February Super Full Moon in Virgo.

Virgo- Wheat from Chaff

Cutting the Wheat from the Chaff on Your Road to Emotional Freedom: An Intuitive, Alchemical Interpretation of the February Super Moon.

February’s super full moon on Tuesday lifts the veil into subconscious workings and sheds lunar light on old, stagnating content that is ready to be faced and dispelled.

The lunar draw of February’s full moon is particularly potent- the most ‘super’ moon due to its proximity to earth’s orbit- the closest of the three supermoons.

Virgo is the virgin goddess busily ordering the planes of existence whether practical, emotional or soulful. Her essence is the sovereignty of the virgin- whole unto herself- and as such she expresses purity of intention when operating from a heart centred impulse. Her motivation is service to others as it is here that she finds fullest expression.

Conjunct the fixed star Regulus, the Virgo full moon offers an opportunity to stand face-to-face with the nemesis in our own psyche- what is it that has been preventing your emotional freedom, maybe repeatedly over decades? There could be many ways this is expressed in your life, but at the core, beneath it all, what is the base-line script that has been running the show? And, are you ready to see it? What does it look like, this saboteur who has taken up residence in your soul? Give it a name, a definition, a persona. If you like, invite it to tea…

Regulus is a royal star with an intention to succeed and rule, yet on his royal road to wholeness, he will confront his nemesis time and again until his sovereignty wins over and his demons, real or imagined are integrated.

With Pallas Athene on the imum coeli (the bottom of the sky), the goddess of wisdom is lifting the veil for you to see where it all began. Which or your roots has become rotten? What ancestral threads have been suffocating you? What DNA is ready to be repaired? This is deep work and if the material is ready to surface, it may be wise to seek help… Shamanic healing, breathwork, psychotherapy, earth connection, body-work, and yoga are all good allies in this process.

The shadow side of Virgo is control and an exacting nature that can sometimes inhibit the free flow of emotions. Where in your life do you try to prevent the tide of emotion from rising- what structures have you put in place to hold the reins of control, or least the illusion of control? Is there a tendency to over analyse the situation staying safely in your head and out of your feeling body?

In ancient Rome, February was viewed as a month of purification from the Latin ‘februare’ to make pure – Februalia, the festival of washing and purification took place mid-February. Similarly, the Celtic festival of Imbolc is a festival of purification, with the fires of the old year being extinguished and a new flame lit in the hearth.

What old flames need to die to make way for the new sparks of inspiration in your life?

The astrological point of Imbolc coincided with the February new moon in Aquarius on 4th February, a gateway to raise the inner fires of purification and generate the necessary heat to burn the dross in preparation for the alchemical gold.

Uranus on the midheaven facilitates change, the kind of lightning change where even the densest matter can be transformed and re-calibrated by initiating a high voltage electrical current.

Mars hovering around the midheaven also provides a touch or raw kundalini energy to get things going.

If you are actively working with releasing stuck emotion from your physical and subtle bodies, this full moon offers not only a forensic insight into the workings of your demons, but enough fire to smoke him or her from their hiding hole- with much love and compassion, of course… got to love the demons for as Rilke says, they are also our angels.

The available energies through February from Imbolc to full moon, and beyond to the dissolving stage of the waning moon is powered by the young feminine energy- that spark of inspiration buried deep in your soul that is eager to make union with the old King and birth the divine child.

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