Finding Our Way Home: New Moon in Cancer & the Total Solar Eclipse

Denise Elizabeth Byron Cancer New Moon and Solar Eclipse

Image By Denise Elizabeth Byron

The new moon at 10 degrees Cancer is happening in conjunction with a full solar eclipse and opens a portal for us to connect with our heart, feelings, and emotional body. It offers an opening for a ‘homecoming’ by showing us, through our feeling and emotional body, a way back to our true emotional nature.

It is an opportunity to touch base with and define what our real emotional needs are, what makes us feel safe in the world, and who and what help us to create the right environment to thrive in our full feminine essence. Of course, this does not only apply to women, it is also an opportunity for men to connect with their feeling body and perhaps review the ways society has conditioned men away from this truth.

And that’s just the beginning!

Eclipse season starting with the new moon in Cancer on July 2nd amplifies the energies and initiates a new season of change. After the full moon conjunct Pluto on 16th July, there is a sense of no going back… a point of no return from what has come to consciousness relating to our innermost needs and the unfolding of our soul.

The new moon and solar eclipse happen at 10 degrees of Cancer: Cancer is the first water sign and is deeply personal, it represents our first unconscious urges and impulses. There is the potential at this time to facilitate a ‘deconditioning’ of early imprints that we received from our family of origin, communities, and cultures especially as it relates to the emotional body, learned behavior and the ways in which we may have learned to survive by suppressing or distorting our feelings to meet the expectations of others. With the north node of the moon also in the sign of Cancer, there is a need to create an authentic, feeling based life that is more in tune with our deepest selves.

Our feelings are guides and way-showers of who we are and what we need in order to express ourselves fully. They are not to be made wrong.

With north node in Cancer, we are also being directed to consider our own personal moon and its day-to-day needs. What is your essential emotional nature, and how have you judged that? How is your personal moon doing, is she able to express herself? What are you choosing for yourself, and are you honoring your Moon?

Following what feels right and not what we, or others, think is right is a good compass at this time. It is about trusting our intuition and instincts again. For many women and men this sacred ability has been lost or diminished.

Who or what is home for you- have you found that yet? This lunar cycle is about bravely owing who we are at the most primal feeling level, and then mothering our own needs.

People pleasing behavior and self- betrayal in an attempt to find love in dried up or unavailable places may be sorely challenged and exposed now.

With the mothering and nurturing energy of Cancer, this time is also about considering the needs of others however the desire now is for truly equal and heart-based relationships based on mutual giving and receiving with those who can meet us in our emotional body and give of themselves in an authentic way. Relationships that are unbalanced or unequal in terms of emotional nurturance and exchange may be challenged, and with the personal planets Mars and Mercury squaring Uranus, there may be a break down, or a break-through.

What no longer fits you? What have you outgrown? Uranus can change the situation with lighting speed if you are conscious of what you need and of the dynamics that need to shift. Be mindful though that the square may also encourage behavior influenced from our unconscious or old patterns if we do not bring the situation to light from our feeling body. This can feel very vulnerable for the ego which may have maintained negative patterns of survival for many years.

Mars and Mercury are also forming a trine to Chiron which may suggest a personal shift and a reclaiming of something that has been forgotten, overlooked, or abandoned.

The north node is all about progression, developing and growth, whereas the south node is about release and letting go. The south node at 17 Capricorn, conjunct Saturn and Pluto is releasing at a deep soul level and possibly preparing us for the grand event of 2020- the Saturn Pluto conjunction which happens on a collective level.

What needs to go, what needs to come in?

To recap: The new moon total Solar eclipse in Cancer, along with the north node is highlighting the need for change, it is not a change of the will or one concerned with societal expectations- or indeed any expectations- it is a deep unfolding of our essential feeling nature and a need to create environments and relationships that nurture us. In doing so we are birthed from the womb of the Mother into our feminine essence- this applies to men as much as women. As the feminine soul appears to be the missing link in our dissolving culture (Pluto conjunct Saturn), the possibility to birth a new way that incorporates the feeling self is initiated with the new moon and eclipse season.

A key word to consider based on Dane Rudhyar’s sabian symbols is ‘DECONDITIONING’.

It is important not to get lost in an attitude of resentment and anger at the mechanics that have been operative in our culture and in our personal environments that may have led to various distortions of our feelings and emotions as this may inhibit the full potential of this time. Better to release old patterns with grace and an understanding that for whatever reason, even although it may not feel like it, part of us was complicit in the program.

Taking full responsibility will lead to greater liberation. We may have colluded but now, with more insight and a deeper connection with our hearts and emotional nature, we can plant the seeds to create the environments and relationships that will nurture us.