The Age of Pegasus: Winged Horse and Spirit Guide to the Stars

Pegasus by Artist Laura Jeanne.

 “At the end of this cosmic age Vishnu will change into a white horse and create a new world. This refers to Pegasus, who ushers in the Aquarian Age.”

~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Page 607

The new moon on 13th March at 10.21 am GMT, is at 23 Pisces 3’, closely conjunct two of the fixed stars in the Pegasus constellation-

  • Sadalpheratz 23 Pisces 02’
  • Markab 23 Pisces 28’

The precession of the astrological ages occurs as a result of the constellations and their fixed stars moving forward through the degrees of the zodiac at about one degree every 72 years. Whatever fixed star is at zero degrees Aries is known as the “Star of the Age”.

Fixed star “Scheat” in the Pegasus constellation is currently the “Star of the Age”, and the last star on that point was also in Pegasus.

According to Astronomers we don’t technically enter the Age of Aquarius for another few centuries.

In his book on Chiron, Zane Stein says,

“Due to the precession of the Earth’s axis, part of the tropical sign Pisces currently coincides with part of the sidereal constellation Pegasus, and the 24th degree of the tropical sign happens to be the location of the fixed star 51 Pegasi […] the first Sun-like star found to have a planet orbiting it. The planet around the star has been given an official name, Bellerophon, after the Greek hero who tamed Pegasus, the winged steed,”

~Chiron Healer and Wholemaker, p. 421

In mythology Pegasus is the winged horse that is born from the severed head of the gorgon Medusa who was impregnated by the sea god Poseidon. Pegasus is connected with poetic inspiration, brilliance of mind, ingenuity, and a certain blind faith.

When the hoofs of Pegasus touched the ground on Mount Helicon (which means spiral), four sacred springs were formed. From the springs the nine Muses, goddesses of inspiration were born. The muses reigned over the liberal arts and sciences, and in particular poetry.

An engraving from a painting by Italian artist Baldassarre Peruzzi (1481-1536)

Pegasus may well be the leap of consciousness needed to transcend the Age of Pisces and move into the Age of Aquarius, however as with many stories involving the gods there is a caution in the tale…

When the young prince from Corinth named Bellerophon wished to ride Pegasus, he had to call upon the help of the gods to do so, as no mortal could ride the magical Pegasus from his own volition. The goddess Athena touched by the Prince’s devotion gifted him a golden bridle that would entice Pegasus to be tamed. Bellerophon and Pegasus had many wonderful adventures together including slaying the Chimera. In time Bellerophon became bold and in his hubris wished to visit the gods on Mount Olympus. And so, against the better judgement of Pegasus, they set off to call upon the gods in their lofty abobe. Zeus who was watching from above saw what was happening and sent a fly to disturb Pegasus who startled and threw off his rider. Injured and desolate, Bellerophon wandered the earth in search of Pegasus but never found him again. Pegasus on the other hand travelled freely between the heavens and Earth and was welcomed on Mount Olympus. Favoured by the gods he was eventually turned into a constellation.

The boundaries in such great epochs are wide, the transition is a long gradual process, so the energy of Aquarius is already with us. The Astronomers are far more scientific in their approach. I love the symbol of Pegasus carrying us from one age to another, and in himself a very powerful symbol. The horse (instinct) with wings (spirit) are in alignment, the part that needs attention is the Rider (the ego). I feel we acknowledge Pegaus within ourselves, healing the splits- for me that is what this time is about for the individual and the cllective.

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