Asteroid Kaali Conjunct Sun: David Icke

David Icke at an anti-lockdown protest in Birmingham last month-Photograph- Christopher Furlong-Getty

Image- David Icke at an anti-lockdown protest in Birmingham last month. Photograph: Christopher Furlong-Getty.

What do Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, Osho, and David Icke have in common?

Before I answer that it’s a happy birthday to David Icke- with his Sun at 9-degree Taurus the partial solar eclipse is directly hitting not only his Sun but also asteroid Kaali. Mr. Icke also has a Uranus Moon conjunction which I have previously written about… it is not an easy placement and one which I have myself.

But back to Kaali…

Last night I presented a talk/workshop on Kaali’s prominent position in the new moon eclipse chart- conjunct Chiron at 14 Aries. There’s not a lot out there on how Kaali operates in the birth chart and so it’s really only an exploration. What I did find interesting is that Kaali conjunct Sun shows up rather a lot in the charts of Royals… someone has put together a list of the Kaali placements in the charts of many Royals going way back.

In our time, both Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William have this signature within a 2-degree orb, and both have their Sun at a critical degree- Prince William at 0 cancer, and the Queen at 0 Taurus… move over Charles!

With the exception of the Queen (unless her chart is a bit out), the other three have the Kaali Sun conjunction on or close to the descendant… could this be a signature of power over others? Or at least a person a person who has a lot of influence over others? One interpretation I read claim that a Kaali Sun conjunction is the signature of a person who was a spiritual adept in a previous life (Kaali is kundalini).

Anyways, happy birthday Mr. Icke- love or loathe him he certainly ruffles a few feathers.

Interestingly, today is also the birthday of one of David’s arch nemesis- Jacob Rothschild.

“The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words”

~David Icke, Human Race Get Off Your Knees the Lion Sleeps No More.

Black Moon- Black Goddess- Partial Solar Eclipse- Time Portal.

Remedios Varos- Las Almas de los Montes- The Mountains Souls- 1938-

Painting- Remedios Varo- “Las Almas de los Montes”- The Soul of the Mountain.

On Saturday’s Black Moon (two New Moons in one month), and partial Solar eclipse, two powerful Dark Goddesses take prominent positions in the celestial pattern and sphere of influence- asteroid Kaali conjunct Chiron at 14° Aries, and asteroid Hekate conjunct the North Node of the Moon at 23 ° Taurus.

Kāla primarily means “black,” but also means “time.” Kālī means “the black one” and also “time”, “beyond time” and “power of time”

Hekate is the goddess of the night, witchcraft, and ghosts; She is also the Dweller On the Threshold and is one of the few gods who can access all realms including the underworld- She

“In general, eclipses are said to be negative, but this is a misunderstanding of the shadow function. In both solar and lunar eclipses, the light of either the Sun or the Moon is obstructed from reaching the Earth. When the light of consciousness is temporarily blocked, something else is revealed- that which is normally hidden. Called windows into secret realms and open doorways into the subconscious, eclipses allow us to access that which has been concealed and repressed in our lives. Eclipses are said to be karmic in nature because they relate to issues that lie outside of our consciousness.

[…] Dane Rudhyar says that at the New Moon solar eclipse, the present is blotted out by the past, while the Ful Moon lunar eclipse, the past is obscured by the present”

~Demetra George, Finding Our Way Through the Dark.

If we are to contact our collective past, the new moon lunar South Node may shed light; as Hekate sits at the opposite polarity on the North Node, She allows us a rare glimpse of the workings of the underworld, and Kali whose name means Time may allow us to slip through the binds of time… just for a moment.

The Black Moon eclipse could be a chance for a brief non -dual experience beyond time and space…. engaging our inner vision and ESP.

The South Node of the moon arises from the Moon’s orbit with the plane of the ecliptic- the path of the Sun and planets as they appear to go round the earth.

Said to be a symbol of the past the South Node often comes in for a bad rap as it is distorted in our Western view of karma. There is however a more positive, darkness embracing perception that considers the South Node as an accumulation of our soul’s experiences and memories to date, and also weaves us into our eternal nature.

