Hygeia: Reclaim Your Body

Hygeia by Peter Paul Rubens

Yesterday as the moon reached her peak, asteroid Hygeia merged with Luna in a tight conjunction at 9 ° Leo.

Hygeia, goddess of health is involved with maintaining good health through right living and connection to nature. Daughter of Asclepius, god of medicine, whose father and mother are Apollo and Coronis, Hygeia comes from a long line of healers associated with the serpent mysteries of renewal.

Robert Graves suggests that Coronis’ mythology represents the suppression of medical practice by women and its transference into the hands of the patriarchy which I feel is worthy of consideration in light of ongoing medical dispute.

Where, we might ask, is the voice of the wise woman in this wrangle?

Yesterday I had a conversation with my father who shared with me his experience of visiting his doctor who suggested that he start taking vitamin B12 supplement. My father informed her that he was already taking B12 and had been for some time. This apparently surprised her, and she wanted to know what had caused my father to do that.

My father’s exchange remined me of my own experience last year- I don’t often visit doctors but after a self-examination, I noticed something potentially concerning and decided to get it checked out. The female doctor asked me how I had come to know about the issue, and I told her I’d discovered it through self-examination. She was surprised… and almost cross; she demanded to know why I had carried out a self-examination as if I had no right to intimate access of my own body.

In that moment I collided with the shadow of entitlement at the core of allopathic medicine. The belief that we are ignorant to the workings, needs and spirit of our bodies is conditioned into us from early childhood, and before that in the womb where for the most part our mothers succumbed to often detrimental birthing practices.

It is this shadow of entitled authority that expects people to comply without question with procedures such as mass vaccination. These expectations are reinforced by government and other authorities who strongly advise consent. Whether the strong advice turns into enforced obligation is a very real question of our time.

In the myth of Coronis, when Coronis is pregnant she falls in love with a mortal man which enrages Apollo who ends up killing both her and her lover. As she lay burning on her funeral pyre, Apollo performs the first caesarean section by cutting baby Asclepius from her womb thus saving him from certain death. For Graves, the death of Coronis heralds a point when wisdom originally carried by the wise woman now passed only from father to son.

In the hands of the wise woman health is a holistic, multi-dimensional state of being, an interplay between body, mind, and spirit, with cause and effect reaching far beyond the temporal world. The wise woman knows that it is our vital spirit and care of it that nurtures health and wellbeing. Health is fostered by inter relational wellness and harmony with our family/community and environment, and of course ourselves. There is much that can be done to keep spirit alive and embodied which does not involve allopathic medicine. In the wise ways we know that we are connected to the web of life and understand the transformative processes of renewal. Ritual and observing the natural thresholds of life aid us in healthy development and the ability to integrate evolving consciousness. In preparing for death we are freed into life.

Recent events have highlighted more than ever how we have given too much power to the medical establishments in matters of health… we have been indoctrinated to believe that our bodies are the property and responsibility of medical experts. It appeared as if we had no choice in the matter and for the most part, we didn’t think to question it. We accepted as part of normal life, the routine check-ups, the inoculations, the prescription medicines, and the surgical procedures. We accepted the diagnoses of our doctor gods as incontrovertible. We were intimidated by remote science clad language and the superior detachment of many health professionals (please note, I am not implying that all health professions are remote and detached, and neither am I implying that all medical procedures and allopathic medicine are bad).

At school we were, after a very crude fashion, taught sex education. Wooden phalluses and copulating primates explained nothing of the exquisite sensitivity and confusion in our budding sexuality and changing bodies. There was no initiation or rites of passage except for the often-destructive self-initiation we put ourselves and each other through. We died of humiliation and shame. And maybe it is that shame of our bodies and our lack of connection to them that led to the slow but sure dissociation which primed the way for the professionals to take over.

So out of touch did we become from our bodies that we did not know what foods to eat to keep us healthy, what herbs to use to heal, or what practices to adopt to promote physical and spiritual integration… none of this was taught at school and rarely by our poor indoctrinated parents.

We forgot that dancing and singing and star gazing and belly laughing and river swimming and campfires and praying and dying and being reborn and truth and integrity and emotional release and forgiveness and nights without light and the wild, wild spirit and the contractions that gives way to the birthing of great art and touching the void and stepping out of time and space and holy pain and the heartbreak that leads to God and the spirit messengers of illness and discovering our true name and the changing of the seasons and ceremony and the swirling of the cosmos and our part in it are some of the wisdom keys to unlocking good health.

