Full Moon Lunar Eclipse- Portal to the Past

Past lives, karma, ancestral fields, soul contacts… these are topics I rarely write about but as we are in the midst of a powerful eclipse season, and the full moon on Tuesday happens to be a lunar eclipse conjunct the south node, all things past, and even the very far past, are on the radar both collectively and individually. Maybe I am feeling this slightly more acutely as my natal sun is 17 degrees Capricorn which is the point of the lunar eclipse south node, and as well as a recent Pluto/Sun conjunction -which means I have been immersed in some pretty hefty transpersonal energies for the past couple of years- I am feeling the effects of some strong shifts. And yes, it also means a current Saturn/Sun transit. It’s been a ride!

During this eclipse season on the Capricorn/Cancer axis, and particularly the full moon lunar eclipse on Tuesday we are presented with a portal to the past, to go beyond the usual time/space restrictions of the temporal world and to glimpse the bigger picture. If you want to know what soul issues are up for healing for you at this time, take a close look at the conditions of your life. What issues are really hot? What issues seem to be coming round-and-round-again-and-again? Maybe it is a relationship pattern. Maybe it is an old story you live out of such as broken woman, or poverty consciousness, sick man, or unlovable person… What are the issues that really need your attention right now so that you can move on with your soul’s unfolding toward becoming the person you are here to be?

On a collective level what is up for healing is the uncovering and exposing of shadow aspects of power, especially as it relates to resources, sexuality, and manipulation.

My relationship with the past is changing. I find myself these days recalling many incidents from my life, things I had not forgotten about exactly, but which I am now interpreting quite differently. Things once only vaguely understood and barely integrated are now taking shape within a much larger framework, and when I say larger, I mean beyond the scope of this current life identity.

I have no recollections, and only vague notions of what might, at a push, be considered fragments of past lives. Past lives are a tricky topic… people who have ‘memories’ are often treated with a large dose of new age salt, or else are met with the usual retort of “why was no one a lowly peasant or ordinary person, why were they all kings and queens?.” Fair point, I get it, but what if the images we receive in relation to past lives are both symbolic and literal- in other words, what if recollections of past lives are, along with other material existing in our unconscious, pictorial representations of the vibrations we carry? Another way of saying this is that these ‘visions’ may be the soul’s way of telling its story, given as a gift to help us become fully self-realised. To help us remember who we are, to show us what we are working with at this point in our journey, and to glimpse what needs to be cleared so that we can move onto the next rung of the spiral.

Jung says the archetype comes cloaked in many guises that can be best understood by the receiver in his or her individual and cultural circumstance. In shamanic journeys people often ask me, “how do I know it’s not just my mind making it all up?” Well it might be, but why that particular image out of all the millions of other images? And even if it is just wishful thinking, that is still telling us a lot.

Several years ago, while embroiled in a messy and destructive relationship, a well-meaning friend suggested I go and visit a past life regression therapist, so I did. It was the first time I had ventured into this territory. I set a clear intention… I wanted to see on a soul level the dynamic that was operating between me and the man in question. I experienced something very similar to a shamanic journey but with a slight difference- except for shamanic journeys that also have a past life quality to them. The experience was also different to dreaming, even dreams that I consider of the ‘big’ variety. This was something else, and I even experienced strong bodily sensations so much so that my speech became impaired.

During my session I was in a state of semi hypnosis. I had a sense that the answer to my question was being shown to me in a mythical context through images that formed a narrative. The story was archetypal and yet contained information that was personal to me. I can’t remember if I had this insight during or after the session but at some point I realised that the information was not just showing me the quality and conditions of my relationship with the man, but also a vibration that I carry that had manifested in countless ways both in my present life… and in past lives. The reason for it surfacing again so painfully in my current situation is that it had come into my field for healing. It was time to let it go and I needed to re-experience the memory so that I could bring it into conscious awareness, and finally heal it.

This is just one example of how over the years I have connected with the patterns that I carry in my life, although this was the first time that I had confronted it so directly as a past life experience. In other instances, I have accessed the ‘codes’ in other ways including shamanic journeying, rebirthing, sacred sites, relationships, working with archetypes, and finally evolutionary astrology. Which brings me full circle back to the point of writing this blog.

Take this opportunity to dive deep. Really look into what it is that wants to be addressed at this time in your life. You will know. And then use this gateway of the south node (where we have been), conjunct the moon (our unconscious), conjunct Pluto (transformation), and Saturn (karma) to shed a layer or two.

You may have been waiting lifetimes for this moment. It may be time to show yourself as who you truly are.

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