The South Node sabian symbol for this eclipse offers insight about what we may collectively be working with at this time…

The great challenge to transformation is to learn to assimilate our “peak experiences” and teachings into everyday consciousness and behaviour, if we do not, if these experiences are left unintegrated, they may have the contrary effect of becoming confusing or even toxic.

Sabian symbol image- many people coming down from the mountain once the teachings have been absorbed and allowing them to inform and permeate our everyday lives.

Because we are in the realm of the Dark Moon (and the Black Moon) and because Hekate Dweller On the Threshold sits tightly conjunct the lunar North Node, intuitively I feel that lessons learned, experienced, and mastered on our soul’s journey (including past lives) may now be rising to find a conscious place in our psyche so that we may express it in the world.

I know this kind of talk can get some people hackles up and can wreak of quackery, though if you have a sense of what I am talking about- you may also have a sense of things you know from the past… these things have a habit of showing up time and again in our lives in numerous ways… we know what we know!

Often, we shun these intuitions rejecting them as silly or egotistical; we banish them to the repository of our unconscious or subconscious mind, though secretly we sense their validity and they appear in our dreams, art, and our “peak experiences.”

Humility is an excellent quality however we live in intensely shifting and challenging times and the Dark Goddess is calling her children Home.

On Saturdays’ Black Moon eclipse Dark Mother Kali is sitting with the collective wound (Chiron), asking us to heal the wounds of rejection, of not being good enough, feeling unworthy, feeling ashamed of who we are, or any other ways we reject the wisdom we hold at our core.

The spirit of the witch was never burned!

Yes, there is always the danger of inflation and over identification with the archetype- the recent Neptune Jupiter conjunction made us aware of that but on the opposite polarity there is also the danger of not bringing through what we are meant to in this lifetime.

It is time to come out the closet.

She may strip and humiliate us dismantling aspects of our ego consciousness that block the path to our liberation but ultimately it is all grist for the mill and fuel for the alembic of the soul.

New Moon Solar Eclipse: Dwellers at the Threshold and the Resolution of Opposites.


Kali Yantra

On Saturday 30th April, a new moon solar eclipse heralds another threshold in our collective human journey; the new moon and the solar eclipse occur at almost exactly the same time (13 minutes difference) at 10° of Taurus. Eclipses are celestial events that bring about change and transformation, sometimes suddenly and with lasting consequences. This is the first eclipse of the year.

Solar eclipses occur during the new moon phase when the Sun and Moon position at the exact same degree within the same sign. Eclipses generally exert influence and power, appearing to speed things up and bring things to a head. If we have been blocked or are dragging our feet in relation to what on a deeper level we know needs to happen, eclipses have a way of bringing about the inevitable…ready or not.

The Sun/Moon conjunction at 10 ° Taurus is also conjunct Uranus (at 14 ° Taurus), planet of change, awakening and radical transformation- this serves to intensify the eclipse energy. I would not be surprised if collectively we experience a sudden shift in matters connected with Taurus, for example in the food chain, if not immediately then over the coming months perhaps culminating in the second eclipse season in November.

The lunar nodal axis in Taurus/ Scorpio suggest that previously hidden or unacknowledged factors may come to the fore… this is particularly likely as Pluto transits the last couple of degrees of Capricorn where we have seen a dismantling of top-down structures.

Prominent this new moon lunar eclipse is the Dark Goddess Hekate in an almost exact conjunction with the north node (by 9 arc minutes) at 23 ° Taurus.

Hekate is the keeper of the keys, dweller on the threshold, and one of the few gods who has access to all realms including the underworld. As the only one to witness the descent of Persephone into Hades, Hekate sees everything… there is nothing that escapes her.

With Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio where the south nodal currently sits, Hekate’s presence on the north node can bring up and draw out information from the depths making it conscious on the material/human level of consciousness.

Also of note on the new moon solar eclipse is asteroid Kaali conjunct Chiron at 14° Aries. Dark Mother Kaali is both the destroyer and liberator; she destroys in order to liberate and cuts away what no longer serves. With her scimitar, sword, and trident, Kaali cuts the cords that bind humanity in bondage and dances in the flames of purification.

