Sophia & Lilith: The Rhythm of Cosmic, God-Ordained Cycles, & the Certification of Self Worth.



“The Dove, no. 5” by Hima af Klint

Tuesday’s New Moon initiated a new lunar cycle with the Sun and Moon at 21° Taurus. The signature- or blueprint- of a new Moon chart resonates throughout the lunar month, increasing in intensity and clarity up until the point of full illumination on the full Moon before the energy begins to dissipate and dissolve in preparation for another cycle. The spiralling Moon orbits around the zodiacal wheel triggering the essence of the points visited in the constellations.

Working with the Sabian symbols and the lunar cycle offers an opening into the fertilising and transformative powers of the moon and her mysteries of renewal.

Sabian Symbols:

The Sabian symbols are 360 expressions or qualities describing each degree of the astrological wheel beginning at 1° Aries through to 30° Pisces. The symbols were realised in 1925 by Marc Edmund Jones, a noted Astrologer, and Elsie Wheeler a gifted spiritualist clairvoyant. Each one of the symbols contain a unique vibrational field which holds a specific meaning for that particular degree.

Themes and vibrations of this lunar cycle:

The Sabian symbol for the new Moon is 22° Taurus (rounded up to the next degree)  WHITE DOVE FLYING OVER TROUBLED WATERS seems timely and appropriate given that we are about to enter Pentecost season.

KEYNOTE: The spiritual inspiration that comes to the individual in the overcoming of crisis.

Pentecost is celebrated on the 50th day (the seventh Sunday) from Easter Sunday. It commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit, often symbolised by a white dove, upon the Apostles and other followers of Christ while they were in Jerusalem celebrating the Feats of Weeks as described in the Acts of the Apostles (Act 2: 31). It is a movable feast which this year falls on May 23 just three days before the culmination of lunar energies with the full Moon total lunar eclipse on May 26.

Throughout time the Holy Spirit has often been considered feminine. According to Irenaeus, a second century Greek Bishop, the great Mother-principle of the universe appears as the first woman, the Holy Spirit (rūha d’qudshā) moving over the waters and is also called the mother of all living. Under her are the four material elements—water, darkness, abyss, and chaos.

In Gnosticism, Sophia is also a feminine figure analogous to the human soul but also simultaneously one of the feminine aspects of God. Gnostics held that she was the syzygy (female twin divine Aeon) of Jesus (i.e. the Bride of Christ), and Holy Spirit of the Trinity. Sophia is not a remote, transcendent figure secluded and contained in the Heavens or Pleroma but is fully immanent in the material world. Sophia is intimate and immediate; her temple resides in the flesh of the human body and in the substances of Earth and Cosmos. She is pervasive, non-discriminatory, loving, and available for interaction with all souls, meeting them where they are to co-create the World Soul, or Anima Mundi. She is the Cosmic Mother and the animating luminous Spirit- the enlightener and heart opener of men and women as well as their inner witness. Sophia awakens, arouses, and entices.  

In the proverbs of ben Sirach- The Search for Wisdom and Her Blessings, an erotic account of the desire to be close to Wisdom, or Sophia is evocatively depicted, and we are told that “those who meditate on her are happy”, as are those who “ponder her ways in their heart, pursue her, peep through her windows and her doors, set up camp beside her, and take refuge in her home”.

In 1904, Rudolph Steiner talks of the Isis power of Christ and the Sophia of Christ:

We must realize that through the forces of the Christ we must find an inner astronomy that will show us again the cosmos moving and working by the power of the spirit. When we have this insight into the cosmos that is awakened through the newfound Isis power of the Christ—which is now the power of the Divine Sophia—then Christ, united with the Earth since the Mystery of Golgotha, will become active within us, because then we shall know him. It is not the Christ that we lack, but the knowledge and wisdom of Isis, the Sophia of the Christ.” ~ 24 December 1920

This new Moon Sabian symbol at Taurus 22°  unfolds the vibration of WHITE DOVE FLYING OVER TROUBLED WATER further-

It is a message from the Holy Spirit announcing a new Dispensation. This symbolic scene can be applied to personal crises resulting from emotional upheavals or from the irruption of unconscious forces and impulses into the consciousness — if the crisis has been faced in the right spirit.

