The Man Who Scorched the Earth: Phaethon, Donald Trump & 5G

Painting by Gustav Moreau

In Greek mythology, Phaethon which means “shining” is the son of the Sun god Helios and mortal woman Clymene. Helios steers his mighty chariot across the sky each day causing the sun to rise and set. After painful ridicule and in a desperate attempt to prove his godly parentage, Phaethon requests permission to take the reins of his father’s chariot for one day. Helios, non-too thrilled by his son’s request nevertheless consents as he has promised to grant Phaethon one wish whatever it may be. After being cautioned by his father to always take the middle path and avoid flying too high or too low, the bold Phaethon sets off on his quest… It must have been during a Jupiter Pluto conjunction.

It soon becomes clear that the young demigod is way out of his league and is far from able to harness the power of his father’s fire horses. In turmoil and unable to heed his father’s advice, Phaethon erratically flies the golden chariot too close to the earth scorching large parts of Africa and leaving much destruction in his wake. The mighty Sky god Zeus, on seeing this mess is furious and hurls one of his famous thunderbolts at Phaethon. Far from achieving godly recognition, Phaethon is killed instantly, forever mourned by his sisters the Heliades whose tears hardened to amber.

Like the myth of Prometheus who steals fire from the gods or Icarus who flies too close to the Sun, the myth of Phaethon speaks of the dangers of hubris and the disastrous consequences that can befall humanity when the gods are defied.

Harnessing electricity has long been a pursuit of the human enlightenment programme: from Sir Isaac Newton’s experiments in the Royal Society in the 1700’s, to the space-race, the internet, and now 5G, science has sought to master and tame mother nature usurping her powers and bringing her under his control. We humans, for the most part, seduced by the boons that technology can offer are happily swept along in the march of progress.

5G radio system known as 5G-NR is the fifth generation of wireless communications technologies that supports cellular data networks. Millimetre waves reach frequencies of up to 72 GH which is considered to be in the “extremely high frequency” band of the electromagnetic spectrum. Many people have raised concerns about the effects of 5G on the human body, while others consider the implications for humans at the level of soul and spirit.

The introduction of 5G means more satellites being embedded into the Van Allen belts that surround the Earth’s magnetic field. A Van Allen belt contains energetically charged particles most of which originate from solar winds that are captured by and held around a planet by the magnetic field of that planet. By trapping solar wind and other cosmic particles the magnetic field deflects those particles and protects the atmosphere from destruction.

On 23 March 2020 when most of the world’s population were trying to come to terms with a global pandemic, President Donald Trump signed two bills into law that are designed to boost 5G security and broadband availability in the U.S and abroad.

S 893 the “Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020,” The Act requires the President to develop and implement a strategy for the adoption of secure wireless communication.

S 1822 the “Broadband Deployment Accuracy and Technological Availability Act or the Broadband DATA Act,” requires the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to issue rules about the collection of data, with respect to the availability of broadband services.

The timing of the decision couldn’t be worse and has understandably left a feeling of betrayal and mistrust.

This act of defiance by Trump reminds me of Phaethon who at the mercy of his own ego decides to go ahead and do what he wants anyway without due consideration of the wider consequences.

When I looked at Trump’s chart I found something very interesting…

Donald Trump was born on Friday 14th June 1946 in Queen’s New York at 10.54 am. As the president of the United States he now has full control of the implementation and installation of 5G across the globe.

In his natal chart asteroid Phaethon is at 23 degrees Taurus conjunct his MC at 24 degrees Taurus.

In astrology the MC or midheaven is traditionally the most public part of the chart and often describes the career potential and abilities of the native. In the case of Trump, Phaethon is right there for the whole word to see.

In signing the ‘Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020’, we must wonder, has Trump bitten off more than he can chew? Has he undertaken a mission without due consideration and respect for the gods?… the gods here simply meaning perhaps the spiritual laws and laws of nature. Has he really considered the consequences of his actions? While his hubris is clear for all to see, Trump like the bold Phaethon is undeterred… even by a global pandemic or by the lack of consent from the people whom he is entrusted to serve.

His chart shows other signatures of the relentless solar hero: with asteroid Apollo exactly conjunct his Ascendant at 29 Leo, and asteroid Zeus exactly on his descendant at 29 Aquarius, Trump is clearly expressing the homoscientificus dream.

Political power married to advancing science and an almost insane agenda for more and more technology is a dangerous thing, and when those ideals forfeit the bigger picture in terms of human and environments rights it is time to ask some serious questions.

For Manly P. Hall, Zeus is the “total auric, magnetic field of man”. In a mythic sense then, Zeus and the solar deities are archetypal expressions of primal power and raw energy. How this power is handled-or not- is a staple drama underpinning much of mythology.

As myths are living entities that manifest throughout time and space we see the same dramas playing out in our modern world… the quest of the solar hero is one of the central myths of our time not least because if taken too far the ramifications could be catastrophic.

In the astrology chart of the Secure 5G and Beyond Act 2020’, signing, asteroid Zeus (21 degrees Capricorn) is approaching Jupiter at 23 Capricorn, Pluto 24 Capricorn, and Mars 25 Capricorn.

Phaethon is at 6 degrees of Taurus conjunct Uranus at 4 degrees of Taurus.

Uranus is also connected with primal power, especially lightning. It rules all things Aquarian including the internet and is connected with technological progress and super fast communication. Eccentric and rebellious the influence of Uranus can be disruptive and even devastating.

In his book on Uranus, Richard Tarnas connects Uranus with Prometheus and refers to the energy as ‘The Great Awakener’. He says, “it is change that may bring liberation and is the act of cosmic rebellion against a universal structure to free humanity from bondage.”

But what happens when the freedoms gained from one liberty causes a new kind of bondage? One of the big questions on the table right now is, how much sovereignty are we prepared to hand over in the name of security and tech- intelligence?

Are we beginning to see that the miracles of the new age come with a much higher price tag than previously imagined?

Today it seems that humanity is in danger of flying too close to the Sun and burning their wings or scorching the Earth… or both. In heeding the wisdom of the wise old Sun god Helios we may well wonder, where is the middle path?



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