Tina Marie, California- 2020

“I very much enjoyed my Skype session with Karen Smith, which I requested after I discovered that I am currently experiencing my Chariklo Return.  Karen is well-versed in the subject of Chariklo, a relatively newly discovered heavenly body, named for the wife of Chiron.  The reading was wonderful.  Karen validated what I think is going on in my life right now, how this energy is manifesting (and in what sector of my chart), and how I can use this energy to meet the challenges I am currently facing.  She helped me learn more about this placement in my natal chart as well as its relationship to the current transits and what a Chariklo Return means to me personally.  We discussed other transits and I felt that this was a more than productive use of my time, especially as the year is just beginning and I am gearing up for an intense ride at that.  I highly recommend Karen – noted astrologer and a dear person with whom it was a real pleasure to speak and compare notes.  Having had many readings in my life, I am used to various styles.  Karen’s is warm and collaborative, so the conversation flows nicely and still we managed to uncover several important points along the line for me to consider as I embark on this year’s journey.  Affordable, informative and delightful – what could be better?  Give her a listen and you’ll be glad you made the time”.