Workshop: Venus & Mars: Exploring Union.

Thoth Tarot The Lovers.

Image- “The Lovers” Thoth Tarot

The journey to emotional freedom from the battle of the sexes begins within…

Have you ever considered how your inner masculine (if you are a woman), or your inner feminine (if you are a man) operate? A clue is in the condition of our outer relationships with the opposite sex.

I warmly invite you to join me in a two-part workshop where we explore the inner & outer marriage.

Workshop title: “Venus & Mars: Exploring Union”.

Part 1- Thursday 3rd March-7.00 -9.00 pm GMT-

“Pluto, Power, & What Lies Beneath”

(On this day there is a triple conjunction between Venus, Mars, & Pluto).

Here we will try to get a sense of what dynamics lie beneath our relationship patterns by exploring the following questions:

~Can we identify repeating patterns in our partnerships?

~Can we locate the origins of those patterns?

~How do our relationships make us feel and what are the consequences of participating in relationships that do not feel quite right… and sometimes even quite wrong?

~What and why are we compromising?

~Are our relationships based on love or power?

Part 2- Tuesday 5th April-7.00- 9.00 pm-

“Setting Ourselves Free & Attracting the Love We Want”.

(End of conjunction- Venus enters Pisces).

A chance to review what we have learned from our journey so far and how to move forward with greater awareness of our relationship patterns and preferences.

Cost for both sessions is £40

In each session I will work with a participant’s chart to explore the connection between Venus, Mars, and other relationship signatures, however if you would like a consultation with me before during or after the workshop dates, I am offering a 30% discount to all participants who enrol on the workshop.

You can book you place for the two part workshop here.…/venus-mars-exploring

Or pay using Paypal and send an email confirmation to

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