Anaïs Nin: Vesta & Lilith, Sacred & Profane.

Image by Marco Paludet

Image by Marco Paludet

With the spotlight on Venus and Mars over the next month or so, today’s musings turn to sexuality and the Prima Materia of romantic relationship between the sexes. Here’s a lady who knows a thing or two about sexuality and who once claimed, “I had my degree in erotic love”.

It also happens to be her birthday today.

Anaïs Nin (February 21, 1903 – January 14, 1977), was a French Cuban-American diarist, essayist, novelist and writer of short stories and erotica. She is hailed as the one of the finest writers of female erotica and was the first prominent woman in the West known to write erotica.

While there are no aspect patterns between her natal Venus and Mars, Nin’s Mars is prominent in her first house conjunct the north node- her destiny was tied up with sexuality and this was a very strong aspect of her identity.

Venus is conjunct Vesta in Pisces in the house of service, and certainly Nin’s erotic literature seemed to be in service to uncovering the largely unknown territory of female sexuality. Venus conjunct Vesta brings a quality of the sacred and profane nature of sexuality and many of her short stories revolve around the themes of sexual corruption, power, submission and in many instances the sacralising of the “whore” – this is Vesta’s territory: the sacred sexual priestess. And I think that who Nin was.

Also striking is her Lilith conjunct the IC; it is no secret that Nin is said to have an incestuous encounter with her father at the age of 32 (and who knows what may have occurred before). Here, Lilith true and Lilith mean are on the exact degree with only a few arc minutes difference; it is unusual to have no or little corridor or “Temple” of Lilith and according to Kelley Hunter this denotes an intense and instant manifestation of Lilith.

Over the coming weeks and months, I am diving deep into relationships and sexuality. If you would like to have a consultation with me to explore this and related themes in your own life, I would be delighted to facilitate this exploration for you through the lens of astrology, myth, and archetype.

“With her eyes alone, she could give this response, this absolutely erotic response, as if febrile waves were trembling there, pools of madness… something devouring that could lick a man all over like a flame, annihilate him, with a pleasure never known before.”

~ Anaïs Nin, “Little Birds”.

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