As Hygeia and Luna conspire to shed light onto the processes of renewal, an invitation this lunar cycle through Aquarius is to reflect on how in or out of touch we are with our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health. It is also an invitation to review how and where we have given ourselves away at the most fundamental level of being.

In claiming sovereignty of our physical bodies we also claim sovereignty for our lives and our Selves on the most profound level.

As mystic and liberated soul William Blake reminds us,

“Enlightenment means taking full responsibility for your life”.

Leo Full Moon: I am chaos. I am alive, and I tell you that you are free.

Windswept Eris by Art E Studio

The full moon in Leo on Thursday 28th January is dynamic to say the least and is likely to stir some rumblings in the collective underbelly. With a tight Venus/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, and the Moon making a T-square with Mars and Uranus in Taurus, we may experience flaring hot tempers, emotional outbursts, and the breaking loose of hidden things from deep in the personal and collective unconscious. Information surfacing at this time may expose yet more tales of corruption and manipulation as well as unearthing our innermost desires and longings.

With a Uranus/ Mars/ Moon T-square, our desire could well be to shake off the shackles of control and authority that have bound us for close to a year. The overall compliance we have witnessed so far may now turn to indignation giving way to a louder voice of dissent. Primal urges and instincts stirring below the threshold of the conditioned mind may surface causing psychic unrest and greater disturbance in the collective field.

The full moon call is to be with the uncomfortable feeling allowing it to lead us to the supressed voice at our core, the one that has been silenced by fear and paralysis. As tensions give rise to expression we may be surprised by our own utterances and behaviour and that of others. If we can allow all assertions compassionate space in the midst of uncertainty we have a chance of moving closer to our authentic feelings. From there we are clearer in our chioces. And we do have chioces.

Uranus moon contacts are never comfortable, and especially with Uranus in Taurus, insecurity around material attachment, food and primal needs may dislodge us from any contrived sense of comfort we have grasped at during ‘these troubled times’. If we have allowed ourselves to be lured into a false sense of security now might the time to review those impressions.

Following on the theme of deep stirrings in feminine consciousness triggered by the new moon/ Pluto conjunction, and the grand square between Vesta, Neptune and the South Node on 13th January, the continued rise of feminine power is amplified by a strong Lilith/Eris signature in this full moon chart.

With asteroid Lilith making an exact conjunction to the Sun and Jupiter at 9 ° Aquarius, the dark feminine is casting a shadow on the solar enlightenment project and credibility of Homo scientificus’ plan for ordo ab chao (order out chaos) through bio medical manipulation and increasing social control.

Lilith, as usual, is asking some difficult questions…

She who knows the ineffable name of God is dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s in the book of natural law examining where man-made laws are in contravention. Eris is mixing things up and adding a little chaos to proceedings while boldly calling out any trangressions.

Both these winged apple bearing daimonia are compelling us to wise up.

Mean Black Moon Lilith joins forces with warrior god Mars at 10 ° Taurus, while True Black Moon Lilith and Eris, goddess of Discord, make a powerful alliance at 23 ° Aries… holy moly!

Not one but three manifestations of Lilith have flown in centre stage under the full moon spotlight. She comes in from the wild places, from exile, from beyond the reach of normal consciousness… weaver of inner and outer space. She bears the deep root of humanity, the World Tree, and the animus mundi and she is holding those who threaten it accountable.

Enter Eris…

Upsetter extraordinaire, Eris, formerly known as Xena, has been doggedly squaring Pluto through Capricorn in 2020, forming five squares, the stand-off continues within a 2-degree orb and an exact conjunction reoccurring on 27 August and 9 October 2021. Merged with True Black Moon Lilith this full moon, the pair create a mighty force of dark feminine energy that refuses to be silenced. Their influence is felt behind the scenes and in the subterranean caverns of Hades where deep transformative processes are currently at work.

With Venus also in the underworld this full moon, there may be a strong need to call forth our own exiled parts and rise up against injustice, transgressions, and hidden forces that seek to manipuate and subvert. This dark feminine presence is a call to undergo the necessary initiatory operations to reclaim our lost or stolen power, especially perhaps power that we have given in abundance to outside forces this year as many of us regressed to a state of fear induced confusion and passivity.

