Chiron in Aries: Healing the Fragmented Self.

Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”

Today’s full moon is in Virgo which is under the rulership of Chiron. Chiron himself at 7 ° Aries is involved in a Yod aspect with the Moon and Saturn.

Intuitively I feel that while we may have a longing to break free from restrictive conditions, the restrictions we perceive to be on the outside are also within. Paying attention to our primal emotions (moon) and allowing them to lead us back to the root can illuminate our fears and self-sabotaging tendencies. This process is “chirotic” as it takes us back to preverbal experiences not understood by the mind but expressed in our physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

Relationships are strongly highlighted in this lunar cycle initiated with the Venus Jupiter conjunction at the new moon on 11th February. There is an opportunity to penetrate the mechanics at work in our personal (often unconscious) style of relating and consider if we are getting our moon needs met through dysfunctional, regressive or co-dependent ways.

With moon inconjunct Chiron it can be difficult to identify our habitual ways of acting out as part of our core wounding. With Saturn inconjunct the moon we may feel restricted and judged for expressing our feelings and emotions unconsciously spending a lot of energy trying to repress them while feeling that someone or something is doing this to us.

Chiron is currently moving through Aries where he spends the longest period of time- 8 years. The last time Chiron was in Aries the world, as now, was a shifting reality.

In 1968 Martin Luther King was assassinated (JFK was assassinated five years earlier), students all over the globe were protesting, and Apollo 8 orbited the Moon as the space race reached its crescendo sending the first human to the Moon. On the outer planes rockets explored space while psychonaunts fuelled with psychedelics and visionary ideas opened new frontiers in inner space.

In 1969 Woodstock, billed as an “Aquarian Explosion”, attracted almost half a million people keen to “turn on, tune in, drop out” and find a more authentic root of their “Human-Be-In ness”

Joni Mitchell’s anthem for an increasingly traumatised youth- “Woodstock”- underscored the mood of a world ready to cast off the shackles of Saturn and go beyond the bounds of known reality to a Uranian awakening… some people never came back. This entire movement was itself chirotic as forces from the unconscious rose in protest of ways of being that no longer accommodated the collective need for authenticity, freedom, and a more holistic perspective of the human experience.

For the first time we saw on mainstream media footage of the carnage of war; We witnessed veterans returning from Vietnam in various states of dissociation and fragmentation. As the reverberations of “Shell Shock” were felt far beyond military personnel, collectively we began to acknowledge our own traumas which paved the way to new modalities in depth psychology and alternative spirituality.

Though Chiron remained undiscovered until 1977, in the late 60’s and early 70’s when Chiron was last in Aries, the world is seemed was preparing to cross the “Rainbow Bridge”.

What “Bridge” are we crossing now?

With the discovery of Chiron, the doors of perception while not necessarily cleansed had certainly been thrown wide open and the new age was birthed. Holistic practices, Eastern spirituality, astrology, rebirthing, primal scream therapy, and the anti- psychiatry movement were all instrumental in shaping a new era of soul searching boldly going where no man had gone before (at least not in the modern world). It was a time to rediscover technologies of the soul as the anima mundi- the world soul- Gaia, and countless individual souls were screaming out for healing.

The publication of “The Primal Scream” by clinical psychologist Dr Janov was the voice of the age- a “kairos” moment that demanded attention to human suffering. Janov focused on neurosis caused by repressed trauma from early childhood and one’s upbringing which he called “primal pain,” responsible, he felt, for a cornucopia of ills including mood disorders, heart disease, high blood pressure, ulcerative colitis, drug addiction, stuttering, and more.

Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”, depicts the terrifying existential angst of a soul in captivity with seemingly no way out.

Coinciding with Primal Scream therapy, the anti-psychiatry movement pioneered by Thomas Szasz, R.D. Laing, and Michel Foucault, among others was taking hold. The premise was twofold-

  1. Mental illness is a myth.
  2. Reasons for disturbed behaviour were considered beyond the individual and reviewed in the context of oppressive system of power. Psychiatry itself was viewed as repressive and controlling.

The movement was fairly short lived though I wonder what those pioneers would make of our current situation.

As Chiron journeys through Aries once more- before reaching his own Chiron return in Taurus in 2027-what layers of consciousness are being unfolded as we spiral onto the next rung of Chiron’s crossing?

According to Astrologer Melanie Reinhart, the Chiron return is a reset moment which can be equated with rebirth. The period of time leading up to the return then can be viewed as the pre-birth or in utero experience. When Chiron reaches his own return in 2027, it is possible and perhaps likely that we will experience a collective rebirth. We know that the energy surrounding the in-utero experience is profoundly important and while there is much disturbance in the environment each of us can create the conditions to consciously midwife ourselves. Shielding ourselves, not from a virus, but from the prevailing toxic energies is crucial. Now conscious of epigenetics we may also have some power in deciding what old patterns are ready to be healed in us and therefore the collective so they don’t carry forward into the birthing process.

