Venus In Pisces: The Soul’s Longing for Love

Henri Cartier-Bresson- Queen Charlotte's Ball - London- 1959

Image: Henri Cartier-Bresson- Queen Charlotte’s Ball, London, 1959

I am looking forward to the next part of my online offering on relationships this evening- Venus & Mars: Exploring Union. It’s a deep dive and experiential exploration into the mechanics of our most intimate relationships viewed through the lens of astrology, mythology, and the archetypal world.
Reflecting on a series of questions designed to lead us into our stories, beliefs, and patterns, ‘Exploring Union’ takes advantage of the cosmic energies available at this time to assist us in fleshing out a portrait of who we are in relationship including the things that help and things that hinder our experiences of love and sexuality.
This online workshop has run on the back of a Venus retrograde in Saturn ruled Capricorn; Venus in her reborn Morning Star phase; an unusually long dalliance between Venus & Mars; and a good dose of Pluto and Saturn in the mix.
Now, as Venus leaves Saturn ruled signs for the first time in several months and enters the watery realms of Pisces, we are being offered a whole new dimension to explore what our soul longs for in relationship.
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