This applies to both women and men as a call to reclaim the abandoned parts of ourselves.

Perhaps it is becoming more difficult to ignore our inner knowing and cues guiding us to look deeper and recognizing what does not feel quite right. The reason the dark feminine has been persecuted and exiled is precisely due to her ability to see in the dark and call out all forms of corruption and manipulation.

Who is Eris?

In an article published in the Mountain Astrologer, Exploring the Meaning of the Dwarf Planet, Eris (Or Is It Really Xena?) Heather Ensworth says,

She heralds the return of the Sacred Feminine and the dissolution and transformation of our current patriarchal belief systems.  She encourages us to let go of our personal stories, to dive deep, and to return to right relationship with Source and with all life.”

Making parallels with Xena Warrior Princess, Ensworth continues to say,

She rebelled against authorities or laws that were not in alignment with what she felt was just and fair, which is also Aquarian.  As part of a modern myth, developed out of modern technology, Xena symbolizes many of the patterns characteristic of the Aquarian Age that we are moving into [Xena] followed her own path, guided by intuition and life experience, in attunement with her body and the natural world around her.  Her spirituality was an embodied one, not one of religious beliefs or dogma…. She represents a return to natural law.

Natural law includes chaos. It is unwise to believe that all perceived aberrations can be deleted from life processes. The goddess cannot be sanitised, quarantined, or dismembered into neat, classified packages… the goddess cannot be vaccinated. To attempt to live in a perfect, artificial world humans are also forced to become perfect and artificial… the dark goddess, guardian on the threshold prevents this from happening. It is Her job to preserve and protect a human/ divine multi- dimensional reality brimming with all aspects of human experience, dark and light, toward an authentic expression of the liberated human.

In the film adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron, there is a scene where Harrison, newly recruited into a secret elite government is called to his superior’s office to discuss his (erratic) ideology test results. John Klaxon played by Christopher Plummer encourages Harrison to confess any issues he has about his new life and the establishment to which he now belongs. Harrison laments the end of great art, and while he realises that the constitution states all people must be equal, the price to pay saddens him. Klaxon shares the sentiment and while listening to Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto says how much it pains him that he is striving to create a world where another Beethoven will never be born, but that in order to erase humanity’s covetous nature, it has to be.

(Warning: disturbing scenes in this video clip)


Of course, what Klaxon does not include is the beauty and wonder of the human spirit, nor does he offer any deeper insight into forces at work in human genetics to trigger such violence.

Not that I am making parallels with contemporary government and Vonnegut’s secret elite, my point is to consider- through a work of fiction – one of the many potential endgames of a consciousness bent on totalitarianism. The further the pendulum swings in that direction the more archetypal forces such as Eris and Lilith manifest in the collective.

Natural law seeks to balance, and it is often in the chaos that new visions and consciousness expansion occurs.

I say unto you: one must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. I say unto you: you still have chaos in yourselves.

So says Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche.

 And Eris says in The Principia Discordia,

I am chaos. I am the substance from which your artists and scientists build rhythms. I am the spirit with which your children and clowns laugh in happy anarchy. I am chaos. I am alive, and I tell you that you are free.



A New Moon Rising

Gustav Klimt, ‘Medicine’.

The first new moon of the year happens tomorrow at 05.00 GMT, 23° Capricorn.

With Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury all in Aquarius, Pluto is still making his presence felt in Saturn ruled Capricorn and at 24° Capricorn is closely conjunct the Sun/Moon. With Pluto conjunct the new moon there is a sense of things that have been stirring below the veil of consciousness for a long time now beginning to surface. My feeling is that one of the primary issues to undergo radical transformation is our relationship to the feminine principle.

Uranus and Mars are in Taurus with Uranus at 6° making and a trine to Venus at 5 ° Capricorn.

There is a grand square between Vesta at 21° Virgo, South Node at 19° Sagittarius, North Node at 19° Gemini, and Neptune at 18° Pisces- with a Vesta Neptune opposition. Vesta is under joint rulership of Virgo and Scorpio and is strong in the new moon chart. Neptune is at home in Pisces.