On a personal level I am just about to enter my Chiron return in April. I have also worked/ am working with clients who are also about to enter their Chiron return, or are experiencing it now.

We are the Chiron in Aries generation born between 1968-1977, now in middle age crossing a threshold into a new phase of life in which our youth is waning but something else is rising. While the physical luminescence of youth fades an inner light begins to rise and with that the wisdom of age… of being comfortable in our skin and a richness of being that no longer depends on the world’s approval. There is a certain freedom here… it is a force to be reckoned with.

Astrologer Barbara Hand Clow talks of a spiritual awakening…a kundalini rising at the time of Chiron’s return, a time when most women are either in peri menopause or full menopause. Women conditioned to believe that at middle age they are one step away from the scrap heap often attempt to control the aging process rendering themselves vulnerable to manipulation… think of the billions spent on anti-aging products and pharmaceuticals. The rejection of aging is a mass pathology of our culture… though I have long suspected the reason for this has little to do with the prize of youth and more to do with the fear of power that possesses a person who has awakened to their true nature.

Chiron’s medicine heals our deepest wounds, our core wounds, the primal ones that got etched into us at an early, often preverbal age, and beyond that too weaving back into our ancestral field. These wounds are ours and yet they are also more than ours, they surface from the systemic lesions in our kin, bleeding out in behaviours, attitudes, neurosis, beliefs, and repressions of our family of origin, communities, and cultures.

Transforming Chiron wounds serves not only our own healing but can also have a profound effect on others too… and our ancestral lineage. A well-integrated Chiron can be our call to a life of service- Chiron after all is the ruler of Virgo and is connected with the 6th house- the house of service.

As Pharmakon, Chiron knows that the cure is in the poison; as Alchemist he knows the necessity of the Nigredo stage, “the blackening” an ever-deepening descent into the unconscious to find illumination. As Hierophant, Chiron is the conduit between the material and spirit world, the one who knows the rituals, rites, and tools to invoke the divine.

Carl Jung- who had Chiron in Aries- coined the phrase, “The wounded healer” which has now become synonymous with Chiron. In Jung’s definition it refers to a need of the analyst to heal others because he or she is wounded. This interpretation focuses on the part of Chiron’s myth where a poisonous arrow shot to his thigh causes a wound that can never heal but facilitates his mastery of the healing arts. Chiron  passes on these skills and technologies to many young heroes and demigods including Achilles and Hercules.

The sometimes-overlooked part of Chiron’s mythology is his initial core wound of rejection at birth by his mother, Philyra, who horrified to discover that she has given birth to a horse/human hybrid wants nothing to do with him. The Chiron wound points to the places we may actually have been, or where we felt rejected. This is particularly strong with Chiron in Aries as rejection can be felt as a fundamental denial of the self and one’s very identity.

In healing our Chiron wounds- which I believe is possible- we get to choose consciously to be a healer rather than being driven by compulsion to try and heal our wounds through others… sometimes becoming the scapegoat or the sacrifice in the process. While our wounds remain unconscious, we are vulnerable to a host of abuses and manipulation.

As part of the Chiron in Aries generation I have been reflecting on my own wounds and also on the collective wounds. I’ve been wondering about the implications of experiencing the Chiron return in these “critical times”. Initially as I talked with others, I was stuck by phrases such as, “a raging fire that I don’t know what to do with”, or “ I just feel so angry”, or “I cannot handle the authority and being told what to do”. My initial thought was that experiencing the Chiron return during this time was above all a call to the Sacred Warrior archetype … even more so in Mars ruled Aries.

As I near my own Chiron Return, I realise without a doubt that whether the call is to the “Sacred Warrior”, “The “Shaman, “The Healer”, or any other archetype involved with Chiron, there is first the task of integrating ourselves before taking our place in the world as a beneficent influence.

Chiron’s blessing if we are able to accept it restores the fragmented parts of ourselves back to wholeness.

The Chiron return is a soul retrieval, it is the crossing between what we consciously acknowledge (our ego) and the parts of us that lay in the outer reaches of consciousness, both dark and light. The journey to integration can be painful and there is a danger of refusing the call by checking out into addictions and other self-denying behaviours. But… if we can open to the opportunity we are guided in a rare and sacred opportunity to become who we were always meant to be.

Rumi says,

Sorrow… it pulls up the rotten roots, so that new roots hidden beneath have room to grow. Whatever sorrow shakes from your heart, far better things will take their place.

Are you part of the Chiron in Aries group?

I am offering a seven-week Chiron in Aries support group beginning on the Aries new moon on  12th April and running until 24th May. The sessions are via Zoom and includes group participation, exploring particular charts, handouts, notes, and recommended reading. Please contact me if you would like to join.