Existing behind the veil of reality, similar to Hekate, Kaali sees it all. Much of what we witness on the mundane level of day-to-day consciousness is only a fraction, a pale representation, of what goes on behind the scenes on the astral planes… the worldly word is to a large extent illusionary, a wall of veils that confuse distract, seduce, manipulate, and appease.

When the veils are lifted, as shocking as it may be, the truth is revealed and from there we are called to make informed choices and reclaim our Selves.  

Today happens to be Buddha’s birthday and this morning I found one of his sayings which I feel is apt in the context of our times when the veils of illusions are beginning to fall.

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

The question is, do we want to know and are we ready for it? Are we ready for the Dark Mother?

These things do not come easy and should not be taken lightly. As Jung says in Symbols of Transformation-

No one should deny the danger of the descent, but it can be risked. No one need risk it, but it is certain that someone will. And let those who go down the sunset way do so with open eyes, for it is a sacrifice which daunts even the gods. Yet every descent is followed by an ascent; the vanishing shapes are shaped anew, and a truth is valid in the end only if it suffers change and bears new witness in new images, in new tongues, like a new wine that is put into new bottles.

In the descent the ego is dissolved and dismantled in order to give birth to a new experience- a new image; this is the power of the Dark Goddess who brings about the death of the old and midwifes the new-born consciousness. Deeply connected with the phases of the Moon, She is present through each stage of creation and dissolution, each out breath and in breath; She is privy to information from behind the veil not normally accessible to the conscious mind.

We feel Her through our instincts, dreams, feelings, and intuition; She asks us to challenge our beliefs and sometimes we are shaken to our core. 

In Eastern philosophy as in alchemy true transformational power lies in the is the union of opposites.

Jung specified his psychological understanding of tantric yoga as follows:

It sees the aim of human development as bringing about an approach to and connection between the specific nature of the non-ego and the conscious ego.

Dweller on the threshold, the Dark Goddess in her many manifestations is the connector between the conscious and unconscious mind however She has been largely demonised, feared and exiled leaving us vulnerable to an externalised authority which may or may not have the purest intentions. This handing over of power ultimately denies the possibility of awakening or return to Self, through ignorance and separation from truth.

The sabian symbol for the new moon eclipse speaks of the need to prepare the mind and cultivate the ego in a positive way-


KEYNOTE: Development of the powers of the mind on which ego-consciousness is based.

This is the first stage of the ninth sequence of phases, a sequence that basically refers to the overall situation related to the development of the ego.

The Keyword here is CULTIVATION.

In his journey through India Jung visited the many temples of Kaali and was greatly affected by the experience leading him to conclude that evil is not negative but positive. For a man such as Jung who had been conditioned by the milieu of his time and was an esteemed figure in his privileged intellectual patriarchal culture, indoctrinated to an extent by Christian duality, this was a remarkable insight which paved the way for transpersonal and depth psychology that permeated the Western psyche in the decades to come.

During the Kundalini Seminars Jung’s travel companion, Fowler McCormick, made the following commentary-

As we would go through temples of Kali, which were numerous at almost every Hindu city, we saw the evidence of animal sacrifice: the places were filthy dirty—dried blood on the floor and lots of remains of red betelnut all around, so that the colour red was associated with destructiveness.

Concurrently in Calcutta Jung began to have a series of dreams in which the colour red was stressed.

It wasn’t long before dysentery overcame Dr. Jung and I had to take him to the English hospital at Calcutta. . .

A more lasting effect of this impression of the destructiveness of Kali was the emotional foundation it gave him for the conviction that evil was not a negative thing but a positive thing. The influence of that experience in India, to my mind, was very great on Jung in his later years.

~Fowler McCormick, Kundalini Seminars, Page xxviii.

What does it mean that Jung concluded that evil is not bad?

The union of opposites accepts that everything is part of the whole and nothing is separate. Kali the Great Mother is both the Destroyer and the Liberator; Hekate shows us three paths which may be taken- we have a choice; Persephone is liberated and empowered by her time in Pluto’s domain; Inanna frees her Dark sister Ereshkigal by acknowledging her suffering and enduring her own.

The Dark Goddess is the liberator because She leads us into the core of our being and the secrets of our soul encouraging us to be what we truly are… in our darkness and our light.

