Gnostic Woman is a site dedicated to the feminine mysteries, it draws on transpersonal psychology, astrology, shamanism, earth-based wisdom, and in particular lunar-based consciousness. With an appreciation that the inner and outer experience is the totality of psyche, the bridge between these apparent states is realized through symbolic, metaphorical, and intuitive perception- this is the language that speaks to the soul.

In a time where the feminine is resurfacing with a strong message to assist not only individual woman on their journey to awakening, but also the collective voice of the feminine and a remembering of ancient practices that have been buried, hidden or written out of history.

Why is this important?

Connecting to deep feminine wisdom is a gateway into a more embodied, sensual and connected experience in which Eros, the principle of relatedness is a path-way to facilitate balance in a modern world. This connection is much needed in a time when spirit is disconnected from matter, and science and technology leads us into greater separation from wisdom. This wisdom may provide a much needed key in repairing the damage caused by dominant left brain thinking and dualism caused by the Cartesian split which has gained momentum in the West through exoteric Christianity, the primacy of solar consciousness, and the growth of science and technology.

At the heart of women’s wisdom is an initiatory consciousness which embraces the cycles of life, death, renewal and transformation. The feminine mysteries at the core of female shamanism are linked to menstruation, the birthing mysteries and menopause. These processes are facilitated by the natural cycles of the moon -the lunation cycle.

In the triad of feminine consciousness the teachings of the Dark Goddess which include magical practices such as divination and other ways of perceiving beyond the mind have been much maligned, misunderstood and rejected. This has meant that feminine consciousness in its full expression has not been present on our planet for a long time- a few thousand years.

In our modern matrix, logic, reason and mind based experience has informed the left-brain, patriarchal, or androcentric culture, banishing embodied wisdom and injuring the feminine principle. As a result our world has become unbalanced and disconnected form the natural world, the body, and organic cycles.

Restoring a consciousness that accommodates all experience as valid, and challenging the rejection of what solar consciousness fears as darkness is to question the nature of our consensual reality. Feminine practices that allow for the natural processes of renewal and which provided path-ways to work with the unconscious will help to incorporate the collective shadow, illuminating hidden truths and exploring, the deeper under-lying nature of our modern condition.

Women naturally contain these processes of renewal and transformation within themselves- each menstrual cycle is an opportunity for life, death and rebirth, however through advancements in modern science and technology menstruation as well as natural birthing are in danger of being co-opted, controlled in a lab, or manipulated with pharmaceuticals.

While many young women are choosing to reduce or cease menstruation we are in danger of discarding a gift that may be important for our future relationship with the natural world and spiritual growth. Similarly, as the experience of the female reproductive system becomes ever more pathologised and more diseases are manifesting, the womb, the creatrix of life and seat of women’s power is being intervened with, removed, or replaced with synthetic and artificial technology. This is a metaphor for the state of feminine consciousness.

Women themselves have often rejected the essence of their female experience viewing these bio-mystical processes as a burden or bind to a feminine experience which is rejected or degraded in the modern West.

Gnostic Woman therefore seeks to redress this imbalance and resurrect the power of the feminine experience. The feminine exists in both men and women as the masculine principle also exists in both- and both have suffered form the degradation of the feminine principle at that hands of a dominant culture which has attempted to prohibit or control the feminine expression as well as the natural world.

Gnostic Woman is about finding ways of healing and addressing the split that has occurred within the feminine psyche. It is an exploration into practices that are able to hold the reintegration of the fragmented psyche to wholeness, primarily through people contacting and establishing a relationship with their innate wisdom.

Gnostic woman is not about falling into the deep pits of duality which create further separation between men and women, it seeks to allow the creative beauty and deep connection that can happen when the apparent opposites are resolved in a sacred marriage.