The Shadow Side of Aquarius

Shadows by Heidi Stanfield

Discoveries made in outer space reflect evolutions in inner space and sometimes revolutions in the political and social spheres. On 2 March 1807, the United States adopted its Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves, and on 25 March in the UK, an Act for the Abolition of the Slave Trade was passed, prohibiting the slave trade in the British Empire. Slavery itself was not abolished until 1833.

In the same month of the same year- March 1807- asteroid Vesta, the second largest and brightest asteroid was discovered in the asteroid belt between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars. At the time of her discovery she was in Virgo and the nodes of the moon – karmic indicators- were on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis- north node 13 Sagittarius 15’ ° and south node 13 Gemini 15’ °.

Today Vesta is in Virgo and on 16 April 2021 the lunar nodes will be at exactly the same degree to the minute on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis as they were in March 1807- only the opposite way round with the south node in Sagittarius and the north node in Gemini. While there have been many nodal returns and nodal oppositions since 1807 and Vesta’s orbit is relatively short- 3.6 years, I cannot help feeling there is something deeply synchronistic at work here that points to awakening consciousness in opposition to patriarchal systems that uphold the tenets of slavery in its myriad forms.

Vesta ruled by Virgo, keeper of the natural law is laying the foundation for the balancing of the scales beyond manmade laws that rarely align with the course of true justice. As humanity breaks free from its limiting shell in its striving toward liberty, the old structures cannot withhold the pressure and must give way to a higher authority.

The Gemini/Sagittarius axis is involved with belief systems, philosophy, communication, intuition, reason, and openness… it resists rigidity and dogma. The possibilities of this axis are in the marrying of left and right brain- masculine and feminine- bringing forth flashes of inspiration in rational ways- ideal for Aquarian values. Gemini defines, Sagittarius expands.

Parallels with the discovery of asteroid Vesta and the emerging feminine voice that was  rising within the socio-political spheres in the early 19th century speak of a shift in collective consciousness that was no longer willing to tolerate oppression on account of race or gender. We are still seeing these same themes rising in the collective sphere today in the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter campaigns.

The ongoing nature of these issues opens the door to enquiry into the underlying powers at the core of slavery consciousness and the often-subtle ways in which this power is wielded. As we begin to realise the mechanics of slavery operating not only in its most obvious demonstrations but also in the subtle strategies of domination and control, there is a sense of uneasiness in the collective field. This is the territory of Deep Mind where manipulations in the astral realm- below the veil of consciousness- manifests in the conscious world (reality) but are not fully understood because not fully seen. They are accepted because they are presented as normal, and in this way are able to exist without question… until, that is, a shift of consciousness in the collective breaks down the prevailing structures and we glimpse behind the veil.

Abolitionist women played an important role in keeping the anti-slavery movement alive in the 1820s and it was newly formed women’s groups who pushed for total abolition in the British Empire. Seeds that took root in the collective consciousness at that time are now flowering as men and women are aligning with higher social ideals that refuse abusive systems of control.

While the Black Lives Matter gained a great deal of media attention last year, some people are sceptical about the motivations behind the movement. In an article entitled ‘The Black Lives Matter Movement is the Enemy of African Americans’, Leslie Taha, says,

Most people think that Black Lives Matter is a grassroots, black created, black run organization dedicated to fighting racism. It most certainly is not. The Black Lives Matter movement is the creation of a group of a few very wealthy individuals, non-profit corporations, and the corporate media (incidentally, 90% of the U.S. media is controlled by only six corporations and in the UK, it is five).

Whenever an issue receives over-blown media coverage that is highly endorsed by social-techno platforms such as Facebook that encourage people to express allegiance to that cause, I am always curious to know what lies beneath. Another example of a highly sanctioned cause recently was the NHS Heroes campaign… the clapping, the rainbows in the windows, the birth of the modern hero… and the shaming of people who did not comply with social expectations or who questioned the authenticity of the movement.

In 1791, in the lead up to the Abolition Act, Tory government headed by William Pitt The Younger rejected Consumer Action (boycotts of sugar and rum). This led to more than 300,000 people joining the boycott against sugar grown on plantations using slave labour. Women were instrumental in raising the voice of dissent and expressed their allegiance to the cause by wearing objects such as Wedgwood’s cameos featuring the image of a kneeling, chained, black slave. To what extent these gestures were gimmickry is not clear however given that the original cameos were made from ivory and precious gemstones such as mother of pearl afforded only to the classes who benefited the most from the slave trade, the potential for hypocrisy cannot be ignored.

While the Abolition of Slavery was finally passed in 1833 what is less well known is the enormous cost of this decision on the taxpayer- the British government spent £20 million, 40% of its budget, to buy freedom for slaves. That is equivalent to £20bn today… one of the biggest ever government bailouts. It was not slaves who received the money but the slave owners, among whom are the ancestors of former Prime Minister David Cameron, George Orwell, and Graham Greene- in today’s currency each family received £83 million. Payments for this bailout were only ended in 2015- the British taxpayer was footing the bill for almost 100 years.