In shining a light on that which we fear as evil it no longer has power over us… and we are not separated from Source. It is only when we are asleep, unaware of what influences us and creates our worldly reality that we suffer through ignorance. The Dark Goddess is the slayer of demons, the destroyer of ignorance and the restorer of sovereignty.

This new moon solar eclipse, especially as She (the Dark Goddess) partners with our collective destiny (the north node), and our collective wound (Chiron) I feel She is inviting us to take a deep breath and take look at what lies beneath.

Kali, the Tension of Opposites, and Eclipse Season.


Is Mother Kali Calling You?

(She is calling many as we enter into this eclipse season).

Meetings With the Dark Goddess and Finding the Seeds of Renewal.

Last August I ran a seven-week online workshop called “Meetings with the Dark Goddess & Finding the Seeds of Renewal”. Each week a group of women from all over the world met to explore the dark feminine archetype in their lives and at a collective level.

Inanna, Lilith, Persephone to name a few made their presence felt by guiding us into the creative space at the centre of our being to facilitate the hospicing of the old and midwifing of the new.

Dwelling in the liminal space betwixt and between feels soft and fluid, undefined and beyond duality, it is from here we may expand our consciousness and begin to free ourselves from the shackles of mental binds, emotional reactivity, judgement of self and others, limited beliefs, and the inner/outer tyrant.

Her (the Dark Goddess’) domain is rich, compelling, seductive, sometimes terrifying, and confusing but always loving… though often it is a tough love She administers.

She sees our soul, our purest desires and sacred purpose… She knows the lessons and experiences we have elected for this lifetime and reminds us of our sacred contacts. She lights our path not by the conscious light of the Sun, but a dark penetrative luminescence capable of seeing behind the outer appearance of things and the world of manmade laws. She pierces the veil.

Sometimes She closes all doors but the one we are being called to walk through.

Meetings with the Dark Goddess and Finding the Seeds of Renewal second series will be in a slightly different format.

The sessions can now be taken as stand-alone single workshops; they will also be recorded so that people who are unable to attend on specific dates can still access the material.

Sessions last for 2 hours and are a mixture of mythology, astrology, sharing, discussion, reflection, and ritual (guidance).

For extra privacy and deeper diving, I offer one-one recorded astro explorations and mentoring sessions at reduced cost to participants.

The first session takes place on Thursday 28th April at 7.00 pm GMT and will focus on the goddess/ archetype Kali who figures prominently in the New Moon Solar Eclipse on 30th April. Kali- who I believe is present and active at this time – is the overarching archetype for this series of workshops.

If She is calling you, I invite you to step into Her Temple.

If you would like to further information or to be added to my mailing list, please message me, or send an email to

Please note these workshops are imaginative, exploratory, and symbolic for the purposes of self-development and not necessarily based on scholarly facts and details… they are in the spirit of the imaginal.

Refining Anger as a Creative Process

Pipilotti Rist- Ever is Over All -still 1997-

Image- Still from Pipilotti Rist’s video installation- “Ever is Over All”- 1997.

Monday evening saw the end of the Venus & Mars: Exploring Union online workshop. As Saturn and Mars conjoined at 22, one of the topics discussed was the transmuting of Mars energy from its lower polarity toward creative expression thereby allowing our impulses and emotions to guide us into deeper awareness of our triggers and desires (triggering often happens because we feel our desires/needs are not being met).

A theme through all of the relationship focused work is the idea that each and every intimate relationship in our life serves -among other things -to shine a light on the parts of our soul waiting to be acknowledged and integrated. In this way even -and perhaps especially -the difficult relationship are teachers of the unacknowledged parts of ourselves and serve to move us closer to our authentic selves.

The notion of refining our impulses was reflected in the Mars Saturn sabian symbol:


The self-discipline which results from an intelligent development of individual faculties under proper training.

Character and a warm “under-standing” of what is involved in the process of growth and overcoming of emotional heaviness can be taught. We can learn to discipline our natural impulses and to use them for a more-than-personal purpose. This is DISCIPLESHIP in the true sense of the term.

