Venus Pluto Conjunction & Venus Retrograde: Calling Back the Maidens of the Well- Honouring the Water- A Sacred Reset.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti The Damsel of the Sanct Grael

Image- Dante Gabriel Rossetti, “The Damsel of the Sanct Grael”.

Venus and Pluto meet tomorrow in an exact conjunction at 25° Capricorn. The Sabian symbol is:


KEYNOTE: The ability to perceive the hidden and creative spirit of natural phenomena.

Here we are dealing with the revelation of the spiritual or psychic forces related to the element water. It symbolizes the constant flow of vital energies, the fluidity of a consciousness which finds itself stimulated by change. The great cycle of water within the earth’s biosphere (oceans, clouds, rain, river) symbolizes the basic phases of universal life processes, the ascent and descent of emotional energies and of love. We can personify these phases and speak of “the soul of nature,” and at a cosmic level of “the World-Soul,” anima mundi. Water is the substance of the telluric manifestations of this soul. It is a magical substance.

The consciousness here becomes sensitized to the downward flow of OCCULT ENERGY in its bountiful natural aspect.

The Sabian Symbols are 360 unique representations of vibrational energy that invite us into the imaginal realm to connect with a deeper reality.

When I feel into this symbol the archetype that comes alive for me is the Maidens of the Well from the “Elucidation.”

The Elucidation is an anonymous Old French poem of the early 13th century, which was written as a prologue to Chretien de Troyes’ “Perceval le Conte du Graal” and tells the tale of how the powerful country of Logres (England) came to be destroyed.

Previously the land was well and thriving, rich and poor alike benefitted from the bounty and abundance created by the court of the Rich Fisher. The many flowing and sacred wells were presided over by beautiful maidens who joyfully served pleasing food and refreshing drinks from a golden cup to all passersby, wayfarers, and journeymen.

One day King Amangon -who should have protected the maidens- forced himself upon one of the maidens, deflowering her and carrying her and her golden cup away to serve only him. Soon after the king’s men followed suit and violated the other maidens until all of them disappeared.

In their absence the wells fell silent, and the land went to waste

The kingdom went to ruin

The land was so dead and desolate

That it wasn’t worth two bits

The land was so wasted

That no tree ever bloomed there again

The grasses and flowers withered

And the streams dried up

Afterwards no one could locate

The court of the Rich Fisher.

In the time of King Arthur, the good knights wished to restore the wells and took an oath to protect by their arms the maidens and their bowls, and to destroy the lineage of those who had harmed them.

So began the quest for the Grail.

Because of the maidens there were many battles in the land…

As with all myths the story of the Maidens of the Well is a richly textured and multi-layered tapestry working on many levels of consciousness to reach us where we. They offer wisdom in a way that we can receive it… myths are living entities.

Why were many battles fought because of the maidens and why was the wisdom they embodied so essential to the living land?

Are the battles still being fought on the inner and outer planes?

Where are the Maidens of the Well now and how do we call them back?

Are we the Maidens, open hearted, magical women captured by a tyrannical King-both inner and outer-who desires control of the restorative power of the feminine?

This myth is calling to us… the voices in the wells are returning.

Water is life, without water there is no life.

In alchemy Water is connected to “Solutio” or dissolution, it is the womb through which rebirth takes place… it is rejuvenation, immersion in the creative energy flow, and as its word root implies, the solution of problems.

Solutio is a descent into the unconscious, the maternal womb from which the ego is born.

Water causes one form to disappear and another one to emerge, it expresses and embodies the feminine condition of renewal.

In our current paradigm water is treated poorly, toxically, without respect, bottled in plastic, calcified; our sacred wells destroyed and dried up, our rivers and seas a dumping ground for industrial waste.

No renewal can come from this profound disrespect of the womb of the Mother and divine creativity of the feminine principle.

The Venus Pluto conjunction and Venus retrograde cycle can help to facilitate a reset in terms of how we are relating to the feminine principles of life.

Dissolving outmoded structures, changing our relationship with water, and trusting in our individual and collective re- birthing process is the potential of this time.

Begin with a simple water ceremony.

Cleansing the Windows of Venus 

Dirty Windows 1

On Saturday 11 December there is an exact Venus Pluto conjunction at 25 Capricorn 19’; this happens just days before Venus stations retrograde at
 26°Cap 29’ 
on 19 December 2021

Venus is in the underworld.

From our earth perspective, she becomes less and less visible in the night sky until totally obscured by the light of the Sun in her inferior conjunction before rising again as the Morning Star in late January.

Symbolically this is a death-rebirth-resurrection and is mythologised in the ancient Sumerian story of Inanna who descends into the underworld to meet with her dark sister (death) before being renewed and resurrected.

Venus is being purified both in her meeting with Pluto and her conjunction with the Sun- the mirror or window of Venus is being cleansed. The window/mirror motif is symbolic of how we view the world and the realities we create… everything reflects how our energy operates on an unconscious level. Insights and revelations that deal with the conscious mind alone fall short of a much deeper, dare I say occult, strata of reality.

This period from now through until early March invites us to step through the looking glass where if we are willing and ready, we will undoubtedly discover some deep rabbit holes burrowing down through the layers of consciousness to the root of our feminine energy system and its operations.

These threads run deep, much deeper than most of us care to imagine.

Entanglements in abusive dynamics can trap us at the most subtle or profound levels; often we blame a perceived perpetrator, someone who is doing something to us and under whose spell we feel helpless and disempowered. Nobody is doing anything to us that we have not consented to albeit on an unconscious level.

In the wider sphere of influence this also holds true; dynamics such as gaslighting and mind control that would be considered abusive in personal relationship are being played out on a collective level.

A strong, unfragmented Venus, an intact feminine energy system, complete within itself and working in accordance with source has no need to accept or participate in corruption, is not lacking, and need not be dependent on conditional and monopolized resources whether they be emotional, spiritual, or even material… although within the current world structures this is still hard to imagine.

I am not saying this reclamation is easy, the level of uncovering and shadow work required to get on board with this is intense and repeatedly disrupts the ego mind that has been formulated under the constructs of a false self and society.

But if you are being called to go down the rabbit hole, to cleanse the windows of Venus and your feminine energy system, Venus conjunct Pluto and Venus retrograde is a powerful opening.

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