Demeter & Persephone: What Can The Eleusinian Mysteries Teach Us Today?

Eleusinian Mysteries
“Women were everywhere the original mantics”
~Monica Sjöö
Are you interested in the ancient mysteries, shamanic practice, and the language of myth, archetype & symbolism?
September 14th in ancient Greece would have seen the beginning of an initiatory rite known as the Eleusinian Mysteries an enactment of the transformation of Kore, through her time spent in the underworld (Hades), into Persephone, Queen of the Underworld.
At this time the Sun is in Virgo a sign involved with the mystery of inner and outer processes of death, rebirth, and renewal. Containing her energies within, the virgin goddess undergoes a process of inner alchemy becoming a self-generative source of energy.
How we use our energy is an important question especially in times when the there is so much happening in the world pulling us in many directions. Virgo teaches discernment and discretion, and to reside firmly rooted in ourselves.
On 14th September, the Sun is at 22 Virgo- the sabian symbol is-
KEYNOTE: The need to tame one’s vital energies in order to fulfil one’s destiny.
Join me for a multi-dimensional exploration of the mysteries as I share rich material about Persephone’s descent to the underworld, her mother Demeter’s grief, and what this story may teach modern women about the need for conscious descent to transform unconscious material into conscious power.
This event is part taught material and part shamanic exploration (visualisation).
It is an event for women; you can find out more information through my Meetup group- “Red Spiral Shamanism For Women”.
While I have a master’s degree in Myth, Cosmology & the Sacred, however I am not a scholar of the ancient mysteries nor of ancient Greece, my interest is of a symbolic, imaginal, and shamanic nature. My research is factually derived from scholarly interpretation… but the rest may have wings!
To find out more and to sign up visit my Meetup group- Red Spiral Shamanism For Women-

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