to rise up and refuse further complicity with that which is in misalignment with or offensive to our essence.

As Venus continues her journey in the underworld, the moon is undergoing her own death and rebirth as she is partially eclipsed on Friday 5th June in her full moon phase, positioned at the feet of the constellation Ophiuchus- ‘the Great Healer’ and close to the royal star Antares in the constellation of Scorpio. Antares symbolises death and rebirth, power and profound transformation.

Venus emerges on June 12th just above the fixed star Aldebaran in the constellation of Taurus -the ‘Eye of Illumination’- another royal star which symbolises movement into the new and remembrance of the sacredness of life.

This Venus retrograde cycle closes on June 24 shortly after the solar eclipse/Solstice on 21 June.

Venus then journeys direct in her Morning Star aspect-or Lucifer the Light Bearer- for 9 months before making her superior conjunction on the other side of the sun. She then returns as the evening star- Venus as lover- for 9 months.

What powerful times we are living through as we, part of the cosmic matrix, also undertake these journeys filled with the possibility of renewal, repair, and remembrance of our sacredness.

Credit to Psychologist Heather Ensworth, and to Babylonian Astrologer Rumen Kolev for their research and presentations on this topic.


The Gift of Venus Retrograde.

The Dance of Venus

Today the planet Venus goes retrograde beginning her transformation from evening star to morning star. This shift occurs about once every 1.6 years and, like the moon, reflects the shifting tides of consciousness and the cosmos. The dance of Venus forms an exquisite five petalled rose pattern around the earth every eight years, and although the distance between the five points she touches is slightly irregular, the pattern created is beautifully harmonizing.

In the human psyche, the influence of Venus can likewise point the way toward harmonizing our experiences- both inner and outer- creating a world where our soul may flourish and thrive. Venus can bring order out of Chaos, and mythologically she is the only one who can temper Mars.

Venus orbits the Sun every 224.7 Earth days showing herself in different phases like the moon. When she makes her inferior conjunction to the Sun during her retrograde phase (3rd June 2020) she is closest to the earth- we could consider this a new phase of Venus, much like the new moon phase.

The phases of Venus and evolution of its apparent diameter

When Venus is retrograde we have a chance to review, revise, and revaluate aspects of our life that relate to our inner Venus. As astrologer Darby Costello poetically says, Venus retrograde is a time to do some interior decorating on the self. Venus themes to consider include relationships- how are we relating to others, what changes do we need to make, what shadow aspects do we need to face, and what is our deepest longing for connection, union, or communion?

Venus relationships are not only romantic or sexual but include friendships, working partnerships, our relationship with money, with the environment, food, nature… Venus rules all kinds of partnerships including and most essentially the relationship with ourselves.

The dance of Venus is mythologised in the Sumerian story of Inanna Queen of Heaven and Earth. Inanna makes a descent to the ‘great below’ to attend the funeral of her sister’s husband. Upon entering the underworld she is devested of her regal attire… symbols of her heavenly status, until finally she is hung naked on a hook for three days. This is the stripping of the ego that happens when we enter the underworld- the unconscious- to face our shadow- in the case of Inanna her confrontation is with her dark sister Ereshkigal, who in reality is the unacknowledged and rejected parts of Inanna herself.

Inanna is finally saved by her father the God of water, Enki who sends two creatures- the kurgarra and the galatur, beings neither male nor female formed from the dirt beneath his fingernail and who “enter the underworld like flies”. The tiny creatures witness the pain of the dark queen Ereshkigal empathising with her every cry and suffering, a compassionate act that breaks the curse. Through the empathy offered by the creatures, Ereshkigal is touched, grateful for having been witnessed in her anguish and offers the kurgarra and the galatur a gift of their choosing- which of course is the corpse of Inanna revived and released from the underworld.

There are many layers of symbolism encoded in this myth of renewal and transformation and Venus retrograde is an excellent time to explore these themes in our own lives.

Inanna in the great below- artist unknown

What darkness is waiting to be illuminated by the light of heaven- our conscious mind? What aspects of our exiled and disenfranchised self is ready to be integrated? In terms of relationship, are we ready to accept our own failings and sabotaging behaviours- or will we continue to project them onto others?

Venus is retrograde in the same sign every 8 years thus providing a thread- a golden thread- to follow our life’s narrative and soul’s unfolding- like the Venus rose. Perhaps an old story or theme from the past is reactivated during this Venus retrograde- old lovers or friends from the last Venus in Gemini phase (May/June 2012) may suddenly reappear.

