Unspell Yourself.


‘The Magic Circle’ by John William Waterhouse.

Words are like spells, they weave stories and we become the stories we tell ourselves. They slip through the cracks in our life, the places where there are empty, or unclaimed spaces, and we call them truth. These stories often begin with, “I can’t”, or “I have never been”, or “it’s because this happened”, or “that happened”, or “that never happened”.

We cannot change the past, but we can change our relationship to it and stop it from controlling our future.

We cast a spell on ourselves when allow our story to define us, when we hand our power over to inevitable outcomes … “that always happens to me”, or, “I always knew I would end up… (fill in the blank)”.

Sometimes, other people confirm our stories, partly because they reflect back to us what they see, what we show them, and partly because it makes them feel easier about us- it reassures them, they think they know us, and maybe they feel safer that way. Sometimes…

And then there are those people who slowly and lovingly pull forth the “other” stories from deep within us, the ones waiting to be told- our unlived greatnesses waiting to shine.

And yet, no one can tell our story for us, it is ours alone to claim, rewrite, edit, breath life into, and dance with.

We might have a great story and it might serve us well, but what if our story is an old outmoded tale that keeps us small or ashamed, or bad, or faulty, or hopeless, or poor, or sick? What if the subtext of our story tells us, “it’s just the way it is”? And what if “the way it is” is not our way, not anymore, not our truest way from our deepest knowing? What if there is a new story, or a thousand new stories, waiting to unfold?

We are living stories, living myths- the whole story is not yet told, we are still writing it.

Unspell yourself. Allow the possibility of following your soul to its fullest becoming.

Unspell yourself. Choose new words… in time words create thoughts, and thoughts create new ways of being,new realities that better reflects our truest nature… and there is peace in that, and in peace there is forgiveness.

Unspell yourself, face your demons and love them, love the stories they have told you about yourself so far, and find a place for them in the bigger story of you, the living breathing one that is still evolving.

Yes, love the old stories too but make them see that they are just one thread of a beautiful rich tapestry spun with light and dark on your journey to wholeness.

You are involved in the precious work of soul-making.

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