A Portal to Meet With the Gods: Sourcing Light.

Mercury by Evelyn de Morgan1870-1873

Mercury by Evelyn de Morgan 1870-1873

Gods are personifications of unconscious contents, for they reveal themselves to us through the unconscious activity of the psyche. 

~Carl Jung, CW 11, p.163.

I am loving the ‘Sourcing Light’ readings that I am currently offering; there is a certain alchemy that happens between the moment, the chart, myself, the client, and what is rising in the collective.

Before the session I explore the chart, examining in the first instance the traditional planets, angles, aspects, etc., and based on that I begin a kind of ‘tracking’; I get a sense of what wants to be included… I listen.

Given that there are over two thousand asteroids- not to mention the Kuiper Belt Objects- there is no way to engage the mind or left brain alone, what is needed is intuition and an ‘imaginal enquiry’. It is a deeply satisfying and exciting process- a bit like playing the hot-cold game with the chart; I can feel when something is relevant or not and then like a ‘join dot’ the picture begins to emerge, and the chart speaks. Obviously, this is stronger sometimes than others though the chart always seems to offer what is needed in the moment.

Sourcing Light sessions are particularly dynamic as it involves tracking power.

The space that the client and I create expands to include the liminal, engaging both left and right brain thinking that allows for creative exploration. There is a certain feeling that rises when an archetype ‘speaks’, is witnessed, and interpreted… a bridge is formed between the unconscious or subconscious psyche and the conscious mind. Even if there is no time to fully explore the meaning, a seed has been planted that can be watered, or kept for a future time when the conditions are ripe, the soil is fertile, and the soul is ready.

Always in this process I am learning too; it is a beautiful reciprocation. Sometimes I discover a new archetype… or it discovers me… or else I get a deeper sense of an archetype I have already worked with.

Often my client shares something that has meaning beyond their personal experience that ripples out beyond the space, shining a light on the collective… a golden thread.

Working in this liminal space is vast -a portal that dissolves time and space and opens multi-dimensional, or circular perception… very different to how most of us are taught to think. It allows for feeling, intuition, and magic and with that we begin to remember the parts of ourselves that have been overlayed or banished because they are considered irrelevant in our modern world, or else they are threatening because they are powerful.

The beauty of working with the asteroids is that through their mythology they seem to reflect the split off parts of ourselves, the fragmentations that have become dissociated from the conscious mind and yet continue to exert power and influence in our lives.

Some people believe that the asteroid belt was once a planet that was broken into many pieces as a result of a collision… some believe this planet was Ceres, the Great Mother. Are we reweaving our connection to the Mother through the asteroid gods and goddesses?

Even farther in our solar system, the first Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) was discovered in 1992- Pluto and Charon which were discovered earlier are also in the Kuiper Belt though at the time of their discovery, the KB was thought to be a repository for periodic comets. Since its discovery, the number of known KBOs has increased to thousands. That these bodies are beginning to materialise in human consciousness symbolically reflects discoveries in inner space… as within so without.

In a recent “Sourcing Light” session I worked with a woman who had a strong Makemake in her chart; Makemake is a plutoid in the Kuiper Belt and is named after the Easter Island god of humanity and connectedness. In astrology Makemake is associated with knowledge of the natural world, the need for its preservation, and right use of resources. This awareness does not arise from a purely scientific perspective but as a recognition of the Earth as a sentient being, a spirit infused organism, part of the cosmos, and the world soul from which we are not separate.

Makemake points to Earth Wisdom and incorporates ancient, and indigenous Earth based consciousness, a wisdom that we desperately need to bring to bring back online.

Also prominent in my client’s chart is Haumea, another KBO, named after the Hawaiian goddess of childbirth who is connected to the deepest secrets of regeneration and renewal. She births from parts of her body other than her womb- from her head, thighs and other limbs thus suggesting that she hold the key to shamanic wisdom of cellular regeneration… again, deeply needed knowledge in this time of bio- chemical and pharmaceutical overuse.

How these archetypes spoke in my client’s chart was enlightening for us both.

The gods attempt to communicate with us in infinite ways; astrology is a wonderful portal in which if we are willing to step into the mirror, beyond the confines of the rational mind and meet them halfway, we are gifted their message… if it is part of our soul’s calling, we may also be infused with their vibration, and encouraged to express it in the world.

Talking of messages from the gods, Mercury who is the ultimate messenger of the gods and who is pictured above, is today making a trine with Uranus, expanding our mind, and encouraging less restrictive, more enlightened modes of communication. The north node, our collective density is also involved in this aspect.