Cleansing the Windows of Venus 

Dirty Windows 1

On Saturday 11 December there is an exact Venus Pluto conjunction at 25 Capricorn 19’; this happens just days before Venus stations retrograde at
 26°Cap 29’ 
on 19 December 2021

Venus is in the underworld.

From our earth perspective, she becomes less and less visible in the night sky until totally obscured by the light of the Sun in her inferior conjunction before rising again as the Morning Star in late January.

Symbolically this is a death-rebirth-resurrection and is mythologised in the ancient Sumerian story of Inanna who descends into the underworld to meet with her dark sister (death) before being renewed and resurrected.

Venus is being purified both in her meeting with Pluto and her conjunction with the Sun- the mirror or window of Venus is being cleansed. The window/mirror motif is symbolic of how we view the world and the realities we create… everything reflects how our energy operates on an unconscious level. Insights and revelations that deal with the conscious mind alone fall short of a much deeper, dare I say occult, strata of reality.

This period from now through until early March invites us to step through the looking glass where if we are willing and ready, we will undoubtedly discover some deep rabbit holes burrowing down through the layers of consciousness to the root of our feminine energy system and its operations.

These threads run deep, much deeper than most of us care to imagine.

Entanglements in abusive dynamics can trap us at the most subtle or profound levels; often we blame a perceived perpetrator, someone who is doing something to us and under whose spell we feel helpless and disempowered. Nobody is doing anything to us that we have not consented to albeit on an unconscious level.

In the wider sphere of influence this also holds true; dynamics such as gaslighting and mind control that would be considered abusive in personal relationship are being played out on a collective level.

A strong, unfragmented Venus, an intact feminine energy system, complete within itself and working in accordance with source has no need to accept or participate in corruption, is not lacking, and need not be dependent on conditional and monopolized resources whether they be emotional, spiritual, or even material… although within the current world structures this is still hard to imagine.

I am not saying this reclamation is easy, the level of uncovering and shadow work required to get on board with this is intense and repeatedly disrupts the ego mind that has been formulated under the constructs of a false self and society.

But if you are being called to go down the rabbit hole, to cleanse the windows of Venus and your feminine energy system, Venus conjunct Pluto and Venus retrograde is a powerful opening.

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