The lunar nodes have been on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis since 5 May 2020 and will stay there until January 2022. The last two times the Lunar Nodes were in Gemini/Sagittarius were October 13, 2001 to April 14, 2003 and March 17, 1983 to September 12, 1984. If you are inspired to do a bit of diving it is worth looking into what was constellating in your own life at these times… particularly relating to feminine issues and experiences.

With the nodes of the moon involved in a grand square with Vesta and Neptune, there are implications of a karmic unfolding. Vesta is the Keeper of the Sacred Flame in the Temple of Apollo although prior to patriarchal takeover the Vestal virgins were priestesses in service to the moon goddess, honouring Her fertilizing and generative ways through the practice of sacred sexual rites.

In mythology Neptune is also connected with committing a crime against a Priestess in the Temple of Athena- Medusa was violated by Poseidon (Neptune) and having breached the rules of the temple was banished to a cave with her serpent headed gorgon sisters.

With these aspects alone, and particularly with Pluto making a close conjunction to the Moon, I feel this new Moon is highlighting issues related to:

-Female sexuality

-Female sexual wounding

-Sexual abuse and violation

-Exploitation, control, and distortion of female sexual energy

-Distorted images of the feminine in the collective psyche

-Issues related to motherhood and mothering

-The artificial split that has been created between woman as mother and woman as sexual being

Venus trine Uranus is bringing these issue out into the collective for healing, but not only that, during this new Moon, Venus is closely conjunct the centaur Pholus at 4° Capricorn. Pholus’ catch phrase is ‘the lid comes off’ and points to sudden and radical change. With the lunar nodal aspects involved in a grand square with Vesta and Neptune we are dealing with collective karma in relation to both the sacred nature of the feminine and transgressions against it.

Pholus was the second centaur to be discovered after Chiron on 9 January 1992- 29 years ago which interestingly is a progressed moon cycle.

Named after mythological creatures who are half human half horse, centaurs characteristically cross the orbit of the Sun between Jupiter and Neptune- between the asteroid belt and the trans- Neptunian bodies. Pholus’ path crosses the orbit of Saturn and Neptune and is considered a key to Neptune, a higher octave of Venus opening up spiritualized dimensions of Venus.

In mythology Pholus, like Chiron is a civilized and refined breed of centaur- the centaurs are usually depicted as wild and unruly, overcome by the primal, animal aspects of their nature.

One day, Hercules who was on his way to kill the Erymanthian Boar to complete his 4th labour, stopped to visit his friend Pholus in his cave near mount Pelion. Pholus being a gracious host is persuaded by Hercules to open the sacred wine given to the centaurs by the god of ecstasy Dionysus. The wine was kept in a special skin under the earth and upon being being opened incites the other centaurs to revolt wildly. Hercules killed many of the demented centaurs by shooting them with small arrows coated in the blood of the Hydra – a poison collected from Hercules’ second labour.

Pholus who is somewhat bewildered by the scene helps a fellow centaur by removing the arrow from his flesh but in doing so accidentally lets the arrow drop onto his own foot.

Chiron is also accidentally wounded in the skirmish but unlike Pholus, Chiron is a demigod and unable to die, instead he goes on to become the master (wounded) healer. Pholus dies.

Pholus points to sudden change, of things being unearthed and of ancestral secrets being revealed. In a birth chart, a prominent Pholus may describe a person whose role is to unlock ancestral information from at least four generations back for the purpose of healing the ancestral field.

In my own story I have found working with Pholus profoundly rich in connecting with buried issues relating to my mother-line going back four generation. Information is still coming through and is definitely set in motion by transits to Pholus.

Uranus in harmony with Venus may also initiate sudden changes in relation to the feminine and during this lunar cycle, particularly related to female sexuality. With Pholus by Venus’ side it may be that we begin to witness an altogether more authentic version of the feminine. By clearing distortions that have been rendered on the feminine through systems of patriarchal control, a new level of feminine consciousness and healing is emerging- and it is necessary.

Last year, with Pluto journeying through Saturn and making an exact conjunction in January 2020, structures that can no longer withstand the vibrational upgrade in human spiritual development are being scrutinised, challenged, and dismantled.

