Kali, the Tension of Opposites, and Eclipse Season.


Is Mother Kali Calling You?

(She is calling many as we enter into this eclipse season).

Meetings With the Dark Goddess and Finding the Seeds of Renewal.

Last August I ran a seven-week online workshop called “Meetings with the Dark Goddess & Finding the Seeds of Renewal”. Each week a group of women from all over the world met to explore the dark feminine archetype in their lives and at a collective level.

Inanna, Lilith, Persephone to name a few made their presence felt by guiding us into the creative space at the centre of our being to facilitate the hospicing of the old and midwifing of the new.

Dwelling in the liminal space betwixt and between feels soft and fluid, undefined and beyond duality, it is from here we may expand our consciousness and begin to free ourselves from the shackles of mental binds, emotional reactivity, judgement of self and others, limited beliefs, and the inner/outer tyrant.

Her (the Dark Goddess’) domain is rich, compelling, seductive, sometimes terrifying, and confusing but always lovingā€¦ though often it is a tough love She administers.

She sees our soul, our purest desires and sacred purposeā€¦ She knows the lessons and experiences we have elected for this lifetime and reminds us of our sacred contacts. She lights our path not by the conscious light of the Sun, but a dark penetrative luminescence capable of seeing behind the outer appearance of things and the world of manmade laws. She pierces the veil.

Sometimes She closes all doors but the one we are being called to walk through.

Meetings with the Dark Goddess and Finding the Seeds of Renewal second series will be in a slightly different format.

The sessions can now be taken as stand-alone single workshops; they will also be recorded so that people who are unable to attend on specific dates can still access the material.

Sessions last for 2 hours and are a mixture of mythology, astrology, sharing, discussion, reflection, and ritual (guidance).

For extra privacy and deeper diving, I offer one-one recorded astro explorations and mentoring sessions at reduced cost to participants.

The first session takes place on Thursday 28th April at 7.00 pm GMT and will focus on the goddess/ archetype Kali who figures prominently in the New Moon Solar Eclipse on 30th April. Kali- who I believe is present and active at this time – is the overarching archetype for this series of workshops.

If She is calling you, I invite you to step into Her Temple.

If you would like to further information or to be added to my mailing list, please message me, or send an email to karen@redspiral.co.uk

Please note these workshops are imaginative, exploratory, and symbolic for the purposes of self-development and not necessarily based on scholarly facts and details… they are in the spirit of the imaginal.