The influence of Saturn on Mars encourages us to learn how to address our issues and speak up for ourselves in constructive ways rather than lashing out; it is involved with energy conservation allowing us to use our libido in creative ways.

Though Mars has now moved away from Saturn by 2 degrees the lessons of the conjunction are still in operation and are further amplified with a Mars north lunar node square remining us on a collective and individual level that aggressive modes of behaviour that may have achieved results in the past must be let of go in favour of gentler, more graceful ways of handling conflict. The consequences of staying stuck in old destructive patterns now comes with a much higher price tag.

Continuing with the theme of relationships, my next online workshop centres around the mythology of Psyche & Eros. PM me if you are interested in joining the conversation and working with your astrology chart for a psyche- astro-mythic exploration.

Baba Ram Dass- Sun Conjunct Uranus

Ram Dass

Ram Dass

People are curious, their lives a mystery that no one really knows. The people we think we know because they are in the public domain, often appear larger than life, their journey documented, dissected, and embellished by interested biographers eager for a glimpse beneath the veil of their soul. One such character is Ram Dass (born Richard Alpert) on April 6th, 1931 (died 22 December 2019).

Known as Baba Ram Dass, he was a spiritual teacher and guru of modern yoga, psychologist, and author. Prior to his spiritual awakening Richard Alpert conducted research with Timothy Leary on the therapeutic effects of psychedelics and assisted graduate student Walter Pahnke in his 1962 “Good Friday experiment”- the first controlled double bind study of drugs and the mystical experience. Both Leary and Alpert were dismissed from Harvard university in 1963.

This story runs much deeper though, into mysterious places overshadowed by hidden government experiments and agendas of social control that now makes for the stuff of conspiracy theories. In The Rough Guide to Conspiracy Theories, James McConnachie says,

It has been alleged that many prominent advocates of LSD including Ken Kesey (author of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest), Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, and Baba Ram Dass (Richard Alpert), not to mention future “Unabomber” Theodore Kaczynski, were introduced to the drug under the MK Ultra programme. The book Acid Dreams suggests that the drug was allowed to be deliberately spread among the rebellious youth of the 1960’s in order to space them out and melt their minds into submission.

Fact or fantasy? We’ll never know for sure.

Whatever the truth of the matter, Ram Dass had a strong Sun Uranus conjunction at 15 Aries, right beside his north node at 14 Aries- all of this happening in the most public part of his chart, the 10th house… a born radical. His Pluto exactly on his ascendant at 18 Cancer certainly lends an intense and complex persona.

What is undeniable is that Ram Dass took his place in the cultural psyche of the time, influencing a great many people and leaving a few cracking quotes in his legacy. The story of how Richard gave LSD to his guru who in turn was completely unaffected by the drug captured my imagination and added to my reflections on the nature of consciousness and enlightenment.

To him who has had the experience no explanation is necessary, to him who has not, none is possible.

— Ram Dass.

It is important to expect nothing, to take every experience, including the negative ones, as merely steps on the path, and to proceed.

— Ram Dass.

Venus In Pisces: The Soul’s Longing for Love

Henri Cartier-Bresson- Queen Charlotte's Ball - London- 1959

Image: Henri Cartier-Bresson- Queen Charlotte’s Ball, London, 1959

I am looking forward to the next part of my online offering on relationships this evening- Venus & Mars: Exploring Union. It’s a deep dive and experiential exploration into the mechanics of our most intimate relationships viewed through the lens of astrology, mythology, and the archetypal world.
Reflecting on a series of questions designed to lead us into our stories, beliefs, and patterns, ‘Exploring Union’ takes advantage of the cosmic energies available at this time to assist us in fleshing out a portrait of who we are in relationship including the things that help and things that hinder our experiences of love and sexuality.
This online workshop has run on the back of a Venus retrograde in Saturn ruled Capricorn; Venus in her reborn Morning Star phase; an unusually long dalliance between Venus & Mars; and a good dose of Pluto and Saturn in the mix.
Now, as Venus leaves Saturn ruled signs for the first time in several months and enters the watery realms of Pisces, we are being offered a whole new dimension to explore what our soul longs for in relationship.
If you would like to be kept in the loop of my regular online offerings, please PM your email address, and I will add you to my mailing list.