Black Moon- Black Goddess- Partial Solar Eclipse- Time Portal.

Remedios Varos- Las Almas de los Montes- The Mountains Souls- 1938-

Painting- Remedios Varo- “Las Almas de los Montes”- The Soul of the Mountain.

On Saturday’s Black Moon (two New Moons in one month), and partial Solar eclipse, two powerful Dark Goddesses take prominent positions in the celestial pattern and sphere of influence- asteroid Kaali conjunct Chiron at 14° Aries, and asteroid Hekate conjunct the North Node of the Moon at 23 ° Taurus.

Kāla primarily means “black,” but also means “time.” Kālī means “the black one” and also “time”, “beyond time” and “power of time”

Hekate is the goddess of the night, witchcraft, and ghosts; She is also the Dweller On the Threshold and is one of the few gods who can access all realms including the underworld- She

“In general, eclipses are said to be negative, but this is a misunderstanding of the shadow function. In both solar and lunar eclipses, the light of either the Sun or the Moon is obstructed from reaching the Earth. When the light of consciousness is temporarily blocked, something else is revealed- that which is normally hidden. Called windows into secret realms and open doorways into the subconscious, eclipses allow us to access that which has been concealed and repressed in our lives. Eclipses are said to be karmic in nature because they relate to issues that lie outside of our consciousness.

[…] Dane Rudhyar says that at the New Moon solar eclipse, the present is blotted out by the past, while the Ful Moon lunar eclipse, the past is obscured by the present”

~Demetra George, Finding Our Way Through the Dark.

If we are to contact our collective past, the new moon lunar South Node may shed light; as Hekate sits at the opposite polarity on the North Node, She allows us a rare glimpse of the workings of the underworld, and Kali whose name means Time may allow us to slip through the binds of time… just for a moment.

The Black Moon eclipse could be a chance for a brief non -dual experience beyond time and space…. engaging our inner vision and ESP.

The South Node of the moon arises from the Moon’s orbit with the plane of the ecliptic- the path of the Sun and planets as they appear to go round the earth.

Said to be a symbol of the past the South Node often comes in for a bad rap as it is distorted in our Western view of karma. There is however a more positive, darkness embracing perception that considers the South Node as an accumulation of our soul’s experiences and memories to date, and also weaves us into our eternal nature.

The South Node sabian symbol for this eclipse offers insight about what we may collectively be working with at this time…

The great challenge to transformation is to learn to assimilate our “peak experiences” and teachings into everyday consciousness and behaviour, if we do not, if these experiences are left unintegrated, they may have the contrary effect of becoming confusing or even toxic.

Sabian symbol image- many people coming down from the mountain once the teachings have been absorbed and allowing them to inform and permeate our everyday lives.

Because we are in the realm of the Dark Moon (and the Black Moon) and because Hekate Dweller On the Threshold sits tightly conjunct the lunar North Node, intuitively I feel that lessons learned, experienced, and mastered on our soul’s journey (including past lives) may now be rising to find a conscious place in our psyche so that we may express it in the world.

I know this kind of talk can get some people hackles up and can wreak of quackery, though if you have a sense of what I am talking about- you may also have a sense of things you know from the past… these things have a habit of showing up time and again in our lives in numerous ways… we know what we know!

Often, we shun these intuitions rejecting them as silly or egotistical; we banish them to the repository of our unconscious or subconscious mind, though secretly we sense their validity and they appear in our dreams, art, and our “peak experiences.”

Humility is an excellent quality however we live in intensely shifting and challenging times and the Dark Goddess is calling her children Home.

On Saturdays’ Black Moon eclipse Dark Mother Kali is sitting with the collective wound (Chiron), asking us to heal the wounds of rejection, of not being good enough, feeling unworthy, feeling ashamed of who we are, or any other ways we reject the wisdom we hold at our core.

The spirit of the witch was never burned!

Yes, there is always the danger of inflation and over identification with the archetype- the recent Neptune Jupiter conjunction made us aware of that but on the opposite polarity there is also the danger of not bringing through what we are meant to in this lifetime.

It is time to come out the closet.

She may strip and humiliate us dismantling aspects of our ego consciousness that block the path to our liberation but ultimately it is all grist for the mill and fuel for the alembic of the soul.

Spica & the Witches Well

Image by John Duncan

Friday 16 October, New Moon at 23 degrees Libra

New Moon Insights: What will it take for you to own your witch?

Today in the ancient part of the city of Edinburgh, my mother and I visited ‘Witches Well’ on Castlehill in the precincts of Edinburgh castle.

A cast iron plaque made by Celtic revivalist John Duncan in 1894 depicts the faces of evil and healing turned against each other while a serpent -a creature embodying both wisdom and poison-slithers between the two. Above the heads is foxglove, a potent medicinal plant capable of curing or killing.

The site of the well marks the place where 300 people- mainly women- were burned at the stake for suspected witchcraft. King James VI, the ruling monarch of the time harshly punished any activities thought to be connected with the dark arts. In reality many of women were tortured for being a bit different, eccentric, or knowledgeable in herb lore and other natural magic.

Five times more witches were burned in Scotland than any other country in Europe and 32% of Scottish witches came from the Lothians.

To be there with my mother whom I have not seen in a few years on this balsamic moon felt significant. Our own relationship has been painfully challenged…  we carry in our female line that which has the power to destroy or to heal. Both of us have at times been crushed under the weight of our shared trauma… and yet today we are choosing to heal.

I think of all those women, of all women, in various states of embodiment, of owning and disowning themselves, remembering and forgetting themselves, rising and falling. I think of the power they hold to transmute poison into medicine.

A few days ago, the question came to me… What will it take for you to own your witch?

Tomorrow the new moon is conjunct Spica, the brightest star in the Virgo constellation, revered by the ancient Egyptians who aligned temples to her. Spica is thought to be one of the most fortunate stars, associated with religious and spiritual qualities. According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Venus and Mars- a rare blending of masculine and feminine. The warrior. The power of the actualising masculine principle channelled through the feminine principle. The power to create from spirit- the witch.

Spica is placed in the wheat sheaf in the left hand of the Virgo constellation, physically representing harvest and symbolically representing the alchemical act of transforming spirit into matter.

I see this new moon as potent time to channel and transmute poison into medicine. The ability to do so lies within ourselves when we make a conscious choice to heal and reclaim ourselves as autonomous and powerful beings, aware of what we are creating or destroying in our lives.

 Hurt and pain then become the Prima Materia, the raw material, from which we birth a new vision.