Amber, Monica… and Lilith

Image "LIlith" by hairofmedusa

Image “LIlith” by hairofmedusa

I should probably step away from the Depp/Heard courtroom drama…we probably all should.

As Monica Lewinsky says in her piece for Vanity Fair published yesterday,

“This is nothing more than courtroom porn.”

No stranger to slander and public derision herself, Lewinsky takes the opportunity to remind us of the collective implications inherent in such high-profile scandals.

“It’s the larger implications for our culture that concern me the most: the ways we have stoked the flames of misogyny and, separately, the celebrity circus.”

As an astrologer I cannot help looking to the astrological symbolism for deeper perspectives on people, relationships, and collective events.

Black Moon Lilith can show feminine power and especially unacceptable feminine power; it also speaks of the rejection and punishment that can ensue as a result of that power.

If you don’t know the story of Lilith, I recommend you find out because one thing is for sure, she refuses to be silenced and continues to make her presence felt ever since being exiled by the patriarchal gods a few thousand years ago.

Continuing on the Lilith theme, Amber’s Black Moon Lilith (true), is closely conjunct her Venus at 25 degrees Taurus- again this speaks of the dark exiled feminine working in tandem as one entity with the goddess of love, value, money, and relationship. In Taurus money and resources are particularly highlighted… whose pockets are being lined?

In both instances, these signatures point to a hidden, rejected, feared and dare I say demonised feminine- demonised by a patriarchal consciousness that seeks to control whatever it fears… over and over and over again.

As if we need further convincing that Amber Heard is strongly involved with the Lilith archetype, her Dark Moon Lilith- the dark side of the Moon- is exactly conjunct her north node (her soul’s destiny) at 29 Degrees of Aries.

But what is her part in expressing the Lilith archetype?

That very much depends on which way the verdict goes though as anybody who has been even slightly following the case can see, vast waves of hatred and even death threats directed at Amber Heard far outweighs opposition to Johnny Depp… in fact “justice for Johnny” is the popular slogan on social media.

Lewinsky comments-

“I wasn’t surprised that the memes about Amber Heard far outnumbered those about Johnny Depp. I wasn’t surprised that the cruel and vitriolic discourse was predominantly aimed at the woman.”

Is history repeating itself?

Is the strong woman who speaks out still being exiled form the Garden and blamed for the sins of mankind- in short, is the woman who is not so accommodating and passive to patriarchal control and male expectations still playing the role of the scapegoat?

The Scapegoat is something Monica Lewinsky knows only too well; in 1989 her life was almost ruined in the aftermath of the Clinton scandal.

I have had Monica Lewinsky’s chart in my database for some time; her story is among those which I feel merit attention in considering women who suffer at the hands of misogyny in our culture.

Just like Amber Heard, Monica Lewinsky has a prominent Dark Moon Lilith exactly conjunct Chiron.

Chiron wounds are not entirely our own, while they are formed by our relationship with our environment and then what we make that mean in ourselves, the wounds have a collective component even though they are expressed through us. That is why there is an element of service or duty connected to Chiron- particularly once we pass our Chiron return and are able to help others overcome similar afflictions… it is right and timely that Lewinsky is speaking out on this case.

Orbiting between Saturn and Uranus Chiron takes us out of the individual and social spheres and into the collective. Chiron is in many ways connected to the scapegoat, the one who take a hit for the group, and who ultimately sacrifices his or her life. Through the sacrifice much is learned and healed.

But did we learn our lessons from Lewinsky’s plight?

A young and somewhat vulnerable woman who took the flack for her own indiscretions and that of the most powerful man in the United States at the time… to the point of almost ending her life.

Aren’t we here again… the powerful man leaving the scene of the crime untarnished while the Lilith-like woman, seducer and destroyer of men takes a metaphorical public stoning and is exiled from the Garden- in this case Hollywood?

Lewinsky’s north node (destiny) is conjunct Dejanira, an asteroid involved in victimisation.

It seems that for both Heard and Lewinsky their fates are bound in the ancient wound of the feminine that ceaselessly throughout time seeks to be healed and ceaselessly throughout time is reopened.

The salt that is rubbed in the wound takes on many guises, and we the “audience” collude.

As the woman who endured public humiliation and lived to tell the tale, Lewinsky says, “we are all guilty”.

To read the Monica Lewinsky published article in Vanity Fair click the link below.…/monica-lewinskys-verdict…