Sacred Water Pilgrimage- London

Mary Mag Water

Puvis de Chavannes : Maria Magdalena in the Desert. 1869

What a beautiful and powerful day in London on pilgrimage for the Water. Flowing through the busy streets, stopping at the sacred sites and singing heart opening songs. What a gentle power… like the power of water, softening with love instead of violence.

The strongest part of the pilgrimage for me was standing on the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral (an ancient site to Diana the moon goddess) singing to the goddess- many voices in harmony.

In the astrological chart for today- asteroid Magdalene and Dark Moon Lilith are conjunct at 23 degree Taurus. For me this is a symbol of the divine feminine (Mary Magdalene) taking the hand of the oppressed and vengeful feminine (Dark Moon Lilith), and saying- there is another way- drop the rage and violence, transcend the wounding and claim your full feminine authority through the heart.

Mary Magdalene and Dark Moon Lilith in Taurus- an earth sign ruled by Venus- the goddess in the earth…in the water.

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