What relationships have we not ended properly? Are we still haunted by the ghost of relationships past? Are lessons still to be learned from emotional baggage hung on a hook in our psyche? It could be that an aspect of a story or theme is ending and a new cycle is beginning. Perhaps we need a deeper understanding of what has gone before we can truly move on. This is a time to reflect.

The last time Venus was retrograde in Gemini was 15th May – 27th June 2012 -this was an extra special event as Venus also transited the Sun during the inferior conjuntion on 5th June, 2012. What was going on for you at that time? I recall exactly what I was doing that evening: I was dancing with a group of people in a studio in Ecuador and as I danced I became mesmerised by the sacred mountain Mandango the “sleeping giant” or “sleeping warrior”.  It was a magical connection which was highly symbolic of an aspect of myself that was awakening.

Taking it further back in the Venus retrograde in Gemini cycle- 8 years before that it occured on May 17th – June 29th, 2004- and then 20th May- 1st July, 1996… and so on. Can you find a connecting thread that runs through these time-lines in your life? Hopefully with each cycle we get to see our issues and patterns more clearly- get to shine more light into the dusty dark caverns of our unconscious. Like in the dance of Venus we may see that events we thought were random or spurious were in fact important parts of our beautiful design… or steps in our dance.

Remember to be gentle- and let ourselves off the hook- in most cases we did the best we could at the time with the knowledge we had. Like the little creatures in the myth of Inanna, it is finally compassionate connection that breaks the spell of fragmentation. To invite the lost parts of ourselves home we must first accept them without judgement- and also not fear them.

Venus in Gemini is about integrating the light and the dark. It is also about merging the faculties of the mind with a deeper embodied wisdom of the heart-centre and soul. If we have been struggling to filter some of our traumatic or buried experiences through the mental faculties, or articulate what happened- tell our story- Venus retrograde in Gemini may provide an opportunity to finally put some flesh on the bones.

As well as the goddess of love, Venus is also the goddess of war in her morning star persona. During our time in the underworld we reclaim and integrate our disenfranchised parts which can then ignite our sacred warrior and we are renewed as the light bearer.

This is Venus’ transformation from evening star to morning star – the Heliacal Rise- and happens on June 10th at 09 degrees 44′ Gemini.

Venus is also about money- what is our relationship with money? Do we know how to manifest abundance, can we receive it, are we comfortable asking for what we need… what we want…what we like? Are we eclipsed in the shadow of poverty consciousness… do we feel undeserving of the finer things in life?

Venus is connected to creativity and style- is what we present on the outside an accurate reflection of how we feel on the inside… does this strike you as superficial… is it time for a reinvention?

Do we have a creative outlet- can we show the world our creative spark without shame or fear of rejection? Can we create purely for the pleasure and the joy of it, just for ourselves?

Venus is our values- what do we truly value?

And finally Venus is our connection with the natural world- can we take pleasure in the scent of a rose, the feel of the air kissing our skin on a summer day, or the sensual joy of cool water bathing… can we connect with tiny creatures and stop to marvel at the wonder of an eagle soaring overhead? Or do we rush through life with our senses and feelings shut down living only in our head?

Venus retrograde offers rich pickings in reviewing these aspects of our life.

For the time of the Venus retrograde- from now until 25th June- I am offering special priced astrology consultations focusing on the Venus aspects in your chart.




Uranus Moon: David Icke & the Sacred Wound.

‘Prometheus Stealing Fire’ by Andre Durand

New moon in Taurus on Thursday 23 April at 03.26 (GMT).

Sun/Moon conjunction 3 degrees Taurus, Uranus 6 degrees Taurus.

Later that day at around 9.00 am, the Moon will be in an exact conjunction to Uranus.

When Uranus conjuncts the Moon in an individual’s birth chart- or by collective transit-there is the potential for radical healing and release of creative energy. This can liberarate us from the bondage of suffering- especially when suffering is felt only as a burden to shake off, reject, project, deny, or control. It can also facilitate emotional breakthrough by dismantling psychic structures formed at an earlier stage of our development that are now outmoded.

Uranus is the planet of revolution, rebellion, independence, and authenticity; it is the higher Octave of Mercury- messenger of the Gods and of divine knowledge. Impersonal in its expression, it is emotionally detached and concerned only with the bigger picture whether that be the liberation of our soul, or the liberation of humanity.