The rabbit holes that are being unearthed at this time run deep…

This is the shadow side of Aquarius- causes that are presented as ‘for the greater good’ are often engineered by technocratic corporations keen to maintain the prevailing power structures. Concerns that surface in the collective are packaged, hyped, and presented in such a way so as to placate the populace into believing that something is being done… but only a fraction of the issue is ever revealed.

Engineered campaigns that appear to tackle issues are designed to create the illusion of solution-based people power. As most people genuinely want to do good and consider themselves part of the solution as opposed to part of the problem, mostly these campaigns are championed for the right reasons but ultimately lack substance or the necessary elements to make real lasting change and the corruption continues behind an ever-shinier facade of Aquarian ideals.

On the surface, while it appeared that salvery was abolished in the British Emire in 1833, the consciousness of corruption continued until a few years ago in the pay-out given to slave owners to compensate for their loss of earnings… at the tax payers expense.

Today, at the cusp of a new epoch, we are being asked not to be so easily seduced by clever marketing campaigns and dig a little deeper into what lies behind our consensual realities.

Daughters of Fire

Image by Tomasz-Alen-Kopera- magical surrealism painter.

The Aquarius new moon on 11 February at 19.06 GMT, saw a stellium of 6 planets, a Centaur (Chariklo), and a major asteroid (Pallas Athene) in Aquarius. Slow moving social planets Jupiter and Saturn will be visiting the new moon point at 23 ° Aquarius 3 times each, over the next year and into early 2023. This longer-term influence indicates that February’s new moon is a real game changer and possibly the most important new moon of the year. Whatever is highlighted or seeded during this time will be expanded, evolved, and grounded to lay the foundation for emerging realities. 

As an air sign, Aquarius is involved with the mind… the open mind. It is community focused, abstract, and humanitarian. Co-ruled by Uranus and Saturn, the futuristic visions of Aquarius may be shared in an instant through its favoured medium, the internet. Esoterically Aquarius conceals secrets relating to the interplay between the astral and physical realms, suggesting collective developments in psychic ability and the transmitting of information through etheric and astral planes. 

Asteroid Vesta, while not part of the Aquarius line-up, is opposing Neptune and squaring the nodes of the moon in a grand cross configuration. Vesta and Neptune were initially in opposition in December 2020, around the time of the winter Solstice. Whenever the nodes of the moon are prominent in an aspect pattern, matters relating to karma and the repeating of cycles are highlighted. Neptune inspires dreams, spiritual inclinations, transcendence, and mystical union. In its shadow aspect, Neptune can be deceptive, illusionary, and ungrounded. In the past year, we have felt the shadow aspect of Neptune in the halls of smoke and mirrors presented by mass media in a version of reality that has at times felt unreal.

Unlike Neptune, Vesta represents single pointed focus and concentration of energy. In her book on the asteroid goddesses, Demetra George says that Vesta is the High Priestesses archetype that kick starts the process of transformation through the compression of energy that gains traction, is released, and springs forward in a burst of psychic energy.

Collectively we have all felt the compression of energy through lockdown and other restrictions of covid-19. As the restrictions lift, the tension accumulated during the past year will need to be released in one form or another. February’s new moon may shed some light on the direction the energy is being pulled to. For personal guidance you can look to see what part of your chart is being highlighted by the new moon degree. 

In astrology, the placement of Vesta by house and sign describes what we are committed to and what area of our lives we are called to devotion and service for a cause greater than ourselves. Vesta pursuits and practices are those which we cannot not do, it is in effect our sacred vocation. A blocked, repressed, or wounded Vesta shows up as distortion in that area of our life.

In mythology, Vesta, Keeper of the Sacred Flame, refused to marry either Neptune god of the sea, or Apollo god of the sun. Instead Vesta pleaded with her brother Jupiter for the right to remain a virgin. Her request was granted and the priestesses who served her thereafter were known as the Vestal Virgins. In the temple of Apollo, the role of the Vestals was to tend the sacred flame upon which the fate of Rome depended. In earlier times, the Vestals were in service to the Moon goddess, channelling and transmitting Her fertilizing powers through the sexual act. The purpose was not solely for physical pleasure but to disseminate the transformative energy of the moon to human men, thereby offering humanity a transcendental experience of the goddess.

Distortion of this archetype continues today through corruption and control of sexuality, the fall out of which is painfully felt in the lives and relationships of modern men and women.

Symbolically, Vesta is not only involved with sexuality and points to any part of our lives where we are in sacred service or devotion to a higher cause.

On February’s new moon we are astrologically just past the point of Imbolc. Celtic goddess Brigid and Roman goddess Vesta are both honoured at this time of year in association with Imbolc and the purification rites of Mensis Februarius in ancient Rome.