In astrology, Venus rules over marriage, love, harmony, money, beauty, and value. In our culture we have idolised the Venusian archetype through the glamourous model or alluring sex kitten… the sexually pleasing feminine who titillates and seduces just as she appeases and accommodates. Perhaps the biggest Venus icon of our time was Marilyn Monroe, earning Hollywood a ton of money and paving the way for the sexual permissiveness of the late 60’s. Behind the glamour of the silver screen however Marilyn was a woman beset with profound insecurities due to a sexually abusive childhood. At age 11 her mother was incarcerated in a sanatorium for the mentally unstable, and Marilyn was placed in the care of the State of California. With a close Chiron Venus conjunction on her midheaven- for the world to see- she describes the dark rabbit hole of feminine conditioning and manipulation.

There is something here about the disenfranchisement of the feminine from her natural grounding and her subsequent manipulation. Through the archetypal lens we know that Venus/Aphrodite was without a mother, being born from the castrated genitals of her father Ouranos, the sky god and emerging as a fully formed woman from the foam of the sea. There are parallels here with Marilyn and countless other woman who having not received a strong stabilizing grounding from a mother figure become vulnerable to abuse. Far from being a sexually powerful and integrated feminine archetype, Venus has come to represent the pacifying, accommodating, good wife and partner, and vehicle of pleasure.

Venus Aphrodite originally came from Asia, associated with Ishtar Astarte, as a fertility goddess of all of nature and life forms. In later Greek times Aphrodite became recognised chiefly through her outer attributes of love and erotic desirability. The fertility goddess’s function as “primal mother of all ongoing creation” was repressed and forgotten. Consequently in her patriarchal form, her essence was filtered and distorted into being simply an alluring and beautiful woman whose association with the cyclic fertilizing and transforming principles of nature were denied expressions.

This speaks to the way we have split apart the sexual and the mothering aspects of women. This dichotomy is seen at the core of the teachings of the Christian church in the polarized images of Mary the chaste and untouched Mother, and Magdalene the scorned whore. We see it in the ongoing controversy of women breast feeding in public as breasts have become a sexualised and therefore profane aspect of the feminine.

The essence of the feminine principle is symbolized by the moon, and accordingly the moon serves as the symbolic representation of the undifferentiated force of the divine feminine. The moon, says Demetra George, contains the totality of feminine expression and combined within her are all possible expressions of [the feminine]. She reveals two principles: growth/fertilization and transformation. She is also the matrix from which all feminine expressions arise.

In Venus, the potential of fertilization and transformation becomes activated as the vital reproductive force.

If however distortions exist at the foundational level- the moon- all subsequent manifestations are likewise vulnerable to distortions.

In a previous blog written on the Cancer full Moon, the last full moon of 2020, I wrote-

I feel this full moon is highlighting motherhood generally. As we exit the old paradigm and prepare ourselves for the new, a valid and important question on the table is, how do we view/ treat mothers, motherhood, and the Great Mother?

This is one of the central questions of our time. As we collectively reintegrate an authentic image of the feminine into the collective psyche there will be birthing pains, and this process may well be what we are experiencing now as we are being delivered into a more  balanced version of ourselves.

Questions around the issues of motherhood, feminine grounding and power, and female sexuality are forcing us to confront the distorted image of the feminine that has been imprinted in the modern psyche. It is time for the ‘lid to come off’ the suppressed dimensions of the feminine experience, told through the buried stories of our mothers and grandmothers, stripped from the veils of Neptunian illusion and excavated in the penetrative transforming power of Pluto.


Keepers of the Flame Returning at the Dangerous Hour

‘Keeper of the Flame- Anthropas’, by Siloh Sophia

“We are the wise women returning at this dangerous hour because women worldwide are and always were the guardians of the living Earth, as are all the surviving native tribal shamanistic people who still commune with the spirits.”

These words were written by Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor, in 1987 in their seminal book The Great Cosmic Mother. That was 33 years ago at a time when feminine eco- consciousness was getting into full swing. Today I would not limit the privilege to women- men are also Keepers of the Flame, men who are attuned to the Cosmic Mother, and who commune with the Spirits… the modern shamans, the wise men, the warriors of truth, and the medicine men…  those who know how to walk on the body of the Mother and who are transmitters between Her living Spirit and the Cosmic Spirit.

To all men and women who attune to the in-dwelling Spirit and who open themselves to the waves of cosmic influence… conduits of divine radiance, shaped, and merged with the ever-changing tides and cycles of human and planetary evolution – Rise! You are the Carriers of the Flame and this is the dangerous hour.

