Asteroid Kaali Conjunct Sun: David Icke

David Icke at an anti-lockdown protest in Birmingham last month-Photograph- Christopher Furlong-Getty

Image- David Icke at an anti-lockdown protest in Birmingham last month. Photograph: Christopher Furlong-Getty.

What do Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, Osho, and David Icke have in common?

Before I answer that it’s a happy birthday to David Icke- with his Sun at 9-degree Taurus the partial solar eclipse is directly hitting not only his Sun but also asteroid Kaali. Mr. Icke also has a Uranus Moon conjunction which I have previously written about… it is not an easy placement and one which I have myself.

But back to Kaali…

Last night I presented a talk/workshop on Kaali’s prominent position in the new moon eclipse chart- conjunct Chiron at 14 Aries. There’s not a lot out there on how Kaali operates in the birth chart and so it’s really only an exploration. What I did find interesting is that Kaali conjunct Sun shows up rather a lot in the charts of Royals… someone has put together a list of the Kaali placements in the charts of many Royals going way back.

In our time, both Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William have this signature within a 2-degree orb, and both have their Sun at a critical degree- Prince William at 0 cancer, and the Queen at 0 Taurus… move over Charles!

With the exception of the Queen (unless her chart is a bit out), the other three have the Kaali Sun conjunction on or close to the descendant… could this be a signature of power over others? Or at least a person a person who has a lot of influence over others? One interpretation I read claim that a Kaali Sun conjunction is the signature of a person who was a spiritual adept in a previous life (Kaali is kundalini).

Anyways, happy birthday Mr. Icke- love or loathe him he certainly ruffles a few feathers.

Interestingly, today is also the birthday of one of David’s arch nemesis- Jacob Rothschild.

“The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words”

~David Icke, Human Race Get Off Your Knees the Lion Sleeps No More.

Uranus Moon: David Icke & the Sacred Wound.

‘Prometheus Stealing Fire’ by Andre Durand

New moon in Taurus on Thursday 23 April at 03.26 (GMT).

Sun/Moon conjunction 3 degrees Taurus, Uranus 6 degrees Taurus.

Later that day at around 9.00 am, the Moon will be in an exact conjunction to Uranus.

When Uranus conjuncts the Moon in an individual’s birth chart- or by collective transit-there is the potential for radical healing and release of creative energy. This can liberarate us from the bondage of suffering- especially when suffering is felt only as a burden to shake off, reject, project, deny, or control. It can also facilitate emotional breakthrough by dismantling psychic structures formed at an earlier stage of our development that are now outmoded.

Uranus is the planet of revolution, rebellion, independence, and authenticity; it is the higher Octave of Mercury- messenger of the Gods and of divine knowledge. Impersonal in its expression, it is emotionally detached and concerned only with the bigger picture whether that be the liberation of our soul, or the liberation of humanity.

But when the Moon is involved that is not an easy process: The moon favours tradition- it likes what it likes and is the most subjective, intimate point of our chart. It illustrates the ways we learned to adapt and manage our emotions as children, the beliefs and structures that we internalised and the behaviours that we now call us.

Uranus is impersonal, its ultimate goal is change- sometimes radical change that causes disruption in its wake. It shakes up outmoded patterns of behaviour and demands that we grow up and wake up. Unlike Pluto, which is also a transpersonal or outer planet, Uranus does not necessarily endure the long alchemical process of transformation, its method is more like a lightning strike or instant incineration.

For the moon this is the worst thing that can happen. A Uranus hit can rock us to our core, set us adrift from our foundations, and even cause mental instability. The kundalini awakening experienced by some as a high voltage surge of electricity that short- circuits our sensitive electrical wiring is a Uranian experience. Ultimately it is the ‘Great Awakener’, and its purpose is to liberate.

For those who have this placement in their birth chart, it is often the case that they experienced a shock to their system before they were able to handle the surge of energy. The consequences are twofold: first the shock may have been so severe that the person immediately checked out, or dissociated from their body, and secondly, as a result of this they may have broken through the barriers of normal consciousness to the archetypal and transpersonal realms.