Both goddesses are ‘Keepers of the Sacred Flame’ and represent the awakening of the land and rising of shakti or kundalini energy.

It is interesting to note that both Vesta and Brigid are ancient goddesses who were appropriated by their respective patriarchal religions: The original sacred sexual priestesses of Sumer were eventually appropriated by Apollo’s priests and denied their sexual rites, while Brigid was incorporated into the Christian canon as St Brigid of Kildare. Originally both goddesses were solar deities and are involved with the change over from matrilineal to patrilineal power.

For reasons that I hope to at least introduce in this article, I believe that fire, or solar feminine energy much repressed within patriarchal culture -unless it falls under the sway of patriarchal structures- is rekindling in modern women in a way that engages their intellect and feminine sexual power, or Shakti. This is the sacred union of the Sun and the Moon resulting in the birth of the divine child.

In March 1807 when asteroid Vesta was discovered at 29 ° Virgo, the nodes of the moon- karmic indicators were on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis- north node 13 Sagittarius 15’ ° and south node 13 Gemini 15’ °. On 16 April 2021, Vesta will be at 6 ° Virgo, the south node will be 13 Sagittarius 15’ ° and the north node will be 13 Gemini 15’ °. This nodal opposition signifies a meeting of past and present indicating that Vesta in Virgo themes are being redefined and refined in the collective consciousness.

In 1807 women were turning their attention to social and political concerns. For the first time women’s voices began to filter through the creative and cultural channels, and while it would be at least another hundred years until they could vote, their influence was nevertheless felt in the political sphere. Women’s voices were particularly strong in the anti- slavery movement; The Abolition Act, passed in 1807 -the same year as Vesta’s discovery- abolished the Slave Trade but not slavery itself. It was abolitionist women however who played an important role in keeping the anti-slavery movement alive in the 1820s and it was newly formed women’s groups who pushed for total abolition in the British Empire.

This is Vesta’s power in action. As the only Priestesshood in Rome, the Vestals worked as part of a group with 6 tending the sacred flame at all times. Before the patriarchal take-over it was similarly 6 Vestals who lay with the King’s men on the solstices in a sacred cave, the results of which produced the successive heir to the throne if the King’s consort did not conceive that year.

In 1791 as a precursor to this rising Vesta energy, Mary Wollstonecraft wrote A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, the seminal English-language feminist and human rights work. Challenging the notion that women exist only to please men, she proposed that women and men be given equal opportunities in education, work, and politics. She writes:

Is one half of the human species, like the poor African slaves, to be subject to prejudices that brutalise them… only to sweeten the cup of men.

Archetypally Wollstonecraft’s challenge of patriarchal dominion is an echo of Vesta’s mythology in her refusal to devote herself to the sweetening of Neptune or Apollo’s cup and instead determine a life beyond the confinements of traditional feminine roles – wife (Juno) or mother (Ceres).

Vesta- type women are modern virgins who belong to no man choosing instead to offer their devotions to a higher cause… although that’s not to say that Vesta women are celibate or single, simply that they are contained within their own energy.

In ancient times a Vestal could give of herself without self-sacrifice through the practice of periodic rejuvenation, for example by bathing in the sacred springs. The old meaning of virgin is ‘she who is whole unto herself’ and in that way the Vestals kept their virginity intact, undiluted, and undefiled by the usual interpersonal dynamics and contractual agreements of society.

The inner function and meaning of Vesta is self-renewal and regeneration, inner union with self.

Wollstonecraft’s Vesta is in the 11th house of groups and the social collective. Ideas she brought forth in the 19th century still carry weight today in issues relating to feminism and human rights. She also had her north node in the 11th house indicating that her soul’s purpose involved expression in the social field.

In applying Vesta, or shakti- feminine fire- energy to political, social, and collective causes, the power to open and loosen rigid, controlling, self-serving or authoritarian patriarchal structures is realised. Women have been conditioned into believing that solar energy, fire, is a masculine quality and unless women express themselves through the archetype of Pallas Athene, daughter of patriarchy, their fire expression is often denied or rejected. At the heart of this consciousness is a deep-seated fear of the feminine.

An empowered woman who channels her sexual energy for a purpose beyond physical satisfaction of her partner is deemed to be a dangerous figure in patriarchal culture. Archetypally the prostitute is permitted to express sexual energy beyond the role of wife and consort, however her sexual energy is commodified and therefore owned. Modern prostitution is a shadow side of the Vesta archetype, as is compulsive behaviours such as promiscuity and shame based sexual practices that involve degradation, humiliation, or suffering.

The Vesta shadow is seen in the image of the desexualised nun or religious woman who has chosen to cut herself off from the world and her sexuality. Vesta is also seen in the image of the lonely spinster and sometimes lofty academic who has chosen to reside in her head rather than her body.