Here it is not the product of a culture, a “book,” but instead the rhythm of cosmic, God-ordained cycles that reveals its conclusive beat through a living and concretely significant sign — a reward to the Faithful.  

This is a time to call upon the guidance and healing of Sophia to mediate the “troubled waters” and to open our heart and soul to the feminine experience of God.

At the seed moment of the new Moon, Black Moon Lilith, a different and yet profoundly related expression of the cosmic feminine is also conjunct the Sun and Moon by 1° at 22°. Taurus. The relationship between Sophia and Lilith offers rich material- both are said to have fallen from grace, Lilith from the Garden of Eden, and Sophia from the Pleroma (the fullness of God); the journey of their respective return is closely bound with humanity’s redemption.

The Sabian symbol for Lilith’s new Moon position is 23° Taurus of which the Sabia Symbol is:


Two elements should be distinguished in this symbolic picture: the gems that result from natural processes, often induced by extreme volcanic heat and pressure, and the finished products of refined craftsmen. Both the gems themselves and the artistry are highly prized and bring prestige to the owner of the jewels. The symbol applies to any product in which culturally acquired skill has embellished or transformed the end results of a lengthy and demanding natural process.

This is the third stage of the eleventh five-fold sequence of phases. At this stage we are concerned with the social process which brings about a Certification of Personal Worth.

Lilith is no stranger to heat and pressure and when we come into contact with her, we are also forged in the fires of transformation. As uncomfortable as this is the process induces an awakening of Personal Worth and Self Reclamation.

Working with the Sabian symbols and the archetypal powers of Sophia and Lilith opens a portal into the human heart and soul to initiate gnosis (direct experience) of the divine feminine. As technology and science journey deeper into space, both inner and outer, we are in danger of being untethered from the rhythm of cosmic, God-ordained cycles. As the consciousness and emotionality of AI grows evermore sophisticated the distinctions between wo(man) and machine are increasingly blurred. Sophia compels us to turn away from the artificial matrix and align with the beating primal pulse of life through our own bodies and natural cycles of Earth and Cosmos… “turn away from the artificial” she lovingly advises. Of course, to turn away entirely is perhaps neither possible or advisable however for me this simple message speaks to the necessity of rooting oneself in one’s own truth and Source connected wisdom… she is cautioning against losing oneself to a world devoid of soul and at the mercy of man-made laws above the wisdom of the ages.

Lilith beckons us deeper into our personal truth and inner resources, a treasure trove of “valuable gems” waiting to be mined if we are able to resist the temptations of the counterfeit world…  a synthetic structure devoid of the living holy spirit- Sophia.

Both Sophia and Lilith are Wisdom Keepers weaving us into to the web of life through the doorway of ourselves, directing our consciousness not out and up, but in and down, through the wisdom of our cells, igniting and fusing our physical and subtle bodies with the pulse of God. Together they facilitate an inner personal alchemy and regeneration that binds us to the Greater Alchemy of Earth and Cosmos. 







Lilith & the Mystery of the Dark Moon


Lilith by John Collier

Today’s new moon at 21 ° Taurus is closely conjunct both True Black Moon Lilith and Mean Black Moon Lilith. The “Temple” of Lilith between these two points is no more than a silver slither as both are within a few arc minutes at 22 ° Taurus. Fixed star Algol- the blinking eye of Medusa- is also involved in this Dark Goddess union with the Sun and Moon, a few degrees away at 26 Taurus.

When Mean and True Black Moon are conjunct, we may brace ourselves for a potent Lilith visitation arising suddenly and intensely into our awareness- a breaking through of repressed unconscious material: rage; a sovereign declaration; an inconvenient truth; an admission of desires long buried under the polite weight of the superego; that which is taboo; a refusal to participate in the inauthentic; something beyond the bounds… the realm of the divine is not always “good” but it is always pure.