Moving forward in their lives, these natives may develop an uncanny ability to pierce the veils of illusion and see beyond physical reality into the astral planes… or mythologically speaking, the domain of the gods. Prometheus, who upon stealing fire from the gods, is gravely punished, and Semele a mortal woman who wishes to see the true face of her lover, Zeus, is immediately incinerated when he reveals himself to her.

The message is clear… to bear the fire of the gods we must abide by certain spiritual laws and protocols- if we do not there will be consequences. Mythology is full of stories of humans and demi-gods who are negatively impacted upon seeing too much too soon.

Other myths speak of husbands who are punished for trespassing on their wife’s secrets (the feminine mysteries), or of women who come into grave danger upon disobeying orders to leave certain things (secrets of the masculine realm) well alone. This is the core message of many myths, including the Christian myth, seen in Adam and Eve’s warning against eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.

Although great hardship must be endured there is usually redemption for the protagonist who after many trials, tribulations, and antonement receives some special knowledge or ability. It is always hard won… such is the gift of the sacred wound and the Moon Uranus conjunction.

For the native who for whatever reason was plunged into a transpersonal experience (apparently without consent) from a tender age, the danger lies in later getting lost in the archetypal realms either by conflating the ego as a defence mechanism to avoid feeling the original wound, or else projecting the shadow onto an outside enemy.

To think of oneself as the actual Jesus Christ is very different to being on the path of realizing Christ consciousness.

A sacred wound is a wound of the soul that is so deep that the usual methods of reasoning simply will not cut it. We are forced to go beyond the rational mind and ordinary consciousness to deeper dimensions and in doing so we come into contact with the divine.

One man with a Uranus/Moon conjunction who is (controversially) visible on the world stage right now is David Icke. Known for his theories- or conspiracy theories- of dissent regarding matters such as the link between 5G and degenerative health issues, the perils of compulsory vaccination, and the existence of a shady New World Order, Icke’s opinions are apparently so dangerous that one of his recent commentaries has been banned.

Consequently, YouTube has now banned all ‘conspiracy theory’ videos believed to falsely link coronavirus symptoms to 5G networks.

On the topic of vaccination, Icke says:

A coronavirus vaccine, when one is developed, would include “nanotechnology microchips” that would allow humans to be controlled.


He adds that Bill Gates -who is helping to fund Covid-19 vaccine research- “should be jailed”.

With the Moon at 13 Cancer and Uranus at 10 Cancer, Icke’s moon in its natural sign is doubly sensitive, and in the 9th house, the area of life connected with Philosophy, higher knowledge, wisdom, religion, and justice, it is not surprising that he is a crusader for truth.

But the question- as alway- is…whose truth?

This is precisely where Uranus conjunct the Moon runs into sticky territory becoming an almost Neptunian hall of smoke and mirrors. Though the holy grail on offer- and always just out of reach (until it’s not) – is the gift of awakening and enlightenment, there are many trials to be faced before the Fool completes the cycle of initiation and achieves Self-mastery.

Finally Uranus forces us to let go of any illusions, fears, and projections that keep us stuck in disempowered, small, and infantile states. That is not to say that everything we encounter along the way is completely illusionary- or not, it’s more that it exists in the betwixt and between… in the spaces of the atomic world… wormholes to new realities that blur the boundaries between inner and outer… abode of the daimons.

Is it the darkness outside or is it the darkness inside projected out?

The New World Order… is it a wave or is it a particle… does it exist… or does it not? 5G… does it harm us or not? Can a vaccination really make us controllable? Like the allegory of Plato’s cave the question being asked here is, what is the real nature of the images projected onto our world screen… and who is projecting them?

Does it, in the end, depend upon the consciousness we bring to bear upon a thing?

When Uranus makes an alliance with our most subjective and conditioned self it may just be the jolt we need to set us on a pilgrimage of discovery to find the truth beyond the conditioned self… the image of the little tyrant behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz illustrates this beautifully.

It may be that Icke is experiencing the loneliness of the Philosopher who having seen the truth is being punished for exposing the illusion to others, or it may be that his own complexes have been conflated onto an outer bogeyman. Who can say?

Describing man’s journey to freedom Plato says,

“Previously he had been looking merely at phantoms; now he is nearer to the nature of true being.”

The journey then, is to get to know the phantoms… this next lunar cycle might just help us to pull the curtain on the unfolding drama of these strange times.