But when the Moon is involved that is not an easy process: The moon favours tradition- it likes what it likes and is the most subjective, intimate point of our chart. It illustrates the ways we learned to adapt and manage our emotions as children, the beliefs and structures that we internalised and the behaviours that we now call us.

Uranus is impersonal, its ultimate goal is change- sometimes radical change that causes disruption in its wake. It shakes up outmoded patterns of behaviour and demands that we grow up and wake up. Unlike Pluto, which is also a transpersonal or outer planet, Uranus does not necessarily endure the long alchemical process of transformation, its method is more like a lightning strike or instant incineration.

For the moon this is the worst thing that can happen. A Uranus hit can rock us to our core, set us adrift from our foundations, and even cause mental instability. The kundalini awakening experienced by some as a high voltage surge of electricity that short- circuits our sensitive electrical wiring is a Uranian experience. Ultimately it is the ‘Great Awakener’, and its purpose is to liberate.

For those who have this placement in their birth chart, it is often the case that they experienced a shock to their system before they were able to handle the surge of energy. The consequences are twofold: first the shock may have been so severe that the person immediately checked out, or dissociated from their body, and secondly, as a result of this they may have broken through the barriers of normal consciousness to the archetypal and transpersonal realms.

Moving forward in their lives, these natives may develop an uncanny ability to pierce the veils of illusion and see beyond physical reality into the astral planes… or mythologically speaking, the domain of the gods. Prometheus, who upon stealing fire from the gods, is gravely punished, and Semele a mortal woman who wishes to see the true face of her lover, Zeus, is immediately incinerated when he reveals himself to her.

The message is clear… to bear the fire of the gods we must abide by certain spiritual laws and protocols- if we do not there will be consequences. Mythology is full of stories of humans and demi-gods who are negatively impacted upon seeing too much too soon.

Other myths speak of husbands who are punished for trespassing on their wife’s secrets (the feminine mysteries), or of women who come into grave danger upon disobeying orders to leave certain things (secrets of the masculine realm) well alone. This is the core message of many myths, including the Christian myth, seen in Adam and Eve’s warning against eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.

Although great hardship must be endured there is usually redemption for the protagonist who after many trials, tribulations, and antonement receives some special knowledge or ability. It is always hard won… such is the gift of the sacred wound and the Moon Uranus conjunction.

For the native who for whatever reason was plunged into a transpersonal experience (apparently without consent) from a tender age, the danger lies in later getting lost in the archetypal realms either by conflating the ego as a defence mechanism to avoid feeling the original wound, or else projecting the shadow onto an outside enemy.

To think of oneself as the actual Jesus Christ is very different to being on the path of realizing Christ consciousness.

A sacred wound is a wound of the soul that is so deep that the usual methods of reasoning simply will not cut it. We are forced to go beyond the rational mind and ordinary consciousness to deeper dimensions and in doing so we come into contact with the divine.

One man with a Uranus/Moon conjunction who is (controversially) visible on the world stage right now is David Icke. Known for his theories- or conspiracy theories- of dissent regarding matters such as the link between 5G and degenerative health issues, the perils of compulsory vaccination, and the existence of a shady New World Order, Icke’s opinions are apparently so dangerous that one of his recent commentaries has been banned.

Consequently, YouTube has now banned all ‘conspiracy theory’ videos believed to falsely link coronavirus symptoms to 5G networks.

On the topic of vaccination, Icke says:

A coronavirus vaccine, when one is developed, would include “nanotechnology microchips” that would allow humans to be controlled.


He adds that Bill Gates -who is helping to fund Covid-19 vaccine research- “should be jailed”.

With the Moon at 13 Cancer and Uranus at 10 Cancer, Icke’s moon in its natural sign is doubly sensitive, and in the 9th house, the area of life connected with Philosophy, higher knowledge, wisdom, religion, and justice, it is not surprising that he is a crusader for truth.

But the question- as alway- is…whose truth?

This is precisely where Uranus conjunct the Moon runs into sticky territory becoming an almost Neptunian hall of smoke and mirrors. Though the holy grail on offer- and always just out of reach (until it’s not) – is the gift of awakening and enlightenment, there are many trials to be faced before the Fool completes the cycle of initiation and achieves Self-mastery.

