The Link Between Menstruation, the Pineal Gland, DMT, & EMF’s

Eye of Horus and Pineal Gland
The link between menstruation, the pineal gland, DMT, & EMF’s as a strong contender as to why women’s menstrual cycles are changing-
On 25th March 2021, the Guardian newspaper published and article on the effects of the pandemic on women’s menstrual cycle. The article begins “A majority of menstruating women have experienced changes to their cycle over the last year, surveys suggest. One of the main culprits? Persistent stress.”
Gynaecologist Dr Anita Singh posted an informal survey on Instagram in May, asking if women had noticed changes to their cycles or hormonal symptoms, 65% said yes.
While the article points to persistent stress and restrictions on releasing pent up emotions as the main culprits, the article fails to mention the impact of EMF’s on the menstrual cycle. Given that so many of us have been spending much more time online, this factor cannot be overlooked… and I’m not even bringing 5G into question here.
It has been noted and scientifically proven that long-term exposure to cellular phones EMF may affect the reproductive hormonal balance and impair endocrine homeostasis and it may cause peripheral effects.
Interference with natural hormonal activity could have huge impact on the female psyche – hormones according to Vicki Noble (author of Shakti Woman) play a vital part in facilitating and accessing female power:
“Just before and during menstruation, women experience their strongest healing and oracular powers” (Noble, 1991, p.173).
Birth control and interfering with hormones have been known to cause mental health problems in women – a recently published study sheds light on the alarming relationship between hormonal birth control and depression; the findings according to the study are “only the latest in a long line of battles between women and their doctors over accurate information” (Broadly, 2017).
Research in neuroscience has made a link between menstruation and the pineal gland:
“Consideration of pineal melatonin functions provides a new dimension into the understanding of the neuroendocrine mechanisms governing the cyclical phenomena of the female reproductive system” (Sanyk 1992).
This is corroborated in Clinical Reproductive Medicine and Surgery: Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Ovarian Axis and Control of the Menstrual Cycle by scientists Beshay and Carr, who say:
“The menstrual cycle is the result of an orchestra of hormones…. it involves the interaction of many endocrine glands as well as a responsive uterus…. the menstrual cycle remains a complex process where many aspects are still not well understood.” (Beshay and Carr, p.31).
The pineal gland, according to Descartes is “the principal seat of the soul and the place in which all our thoughts are formed”. While Descartes, from his materialist perspective ascribes the soul to a physical part of the brain, the spiritual aspects and functions of the pineal gland have been well documented in eastern religions such as Tantra, and more recently in the West by Dr. Rick Strassman, M.D., author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule. Strassman, who has dedicated years of research to the pineal gland, suggests that it is the “factory for a powerful brain chemical called DMT (Di-Methyl Tryptamine) which when produced induces a person into a psychedelic and mystical experience” (Collective evolution, 2017). Of the curious nature of the pineal gland, Strassman says,
“All other brain sites are paired, meaning that they have left and right counterparts; for example, there are left and right frontal lobes and left and right temporal lobes…. as the only unpaired organ deep within the brain, the pineal gland remained an anatomical curiosity for nearly two thousand years…. no one in the west had any idea what its function was.” (Strassman, quoted in collective evolution, 2017).
As menstruation is linked with the pineal gland which is linked to altered states of consciousness and spiritual connection, it is not too far a leap to consider that menstruating woman have access to mystical states facilitated by the release of DMT. She (the menstruant) becomes both one in her body- bleeding and present in the physical world- and at the same time is connected to the spirit world. Based on anthropological reports of mystical and magical states of menstruating women and the recent findings on the connection between menstruation and the pineal gland, it does seem likely that menstruation is indeed “the medium of a spiritual-communal bond” (Sjoo and Mor, quoted in Noble, 1991, p.27).
Some of this material is from a dissertation I presented for my MA in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred where I consider the implications of the gradual erasure of menstruation and state a strong case as to why this would have a fundamental and devastating effect on not only women but the whole human community.
The question as we advance ever deeper into the age of technology and bio medical science is how we can protect and honor the sacredness of our bodies and the “biomystical” experience as it extends beyond the purely physical and biological to a truly interconnected and cosmically aligned reality.

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