Refining Anger as a Creative Process

Pipilotti Rist- Ever is Over All -still 1997-

Image- Still from Pipilotti Rist’s video installation- “Ever is Over All”- 1997.

Monday evening saw the end of the Venus & Mars: Exploring Union online workshop. As Saturn and Mars conjoined at 22, one of the topics discussed was the transmuting of Mars energy from its lower polarity toward creative expression thereby allowing our impulses and emotions to guide us into deeper awareness of our triggers and desires (triggering often happens because we feel our desires/needs are not being met).

A theme through all of the relationship focused work is the idea that each and every intimate relationship in our life serves -among other things -to shine a light on the parts of our soul waiting to be acknowledged and integrated. In this way even -and perhaps especially -the difficult relationship are teachers of the unacknowledged parts of ourselves and serve to move us closer to our authentic selves.

The notion of refining our impulses was reflected in the Mars Saturn sabian symbol:


The self-discipline which results from an intelligent development of individual faculties under proper training.

Character and a warm “under-standing” of what is involved in the process of growth and overcoming of emotional heaviness can be taught. We can learn to discipline our natural impulses and to use them for a more-than-personal purpose. This is DISCIPLESHIP in the true sense of the term.

The influence of Saturn on Mars encourages us to learn how to address our issues and speak up for ourselves in constructive ways rather than lashing out; it is involved with energy conservation allowing us to use our libido in creative ways.

Though Mars has now moved away from Saturn by 2 degrees the lessons of the conjunction are still in operation and are further amplified with a Mars north lunar node square remining us on a collective and individual level that aggressive modes of behaviour that may have achieved results in the past must be let of go in favour of gentler, more graceful ways of handling conflict. The consequences of staying stuck in old destructive patterns now comes with a much higher price tag.

Continuing with the theme of relationships, my next online workshop centres around the mythology of Psyche & Eros. PM me if you are interested in joining the conversation and working with your astrology chart for a psyche- astro-mythic exploration.

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