Finally Uranus forces us to let go of any illusions, fears, and projections that keep us stuck in disempowered, small, and infantile states. That is not to say that everything we encounter along the way is completely illusionary- or not, it’s more that it exists in the betwixt and between… in the spaces of the atomic world… wormholes to new realities that blur the boundaries between inner and outer… abode of the daimons.

Is it the darkness outside or is it the darkness inside projected out?

The New World Order… is it a wave or is it a particle… does it exist… or does it not? 5G… does it harm us or not? Can a vaccination really make us controllable? Like the allegory of Plato’s cave the question being asked here is, what is the real nature of the images projected onto our world screen… and who is projecting them?

Does it, in the end, depend upon the consciousness we bring to bear upon a thing?

When Uranus makes an alliance with our most subjective and conditioned self it may just be the jolt we need to set us on a pilgrimage of discovery to find the truth beyond the conditioned self… the image of the little tyrant behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz illustrates this beautifully.

It may be that Icke is experiencing the loneliness of the Philosopher who having seen the truth is being punished for exposing the illusion to others, or it may be that his own complexes have been conflated onto an outer bogeyman. Who can say?

Describing man’s journey to freedom Plato says,

“Previously he had been looking merely at phantoms; now he is nearer to the nature of true being.”

The journey then, is to get to know the phantoms… this next lunar cycle might just help us to pull the curtain on the unfolding drama of these strange times.

Time for a Little Decompression…

Light on Water, taken by me in Roslin Glen, Scotland.

We don’t all have to agree right now. Our experiences, though fundamental on some level are also unique. We have different families, communities, cultures (conditioning), and inner worlds (souls). In my opinion we also have different soul paths, karma, consciousness, and life purpose. And it’s all OK.

Some of us trust the people in power to lead us to a good place, and some of us don’t. When a certain few have so much power and money so as to affect the entire globe on many essential levels- including biological- one has to admit, that’s a staggering amount of responsibility. It seems only natural that some of us might want to question if the consciousness behind that power is operating honestly and transparently. For example, is the issue of world health being considered beyond the purely material level of biology and economics? Are less tangible influences also factored in, such as spiritual health and wellbeing, soul-based living, and the living planet?

In previous times, Priests, Priestesses, Druids, Seers, Mystics, and Shamans (or equivalent) might have been regularly consulted precisely because they were able to penetrate behind the veil to see how things operate the level of spirit.

Some people are content with a materialist perspective, others are not.

It doesn’t have to be all conspiracy theory and woo-woo though, separating things in this way only adds fuel to the already raging fire generating more fear, suspicion and division. If there is evidence that doesn’t match up, if there is a sense of dishonesty, or of things being hidden or occult, it seems wise to look a bit deeper. Highly emotive and terrorizing posts circulating on social media can obscure and prohibit measured and responsible conversation. Hence the reason why many people are choosing to opt out of the conversation entirely.

There is a middle way between not engaging and jumping on every little thing out there to prove the existence on an evil cabal.

Talking of wisdom, no matter where stand on the spectrum, keeping a strong inner intuitive connection with oneself is crucial.

If it comes to pass (and perhaps it already has), a global government based on technocratic principles will have unprecedented powers never before witnessed in the history of humanity (at least not as far as we know). Is it enough that these new ‘superpowers’ operate beneath the seemingly benevolent umbrella of humanitarian ideals and philanthropy? Can we trust that?

I need to state again- that is a colossal amount of power.

But life (including bacteria and viruses), and the nature of humanity is more than a problem to be mastered, solved, or controlled.

For me there is a bigger picture to consider- the journey of the human soul and the potential of the human spirit… an evolving humanity whose final destiny is yet unknown.

I am open to questioning the fundamental issues of our time and I encourage others to do the same. I am not going to pass up the opportunity to participate in the potentially greatest transformation (awakening) of our time. And as many have said before me, “We are made for these times”.

Above all I recognise that fear is the biggest inhibitor of the human spirit… and the evolution of humanity.

I notice that the more spiritually inclined among us are focusing on raising our vibration- and if possible, the vibrations of others. Staying positive, upping the ante on spiritual practice, and cultivating good health is essential – I absolutely resonate with that. And yet… I also feel it is important to contribute to the world conversation – we each have something to offer, and for those with spiritual aptitude it is so important to add that to the mix.

