The Inner Fires of Beltane: Kaali & Lilith

Kali & Skulls- Author's Own Image

Kali & Skulls- Author’s Own Image

Today at 13.26 is the astrological point of Beltane- 15° Taurus.

Lilith’s lunar influence is strongly felt as she is in an exact conjunction with the Moon-

Black Moon Lilith “Mean” and Black Moon Lilith “True” are both at 6 ° Cancer 44”- the space between these two points is known as the “Temple of Lilith” and for it to be exact as it is right at this moment is rare.

The Moon is at 6 ° Cancer 34”.

For me the key word here is TRANSFORMATION

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is:

PHASE 97 (CANCER 7°): TWO NATURE SPIRITS DANCING UNDER THE MOONLIGHT.KEYNOTE: The play of invisible forces in all manifestations of life.

The basic concept is that behind all vital processes one can perceive occult forces at work. They operate within a realm often called “astral” or “etheric”; and the moon has a deep influence upon that realm, releasing special solar rays of occult potency.

It contrasts the invisible with the visible, the inner with the outer, the dream and the ideal with everyday reality. In a sense this refers to man’s CREATIVE IMAGINATION.

What is being transformed is the exiled dark feminine principle that is necessary for the creative process and facilitates transformation- the creative process fundamentally includes death and rebirth. Intense feelings of stuckness and blockage that many are experiencing now is connected to outmoded prohibitive forces that must give way to a greater spiritual light.

Binds of consciousnes: karma, ignorance, and forces operating beneath the veil of consciousness that keep things stuck on the astral plane are now being released- if they are not easily released a conflict ensues. This conflict manifests in depression, instability, confusion, and other malaise of the soul that can occur when disrupted forces rise from the unconscious.

It is difficult to release what cannot be seen…the dark goddess opens our inner eye.

Active imagination, dream work, stream of consciousness, and altered states can induce deeper ways of seeing. We are being asked to trust our gut instinct as never before. The problem is that the deeper we probe into the unconscious, and the “realms of the gods”, the less clear-cut things become. Beneath the rationalism of the egoic mind duality becomes less definable…we enter the labyrinth.

Entering the labyrinth leads us on our unique soul path or Grail quest… only we can make this journey… there are no road maps. Things do not necessarily feel consistent here and the Trickster looms large.

Still in a close conjunction with Chiron, Kaali wields her sword against demonic influences which hide- sometimes in plain sight- behind manipulations and subterfuge designed to confuse and distract. In her relationship with Chiron, Kaali is also helping us to identify and release wounds to the soul.

Kaali exists behind the veil of conscious reality as mistress of the astral planes- nothing escapes her wild eye and lightning-fast moves.

As with Lilith, these archetypal forces of the dark goddess offer protection while at the same time forcing us to wake up and smell both the roses and the bullshit… the rose being the glory of our true nature and the bullshit being, well, not so much that which inhibits our true nature but that which we allow to inhibit it… by remaining asleep we collude.

But it’s hard to wake up… the birthing pains can seem long and unbearable at times. Kaali loving Mother and destroyer disrupts the processes of the ego that desperately attempts to maintain a false sense of security and self-importance. She draws us back into the laws of Spirit and Earth.

Next to the Sun at 15° Taurus in a tight conjunction is the great awakener and liberator Uranus who is also helping to guide us toward our true nature. There could be some surprises here though and unless we go willingly into the light of consciousness- often by first descending into the dark- we may be taken unawares and feel out of control or that we have no choice in the matter.

If we accept that transformation, as painful as it may be is for our ultimate growth, and if we can surrender to the creative destructive force of the Great Mother, these powers can move through us… for better or worse… for who are we to judge? We do not yet see the bigger picture.