In eastern teachings, it is Shakti who activates the consciousness and awareness of her consort Lord Shiva… without her he would remain inactive. Shakti brings divine transcendence to immanence… like the Vestals who brought the sacred to the earthly realm by opening their bodies sexuality to receive and transmit the divine.

Feminine energy-in both women and men- has the ability to encompass both human and divine, body and spirit, light and dark, sacred, and profane. When a cause is lit with the spark of Vesta’s flame, as Mary Wollstonecraft demonstrated, the effects in the social and collective spheres are transformative and enduring.

Last year as Pluto and Saturn moved through Capricorn and we entered the threshold of the age of Aquarius we began to see old structures breaking down. Aquarius demands this.

Women may if they choose to set up their own groups, schools, sisterhoods, and Priestesshoods. We no longer need permission… Vesta is returning.

Many women are finding that they do not fit neatly into the socially ordained roles of the past.  A modern virgin in the old sense of the word, ‘whole unto oneself’ means only that she is no longer dependent or rather co-dependent on anything or anyone outside herself for her economic, emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical health.

She is also free to cultivate her solar energy and use it to whatever purpose she chooses.

In 1987 Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor wrote in their seminal book The Great Cosmic Mother:

We are the wise women returning at this dangerous hour because women worldwide are and always were the guardians of the living Earth, as are all the surviving native tribal shamanistic people who still commune with the spirits.

We who still commune with the spirits are also opening to new ways of communing with each other. Though physical women’s circles and sisterhoods are wonderful and nourishing, we are also finding that like hives of bees we are sharing information and wisdom through telepathic and astral channels. This extra sensory function and perception is supported by Aquarian energy coming through in accelerated waves at this time.

The sabian symbols are 360 words or phrases that represent the vibration of each of the degrees of the zodiac from Aries 1 to Pisces 30. They were birthed in 1925 by Marc Edmund Jones, spiritualist and Astrologer, and gifted clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler. Often deeply resonant the sabian symbols can unfold layers of meaning for the Astrologer and non-Astrologer alike. 

On the Aquarius new moon on 11th February, the sun/moon point is 23 ° Aquarius. The sabian symbol for that degree is –

Bridging physical and social distinction: Two (wo)men communicate telepathically.

The keynote for this symbol is:

‘the capacity to transcend the limitations of bodily existence where an effort should be made to enter a realm of consciousness in which the communication from mind to mind can take a more direct form, because the minds then operate within the One Mind of humanity’.

This ‘technique’ of transcendence is not without a cautionary warning however, as participating on the astral plane can bring confusion and many failures, as well as illusory claims and self-deceit.

While Neptune opposes Vesta and the karmic past and future rise in the space of this ancient duel, we are wise to be conscious about what we are participating in. Bearing in mind that there can be much deception involved with Neptune, we must be careful about what we are feeding with our precious shakti power. This is why it is vital at this time to get fully into our bodies and connect with the wisdom therein, and in particular with our wombs which have recorded all details of this ancient stand-off between a consciousness that opens to all aspects of life and one that limits this expression through control and domination.

Neptune is very seductive; he can lure us into a state where we feign enlightenment by bypassing the necessary steps to truly reclaiming ourselves. The gap between how the feminine in both men and women has been presented sexually, emotionally, mentally, and physically is often vastly different from our inner realities. If we are to reconnect with our truth and divine energy, we must become aware of the ways in which we may be deceived by ourselves and the cultural conditioning to which we have been indoctrinated.

Aquarius offers the promise of liberation, but it can also take us away from ourselves through information overload and coercion from the collective consensus whether manufactured or genuine. It is to ourselves and the inner function of Vesta that we must turn for self-renewal and regeneration to strengthen and steady ourselves upon the matrix of shifting consciousness and collective awakening.

Chiron in Aries: Reclaiming the Self in a Time of Awakening

Chiron by Allan Lathwell

Chiron in Aries: Reclaiming the Self in a Time of Awakening is a group for the Chiron in Aries generation- born between 2 April 1968 – 29th March 1977

Chiron entered into Aries in April 2018 and will stay there until April 2027. This means that some of the Chiron in Aries group will already have had their Chiron return while many others will be having theirs now or within the next 6 years.

Even if you have just had your Chiron return it would be wonderful if you could share your insights with the group. Being part of the group will also help you integrate and make sense of your personal experience.

Chiron in Aries people can be very spirited and pioneering… often referred to as trailblazers. Chiron teaches us how to work creatively with our Mars energy.

Known as ‘The Wounded Healer’ on account of being shot in the leg by a poisonous arrow, Chiron’s attempts to heal himself led him on a journey where he in fact becomes a master healer, teaching the art of healing to Asclepius, god of medicine.

Chiron’s original wound however happened at birth when upon seeing that he was half human half horse, his mother Philyra rejected him. When Chiron is in Aries the search for identity predominates as we attempt to find and reclaim the parts of ourselves that were, or that we perceived as having been rejected.

