Samira Heshmati~ California, February 2021

I had a reading with Karen a few months ago. I am still gathering valuable information from that reading. She recorded it for me and I have gone back to listen to it multiple times to unpack all the gold.  Karen has a way of gathering the astrological information and blend it in intuitively with the person she is reading for. I felt so validated and seen through the reading. She asked great questions, which enabled me to really participate in unlocking the gifts. Thank you! 

Joshua Monje- France, January 2021

The astrology session I had with Karen was a first for me. Her pedagogical nature and her open-mindedness immediately established a sense of trust and transparency. I am most grateful for her insight, and am convinced that the takeaways from my session will allow me to add another layer of reflection with regards to my life decisions in the years to come“. 

Sarah Lane, U.K- January 2021

‘I had a very insightful, informative and inspiring chart reading with Karen last week (via zoom). Karen is a highly intuitive and approachable person who led me through my chart and offered me many insights into several areas of my life. Karen also allowed me to understand the significance of my Chiron return and how to approach it with gratitude. I was also extremely inspired after my reading to begin planning a creative project which I had previously hesitated about pursuing. Overall it was lovely to connect with Karen and I would highly recommend having a reading with her.’

Scarlet Ainsley- U.K, May 2020

Thank you so much for your reading last week, you’ve given me so much to think about. Several aspects of my life make so much more sense now – and I’m looking forward to working constructively in these areas instead of battling against them.

I’m astonished that you identified a turning point in my life with such accuracy (month and year) – I’d privately thought that it had marked a change for me but that you saw it in the charts confirmed it. I’m looking forward to the future now and my current feelings about being ‘stuck’ make more sense.. Thank you for the advice about self-care and new areas for me to consider. I look forward to more readings with you..

Sarah Bullock- Sussex, UK- 2020

I approached Karen for a 1:1 skype astrology session after reading her incredible blog post on Lilith, her writings speaks volumes to me.
Karen is both insightful and very knowledgeable on her subjects, her readings clear, precise and FULL of deep information different to any astrology reader I have had before.  Karen’s method of reading whilst current is seeped in the history of myth and astrology, the linking with asteroids and mythological characters that feature in our star system and my chart resonated deeply enabling me to have many ‘ah hah’ moments as they highlighted challenges I have faced and current questions I am facing.
I thoroughly recommend Karen as an astrologer and wouldn’t hesitate to seek her wisdom again for myself.
Sarah Bullock MA

Leonora Sanchez-Medina, London- 2020

Having an astrological reading with you, it’s been a gentle eye opening-
by giving me a sense of appreciating the placement of planets and degrees within my birth chart, and teaching me that there is nothing negative or sinister about them— on the contrary, they are great assets- gives me the opportunity to be truly me. And by your reading you showed me that ‘diamonds are birthed in the dark’. Thank you.





Lindsey Coates, Canterbury- 2019

I have attended several of Karen’s Moon lodges and it’s so hard to define the magic that Karen facilitates at these sessions. She holds a safe space for sharing and sisterhood – weaves astrological insight, mythology and shamanic practice into a gorgeous two hours.
Each one I’ve been to has involved a shamanic journey. Karen’s voice and guided journeys are powerful and always result in me returning home with another part of me unearthed, things released and learnings facilitates. And I always have a magnificent nights sleep.

Adrian Bain, Edinburgh- 2013

“You gave me and extra valuable insight into my inner self (the real me). I left your therapy room with a renewed sense of vigour, vitality, and self-purpose.”



Rosalie Thomas, Edinburgh-2013

“The session I had with you was unforgettable… gentle and sensitive. You explained the process very well which reassured and relaxed me. I would definitely wish to experience that again- wonderful!”


Tina Marie, California- 2020

“I very much enjoyed my Skype session with Karen Smith, which I requested after I discovered that I am currently experiencing my Chariklo Return.  Karen is well-versed in the subject of Chariklo, a relatively newly discovered heavenly body, named for the wife of Chiron.  The reading was wonderful.  Karen validated what I think is going on in my life right now, how this energy is manifesting (and in what sector of my chart), and how I can use this energy to meet the challenges I am currently facing.  She helped me learn more about this placement in my natal chart as well as its relationship to the current transits and what a Chariklo Return means to me personally.  We discussed other transits and I felt that this was a more than productive use of my time, especially as the year is just beginning and I am gearing up for an intense ride at that.  I highly recommend Karen – noted astrologer and a dear person with whom it was a real pleasure to speak and compare notes.  Having had many readings in my life, I am used to various styles.  Karen’s is warm and collaborative, so the conversation flows nicely and still we managed to uncover several important points along the line for me to consider as I embark on this year’s journey.  Affordable, informative and delightful – what could be better?  Give her a listen and you’ll be glad you made the time”.