Of course, the danger comes in losing sight of oneself in the process and this is why it’s important to honour ourselves… it’s fine to switch off and nourish ourselves, it’s good to retreat for a while, tune into ourselves to find our authentic voice again. It’s all too easy to get bent out of shape.

For me it’s also worth remembering that at the level of spirit, in the absolute sense, or in what native people call ‘Great Mystery’ things may look very different to how they appear to us on this plane.

All things are revealed in good time.

Until then stay strong and centred.

Medical Freedom & Personal Autonomy in the Wake of Coronavirus

This post speaks to the growing discussion around the possibility of enforced vaccinations.

I am neither anti vaccination nor pro vaccination; I am a strong advocate for medical freedom. I choose to live free from fear and manipulation – I choose personal autonomy, and I align with democratic values in the truest sense of what that means. I believe in the freedom to express opinions even while they may not accord with the general consensus, or the (often subtly imposed) social rules.

I believe that people are responsible for each other, however when that in-born human quality is used as a weapon by potentially nefarious agendas and becomes a tool of emotional manipulation, and social control, I will question that authority. When the shadow side of social responsibility, in the name of the ‘greater good’ is at the expense of personal autonomy and human rights, I will challenge the legitimacy of the consciousness that upholds that.

As we move into the age of Aquarius, we are all responsible for deciding whether to express the positive characteristics of that age – the very best of humanitarian values, kindness and genuine altruism – or not. The shadow side of the new age may be a denial of individual rights sanctioned by totalitarian governments and global institutions that serve only the few.

Like nuclear power, medical and technological advancement can be used responsibly or not. This progress may be employed by philanthropic agendas that honour the basic tenets of life, or else the so-called philanthropic agendas that only appear to be serving life while assuming more social control and imposing of technocratic law.

It seems to me likely, or at least possible, that certain vaccinations-maybe for some maybe for all- will become mandatory and rather than endlessly debate with others in the pro/anti vacs polarity that serves only to cause further separation and social shaming, I am considering how those of us who do not consent to mandatory vaccination can protect, strengthen and empower ourselves against enforcement.

I am inspired by the Nuremberg Code of 1948 that lists ten points in a code of ethics toward medical freedom.

The Nuremberg Code was never fully acknowledged as law however along with several other documents it influenced good clinical practice (GCP). 

“Nonetheless, its influence on global human-rights law and medical ethics has been profound. Its basic requirement of informed consent, for example, has been universally accepted and is articulated in international law in Article 7 of the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966). Grodin MA, Annas GJ. Legacies of Nuremberg: medical ethics and human rights.

The first point clearly states the need for consent.

The ten points of the Nuremberg Code

The ten points of the code were given in the section of the verdict entitled “Permissible Medical Experiments”

  1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.
  2. The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society, unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random and unnecessary in nature.
  3. The experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal experimentation and a knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem under study that the anticipated results will justify the performance of the experiment.
  4. The experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.
  5. No experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.
  6. The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment.
  7. Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability, or death.
  8. The experiment should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons. The highest degree of skill and care should be required through all stages of the experiment of those who conduct or engage in the experiment.
  9. During the course of the experiment the human subject should be at liberty to bring the experiment to an end if he has reached the physical or mental state where continuation of the experiment seems to him to be impossible.
  10. During the course of the experiment the scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage, if he has probable cause to believe, in the exercise of the good faith, superior skill and careful judgment required of him that a continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject.

Venus & Vesta: The Language of Love

Illustration by Carlos Schwabe from la reve by emil zola

In yesterday’s full moon in Libra, Venus-the natural ruler of Libra-was at 3 degrees Gemini conjunct asteroid Vesta at 6 degrees Gemini. In the chart the moon lodge women were working with (London), Venus and Vesta were in the 4th house conjunct the IC at 27 degrees Taurus- also ruled by Venus.

An appropriate theme to explore then was Venus & Vesta & the language of love.

Tuning in from our respective homes each woman shared something about the home she currently found herself in for lock-down. For some not much had changed, for others the changes ranged from subtle to significant…I myself moved home just at the beginning of lock-down and so while the home I find myself in is lovely, it is unfamiliar.

Almost all of us had something to say about home. And for me personally with the Libra full moon exactly on my natal moon, I woke up yesterday with a peaceful feeling of being ‘homed’ in myself –  a good reminder that home is an inner experience as well as outer.