At this time of year in particular, a time known as the Holy Days in the Christian Mysteries calendar, when the light is returning and an abundance of of spiritual light is available on Earth, we humans can attune to these waves to anchor light into our bodies and the living Earth… and that can be a bumpy ride!

Last night I couldn’t sleep, for days I have been experiencing an opening of the Heart, my heart has been beating fast, energetically there is a quickening and my sleep is disturbed. I am aware that I am tuning into the human collective and the interacting cosmic consciousness- it is an awakening and awakenings are not always neat, birthing is messy, and for many of us our bodies and minds are not attuned to receive these energies easily… we have been living in a heavy vibrational frequency for a long time, polluted with toxins on all levels of the physical and subtle bodies. Purification involves fire… we burn.

In the still of the night I got up and picked a book from my bookcase- a book that I’ve had for a year but haven’t yet read. The title of the book is Lilith: Keepers of the Flame and comes out of Jeffrey Woolf Green’s school of Evolutionary Astrology. I turn to a random page and find these words-

“During the time of the first full Moon after the winter solstice, the radiance of the physical Sun’s rays might be felt pollinating or making love to Mother Earth’s fertile womb of Creation, inseminating all Her lifeforms in preparation for a new season of life. The sexually derived, symbolic overtones correlate to the active union and separation of the female and the male creating principles within consciousness creating a psychic-sexual-spiritual experience: As our Sun’s warmth and light “makes love” to the Feeling Body of the Creatress Mother (whose Spirit dwells within all Earthly manifestations) his life-giving radiance pollinates and makes Her Creation on earth, regenerating love’s bliss within the crucible of the human heart…. the fusion of these twin cosmic lovers uniting within a consciousness produces a heavenly sensation in the body that is virtually imopssible to resist”.

These words penetrated me as Truth as they have been my embodied experience these past few days.

At this time of peace on Earth and good will to all men we celebrate with our families, cherishing the joy and comfort they bring, forgiving whatever points of tension may have arisen in the previous year, and renew our bonds of closeness. As Christians we may attend more services in church giving thanks for the sacrifice of Christ and the redemption He offered through the mysteries of His birth, death, and resurrection. The cup of human kindness flows more easily over the festive season, but there is something much more profound available to us at this time… the portal through which we may receive these energies into our essence so that we too are transformed in the Holy fire, and that we are re-born, twice born, once as physical beings of matter and then again as beings of spirit in matter- receivers and transmitters of divine light- creators of the physical world in partnership with and communing with Spirit… Keepers of the Flame.

When these energies move through us, so often we project them outside of ourselves, especially in erotically charged unions… the inseminating life giving essence is personalised and idealised in the ‘other’. We select which others we want to open ourselves to and allow these powerful waves to move through us… we try to limit and control the experience which can be overwhelming and even terrifying. We try to control love too, it becomes conditional and the circumstances need to be just right, not too threatening to allow this merging to happen, before we can consider even the smallest surrender. We get hurt and disappointed when we feel betrayed… our experience of love becomes completely dependent on another. We become stuck in the dynamics of this, fixated on the relationship, getting trapped in negative loops and patterns according to our conditioning and this entrapment prevents us from fully receiving cosmic love. Love becomes small and owned, even becoming a battlefield which is anti-flow.

When we realise we are the light we radiate beyond the personal to merge with the transpersonal. As we enter the age of Aquarius the opportunity is to become creator individuals embedded within a shimmering matrix of evolving consciousness expressed through our human experience. Previous limitations dissolve and the invitation is to evolve beyond the constraints of our conditioning- to become Divine.

If all of this sounds far-fetched and scary, consider this- we are in the dangerous hour, one step away from enforced vaccination and control beyond which most of us can comprehend. I do not know how the vaccination will interact with our bio-spiritual-psychic experience and as you may have noticed no ‘experts’ are talking about it either- mRNA vaccinations may or may not alter human DNA. Alcohol, processed food, electromagnetic pollution, fear-based thinking, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals all have the effect of closing us off to the cosmic flow and it therefore definitely worthy of investigation to consider how vaccinations could affect us.

On this New Year’s Day we stand on a threshold as never before. We are being called to make choices and the stakes are high.

I wish you all well as we cross the threshold whichever path you choose.

Purification involves fire… we burn… but we are free.