When Chiron returns to his natal point in our horoscope at age 49- 51, we receive a powerful opportunity to heal those early wounds and step into our authenticity and wholeness.

Chiron is attuned to the qualities of Mars as Warrior and Initiator and shows us how to cross the bridge between the personal and the transpersonal realms to connect with our higher selves.

Chiron can awaken us to our purpose in the world and help us to express our unique gifts… Chiron’s healing is both for and beyond ourselves.

Collectively we are at a critical juncture and the return of the Sacred Warrior is much needed in these changing times.

The Chironian journey is not an easy one however if we are to become the fullest most integrated version of ourselves and express that in the world it is a crossing we must make.

Working with the support, wisdom, and knowledge of fellow travellers can help greatly during this time.

This 7-week course begins on Monday 12 April on the new moon in Aries and will run until Monday 24 May.

Sessions take place every Monday evening at 6.30 PM – 8.30 GMT.

Additional reading is encouraged though not obligatory.
Notes will be provided.

Natal Charts can be sent to participants.

Cost is £80

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Chiron in Aries: Reclaiming the Self in a Time of Awakening

Roslin, GB
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Chiron in Aries: Reclaiming the Self in a Time of Awakening is a group for the Chiron in Aries generation- born between 2 April 1968 – 29th March 1977Chiron entered into Arie…

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Aquarius New Moon: Are You Ready for the Aquarian Edge?

Aquarius by Johfra

February New Moon in Aquarius, 11 February, 7. 05 PM, GMT

This new moon is calling us to take our place in the collective tapestry and stand in our uniqueness. It is an invitation to be proud of who we are realising that what we have to offer reflects our unique vibrational field and is needed at this time.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the radical outer planet that breaks down old, outmoded structures freeing us from the restrictions of Saturn to a new liberated state of being where we get to fully be who we are, or who we are meant to be… and that can be edgy.

Meditations and reflections this coming new moon around what limits, prevents and restricts us from stepping into our full expression will go a long way to revealing our purpose and why we are here.

Aquarius is simultaneously involved and detached- ‘in the world but not of it’, or as Sadhguru says,

Totally involved but unentangled – this is the quality of the Divine. If you maintain this quality, ultimate liberation will be a natural process.

What does this look like in practice?

It is not trying to escape the earthly material world, or the collective processes, nor is it to shut ourselves down due to fear. It is to stay open and present to the world while knowing when to retreat and rejuvenate ourselves and at the same time letting the stuff of the world and other people flow through us without letting it stick to us or drag us down.

This is a fine balance and calls for a lot of self-love and self-respect… and respect for the uniqueness of others too.

As Margaret Mead says,

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everybody else.

In Capricorn we learned about boundaries, in Aquarius it is important to set them otherwise we can become overwhelmed by the sheer influx of information. Discernment is key.

Aquarius is the water bearer, but it is not the water. Aquarius allows the possibility of containing our emotions without letting them spill out onto others and without the emotions and toxicity of others affecting us.

Aquarius calls for us to make our vessels tight while at the same time being open and receptive to the positive and transformative cosmic flows… currently fast and abundant.

Aquarius has not yet fully dissolved into the undifferentiated oneness of Pisces but has moved beyond the limiting structures of Capricorn/Saturn where individuality is tempered to accord with traditional values.

Aquarius sets us free to show up in the world as we truly are.

The invitation is to let the hard-shelled cladding of other people’s judgments and opinions fall away creating space for the authentic self to be realised.

Identify persons, situations, past experiences, and most of all distorted conditioning that has prevented you from truly believing in yourself.

Things we once thought important, that took our time and energy, that we worried about and fretted over are no longer able to eclipse our light, the vibration simply does not hold up. Let those things and people go, with love. Consciously raise your vibration and whatever does not resonate with that vibration let it fall away.

With 6 planets in Aquarius and Jupiter and Saturn each making three exact contacts to the 23 degrees Aquarius point over the next almost two years, the choices we make now will be instrumental in grounding and manifesting a new vibrational reality in our lives.

This is quantum… things can happen very quickly now.

What you once thought- or were told- was not possible is suddenly within reach. With Jupiter going over the 23 degree point three times, expansion and evolution are supported, while Saturn also crosses this point three times grounding and concretizing the changes… and ensuring the new reality can stand in the world.

Aquarian energy is light and electric, it cuts away old stagnation and stickiness in an instant if we allow it. Truly this is a time to break through limiting beliefs- the universe is supporting personal and collective transformation like never before.

Remember to stay grounded… Aquarian energy can be somewhat disembodied and over stimulating on the nervous system. Through this time, ground and embody your new insights and awareness by spending time in nature and taking extra good care of yourself.


