Full Moon in Taurus Lunar Eclipse: An Intuitive and Personal Enquiry

in lumine tuo videbimus lumen

“In your light we see the light.”

Mario Rapisardi -Lucifer

Mario Rapisardi -Lucifer

A Moon Uranus conjunction can feel unsettling; the outer planet of awakening and liberation dislodges us from our habituated emotional patterns- patterns that may have been installed in us from birth. The Moon also relates to the unconscious mind and points to beliefs and perceptions that have developed as a result of these patterns. It goes without saying that these thought processes have to an extent been conditioned and passed down through our ancestral lines.

We like what we like and do what we do until our consciousness demands expansion and we learn to release learned ways of being- ways that once protected but now stifle and cause suffering. Uranus’ electric lightning bolts send currents of energy through our system jolting outmoded and stagnant habits while facilitating new processes – not always comfortable!

The danger here is that we become dislodged from our earthly and embodied connection, the soil from which we are born and the kinship in which we were raised. Under this influence we can eastly become the maverick, the radical, or the lone wolf crusading for a cause or a freedom at the cost of our common humanity and need for earthly connection.

On this full moon, Uranus is making its final square with Saturn, lord of time, karma, and physical and social laws. This transit can bring unexpected changes that have not been asked for, or else cause difficulty in initiating change that we do want. What appears at first to be a restriction however may in the end be a blessing as things are put in place to facilitate our evolution. Saturn is a hard task master but in his tough love we are primed to be responsible, mature adults creating structures and containers that enable our soul’s expression in the world. Saturn and Capricorn are connected to bringing light into the material world, even the darkest places.

The tension I sit with personally on this full moon is how to break free from restrictive patterns and toxic processes inherited from intergenerational trauma, while remaining connected to my ancestral lineage. We incarnate into the families and communities that we do for a reason. How do we make a stance for who we truly are while keeping the love light flowing. Often this tension is so great that we break away from our families of origin in the belief that we can free ourselves, though in doing so we cut ourselves off at the root.

Recently I have been working with people who are walking this line in a bid to heal their deepest wounds. Words like “entity “and “curse” are not out of place in a shamanic session. While that could sound a bit scary, opening the space for deeper enquiry into the origins of these experiences sheds much light. We cannot kill our demons it seems; instead allowing them to lead us back to the tender root of dislocation is where the soul weaving happens.

In this full moon chart, there is an aspect pattern known as a Lucifer Rectangle which is a Mystic Rectangle occurring in the signs of Pisces, Virgo, Taurus, and Scorpio.

  • Sun 16° Scorpio
  • Ceres 16° Virgo
  • Moon/Uranus 16° Taurus
  • Nessus 13° Pisces. Neptune 22° Pisces

With the planets and asteroids involved I feel the potential of this lunar eclipse is healing the ancestral, and in particular mother line. Breaking free from binding negative emotional and lunar influences offers the ability for re-parenting, or re-mothering, accommodating our unique spiritual selves and still allowing for social and kindred acceptance. How do we show up in our families and communities as we truly are on a soul level.

I see this as a time to reclaim the dimensions of power and light that exist on the levels of soul and spirit that want to be channelled through the physical plane.

Lucifer may be the adversary or the Light Bringer. In freeing himself according to his own nature and spiritual essence he transgresses the family unit (in his case, God the father and the holy family). He dares to break free and in so doing becomes a light in the dark. In Christian mythology, anchored in duality, Lucifer is seen as the bad guy who disobeyed God- though he may also be the redeemer. Uranus and Lucifer are on the same team- both are interested in your awakening and liberation… though the old God Saturn must be paid his dues.

One final comment about the full moon chart is that asteroid Lucifer is conjunct Pholus in early Capricorn which I feel speaks to the human family soul, light, or medicine having been thwarted throughout the generations; Capricorn is involved in the processes of light descending into the physical world. In the people I work with we often find that once the family wound has been recognised and the “entity” has been seen for what it is, the light of the line can shine through.

During, and in the aftermath of this lunar eclipse we have an opportunity to quieten the overplayed tape recording of outmoded patterns, beliefs and stories and open ourselves to receive our light, facilitated by Uranus… just remember to stay grounded and connected.

I am available for astrology consultations exploring these dynamics in your chart. I am also available for Shamanic healing sessions.