The heavy door dusty and stiff with the passing of time opens, sometimes a creak, sometimes an explosion. Lilith is in the house.

Lilith has been demonised as bitch, witch, ball breaker, succubus, child killer, femme fatale, demoness, and malevolent wind spirit. Echoes of her voice emerge from exile in the moments when our well-honed skills of self-denial and society pleasing can no longer contain a deeper primal urge for raw authentic expression. This can be harsh and destructive, and sometimes there’s no going back after the showdown… the only way is through. If we learn to surrender to Her wisdom, if we learn to quieten the voice of reason, the rational, safe limitations of dualistic thinking, we may enter the Temple of Lilith- Her temple is a sacred container which holds and oversees the mysterious processes of transformation and initiation. Rather than being blown apart by Her awesomeness, we are guided through steps that may not always make sense; perhaps we are even blindfolded… just because we have for a brief moment entered the realm of the gods there is much we must not see. We feel the Dark Goddess and yet She herself remains a mystery.

The things of Lilith which have been banished and imprisoned in the personal and collective repository of the unacceptable and demonised, or what Sigmund Freud calls the ID, cannot stay locked away for ever. If we are to claim the truth of who we are in all of our multi-dimensional flow of human and divine facets, we must also claim that which has been rejected and exiled. This is a process of symbiosis: feeling and freeing the pain of what has been outcast and unblocking the energetic channels gives way to an influx of pulsating living energy to fuel our renewal.

Lilith is concerned first and foremost with our personal liberation and releasing our unique code or vibration into the collective strata; She is the space where we interact with the anima mundi, the world soul; She facilitates our coming into alignment with our unique vibrational field and plugs us into the wider matrix of life, Earth, and Cosmos.

While we each have a different Lilith story there may be similarities when we consider the collective narrative around the maiming of certain aspects of feminine, or soul expression. This is the territory of the Dark Goddess of whom Lilith is but one, however she is a potent and activated one who forbids us total rest or complacency until we form a relationship with Her and open ourselves to receive Her wisdom.

While Lilith is very much an expression of the feminine divine, her impulse and intention to liberate us from the shackles of ridgified and oppressive thought forms and beliefs is felt in both women and men. Lilith and the other Dark Goddess figures are concerned with freedom of the human soul through contact with the divine… the divine here is not white angel wings and holy on high, it is also the deep fertilising blackness of the void full of potential and the transformative power of the moon. It can be terrible and taboo, shaking our conditioned mind and shut down bodies right to the core. Things can look quite different after an encounter with Lilith.

Who are you really? she asks, looking you boldly in the eye with an unwavering gaze that seems to reflect the many facets of your diamond soul. Her lithe body, muscular and tight, shimmering as a pale blueish grey, snake-like pulse of luminous light. She lifts her upper garment in a swift provocative gesture, her eyes are seductive and even perhaps just a little menacing and you expect the revealing of voluptuous breasts, nipples, erotica… but her naked body is tight and coiled with compressed energy and you realise… the lifting and removal of her garment is the shedding of her skin. Her hair falls in thick sandy coloured tresses over her shoulders, down her undulating body, serpentine streams of light cascading toward the earth. This goddess is calling you home to the very centre of your being, in and down, spiralling through the layers yourself, through the armouring that was put in place to protect and guard the shining pearl at the centre of your being where you and the All are aligned in perfect resonance. “It’s time for deep diving”, she says in a breathy whisper.

This new Moon/Lilith/Algol conjunction could be a portal to contact what lies beneath and what is ready to emerge in you on your journey of self-reclaiming and realisation. It is an opportunity to bring more of yourself home.

In my ongoing Chiron exploration, the question that seems to be arising for myself and others is, can you stand in your truth and claim your uniqueness even while it may be unacceptable to others, even while it has caused you pain and loneliness. What will it take to boldly and unwaveringly state “this is me”.

If you would like to explore Lilith and or Chiron in your life and in your natal chart, I am available for online astro-shamanic sessions.