February: On the Threshold of Death and Birth

Purification by Daria Pietryka

In recent years I have been inspired toward purging and purification in the month of February; on a physical level as the energy in my body rises, I am called to clean up my act, get physically lighter and cleanse or detox even through February is still in winter… especially in Scotland where we’ve only just emerged from a blanket of thick snow.

But even while spiring is not quite here the first stirrings are felt from deep in the Earth and the long haul of winter is definitely coming to an end. There is a sense of hope and renewal and the first sighting of snowdrops is always a joy.

Emotionally and mentally too I sense the desire to let go of old things that I don’t wish to carry across the threshold. Intuitively I feel Imbolc and the month of February generally is a time to cut cords, adopt new habits and routines, and become more conscious about our beliefs, thoughts, and views. It is an excellent time for emotional clearing… letting go of the past, tying up loose ends, righting wrongs, reaching out to people with whom we have unfinished business, asking for/giving forgiveness, saying sorry, preparing the soil for new seeds, and if we are so inclined, renewing vows with ourselves.

In the Celtic calendar the cross-quarter festival of Imbolc is a time for spiritual purification and dedication, indeed, a possible origin of the word Imbolc is the Old Irish imb-fholc, to wash/cleanse oneself.

The Christian holiday of Candlemas celebrated on February 2nd which can be traced back to 4th century Greece is also a purification holiday and a celebration of the returning light.

The most common etymology of Imbolc comes from the Old Irish i mbolc which means ‘in the belly’ and refers to the pregnancy of ewes. A 10th century glossary derives Imbolc from oimelc, ‘ewe milk’.

Imbolc is also associated with death. Brigid is credited with the very first keening, a traditional wailing for the dead practiced at funerals by Irish and Scottish women.

In researching the Vestal Virgins- also Keepers of the Flame like Brigid- I was interested to learn that in ancient Rome the whole month of February was dedicated to purification and purging and has strong parallels with the Celtic Imbolc.

Beginning on 1st February and ending on 23rd February -which in the old calendar was the last day of that month- the city participated in various religious rites from honouring the dead to breast-feeding cults. Fertility rites, ancestor worship and propitiation of the dead occurred side-by-side on the threshold of new beginnings and endings. Mensis Februarius, the month of Februa, was the last month in the old calendar. No marriages took place during Februa and no official business was conducted, the temples were closed, and worship of the gods was not permitted.

According to Ovid februare is an Etruscan word for purging while the februum is any ritual object used for purification or consecration. Febris means to burn or purify, while the god Februus is the god of purification.

Lupercalia from 13th– 15th February was a festival dedicated to cleansing the city of evil spirits thus ensuring purification to facilitate health and fertility. Young men between the age of 20 and 40 known as Luperci “Brothers of the Wolf” dressed in goats’ skins of freshly sacrificed animals and ran through the streets striking women who wished to conceive with goat skin thongs.

Lupercales by Andreas Camassei

The Lupercalia rites took place in the Lupercal cave at the foot of Palatine Hill next to the sanctuary of Rumina, the breast-feeding goddess. Ensuring health of lactating livestock and women was a prime motivation for the Lupercalia, a festival closely associated with the genesis of Rome and the myth of Romulus and Remus who were suckled in a cave by a She Wolf.

In the Celtic tradition Imbolc was a time when the animals birthed their young causing their milk to flow… milk was considered sacred and Mother’s milk particularly so as life sustaining nourishment. Milk was sacred to the goddess Brigid who in one verse is referred to as the milkmaid of Jesus-

‘Thig a Bhride mhor na loin, Thig, a bhanachaig Iosda Criosda (‘Come, great Bride, the beauteous, Come thou milkmaid of Jesus Christ.’

‘White Brigid’s Day’ is another name for her feast day… milk was left out for her overnight or poured out on the ground as a libation to her.

In ancient Rome, The Parentalia was a 9-day public mourning festival to honour the ancestors culminating in offerings placed on family tombs followed by The Caristia on 22nd February to celebrate the bond between family and ancestors. A Vestal Virgin performed a rite on behalf of the city’s ancestors (the Manes) at the tomb of Tarpeia.

Caristia- Honouring the ancestors in the house of Iulius Polybius (IX 13,3) in Pompeii.Polybius (IX 13,3) in Pompeii.

On 23rd of February, Terminalia ended the sacred rites in worship to the god Termina, god of boundaries, clearly marking the end of one year and the beginning of another.

To honour this threshold time light a candle, make it a perpetual one if you feel particularly devotional; honour your ancestors; consider what it is you would like to birth this coming year and ensure you are physically and mentally prepared to do that; let go of old attachments and things of the past that are not meant to cross the threshold with you; make new vows and commitments to yourself, and as the month of February draws to a close create strong boundaries before stepping into the spring.

While few of us make physical sacrifices to the gods these days our sacrifices are more symbolic and metaphorical… what are we willing to give up to receive the new?