Virgo New Moon: Mars in the Temple of Lilith

Edvard Munch ‘Madonna’

Not only is Mars retrograde and squaring Pluto on this Virgo new moon, he is also in communion with Black Moon Lilith within the precincts of her temple. Mars square Pluto can be explosive, hostile, and quick to react, particularly in response to perceived abuse of power.

Rather than shooting from the hip or being overtaken by primal fight or flight responses, Lilith influences Mars to look beyond the surface, dig deeper and find the true cause of the offense.

Mars can get lost in the fight blindly lashing out at the enemy and in doing so miss the real meaning of the situation. In this sort of combat there are no winners because even when there is a victor there is no real victory when nothing has been learned and no real change has occurred… the boxing ring bell will ring again and again until the real reason for the war is discovered and set right.

Black Moon Lilith can penetrate the nervous system transforming primal aggression to righteous anger and offer strategies beyond military style combat. And even while there may be a code of ethics in war, Lilith leads us beyond the chasms of duality to show that the real split is between our limited selves and our cosmic nature.

Beneath the rage is a sense of powerlessness and injustice. Lilith- as with Pluto- asks us to acknowledge where and how we have given our power away.

This applies to the stories and patterns of our personal lives as well as collectively- when we take our power (energy) back from toxic and abusive situations in our personal lives we effect change in the collective, slowly but surely untangling and dismantling webs of power that appear to trap us in ever tighter systems of control. By believing in and fearing these systems that we imagine arise from the outside we give away our power.

During this lunar cycle we have an opportunity to get real about the abuses, subtle and overt, that we endure, normalise, or justify in our lives. Maybe every once in a while we lash out or run away from situations and people who seem too challenging to confront. Or we may be compulsive pleasers in an attempt to keep the peace at all costs, or simply become numb and frozen, handling the difficulties of our lives on automatic pilot.

This new moon in Virgo is about self-preservation and self-respect, it is an opportunity to find the strength to tap into our essential truth and express it with wisdom, composure, and conviction. It is a time to commit to what we know is right and see the bigger picture free from endless reactivity.