Venus as an archetype is deeply invested in home and environment- she loves beautiful surroundings, harmonious relationships, good friends, sensuality, and the pleasing things of life. A Venusian type person is thrilled when he or she is among the comforts of the body, the imagination, and the soul. But these pleasures are different for everyone, so we wondered… what is our language of love: what is home to us – who is home to us – and what do we need in order to feel loved, nourished and cared for? Also, how do we love… what is our love style?

This opens up the question of what was home like as a child? Was our budding Venus appreciated and encouraged by those around us or was it offensive and offended? And if she was not able to spread out in her full sensuous glory, can we do it differently now? Are we honouring our Venus?

With Venus in the 4th house issues of home, not only for ourselves, but for others are highlighted. What role are we taking during this unusually intense time at home? Is it more-or-less the same, or have we been asked to step up and care for an elderly parent, a sick partner, or- in the case of many mothers- is our mothering capacity near to breaking point?

Try to honour your Venusian needs- whatever they be- in whatever small ways you can.

Turning to Vesta- the keeper of the hearth and the eternal flame- she raises questions around what our sacred purpose is and what we need to be well enough to see it through. For me right now Vesta is about taking care of my body as well as I can and purifying myself of toxic influences. I’m sure I’m not alone in confessing to spending too much time on-line … even while I try to be mindful and limit it. With an 8th house Vesta placement I am also using this time to do some deep diving into the emotional reality of my relationships.

A daily practice I currently have is to cleanse my physical and subtle body using visualization techniques. None of us really know the effects of electromagnetic pollution and how it impacts the human body. One of the major concerns- and understandably so- at this time is the implementation of 5G, a controversial hot potato that as yet has no agreed upon consensus. It has been speculated (maybe proven) that EMF’s affect the water structure of the human system and other life forms, so good quality water and plenty of it along with visualizations to realign the integrity of our body’s structure is beneficial. As is being in nature as often as possible to discharge EMF pollution.

Above all Vesta is the sacred container through which spirit is expressed, she is the chalice that is able to receive, hold, and distribute spiritual light.

Together with Venus who ultimately embodies and expresses qualities such as grace, receptivity, and sensuality, this feminine duo in Gemini this lunar cycle is engaging our intellect to establish what we need to nurture ourselves and others over the next couple of weeks, and how to implement it. Venus and Vesta in Gemini connects mind-body-spirit.

If you feel drawn to explore how Venus & Vesta move in your life, I am available for on-line astrology consultations.










Thoughts On Truth

Adela Quested in the film adaptation of E.M. Forster’s ‘A Passage to India’.

“We swallow greedily any lie that flatters us, but we sip only by little at a truth we find bitter.”

Denis Diderot

For time immemorial human beings have warred over and split hairs about truth. What is the truth? Whose truth is the correct truth? No, really, what is the absolute truth?

In religion wars rage over the literality of events in the scriptures… even within the same faith, and in science- which of all the disciplines maintains truthfulness to truth- there are violent differences of opinion until the truth is decided…and then changed again when a more truthful truth is discovered.

The coronavirus appears to be dividing people into those with literal leanings and those who have more archetypal and symbolic inclinations. Of course something on a mass scale is actually happening, people really are dying by the droves, but the problem seems to be that people are getting themselves into a spin about the truth of the matter.

I read something very sad today: In Iran there were 2,850 casualties and 480 deaths caused by people drinking methanol in the misguided belief that it cured coronavirus. Apparently, this Chinese whisper started when a British schoolteacher in Wuhan claimed to have cured an infection by drinking hot toddies. That’s how things can start.

We have known for a long time that what’s recommended by the experts one year is pooh-poohed the next… and then maybe reinstated again. It’s the same with politics. Truth is a shifting sand.

For those who are falling down the rabbit hole of western conspiracy theories for the first time, it must seem pretty shocking. But the trick is to maintain the middle path of both/and rather than either/or. Things exist on many levels- to limit truth to only the concrete level is… well limited.

Sadly it is very difficult for us humans to accept that truth is subjective and therefore uncertain. Like Adela Quested in E.M. Forster’s Passage to India, the depth and unfathomability of the Marabar Caves- the void where nothing is truly known- is just too terrifying to comprehend.

Best then to accept (and then request) ever more security measures implemented by the truthful state to make us feel safe. Ah, that feels better… verifiable solid truth. But what do we surrender in our impossible quest for truth?