Haumea, Venus, and Lilith… and the Need for Inner Ecology.

inner ecology
Lunar cycle and eclipses from New Moon to Full Moon, Jan 2019
The new moon on 6 January saw the first eclipse of the year with a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn. As the moon journeys through her cycle, she culminates in a super full moon in Leo on 21 January, synchronizing with a total lunar eclipse.
Eclipses are harbingers of change ushering in the new and offering more focus and support in letting go of the old to make way for the new energy that is manifesting. Lunar eclipses can offer deep transformation, purging old and stagnant attachments and emotional blocks to facilitate greater flow and emotional freedom. The energy of a lunar eclipse may be sudden and possibly even radical in the pursuit of freedom and setting us on the correct trajectory. If we are stubbornly attached to old ways of being, we may find the power of the eclipse quite radical. Unconscious material that has been buried, or subconscious content that has been partially eclipsed in our own psyche, may now be revealed.
The partial solar eclipse on 6 January coincided with “Epiphany”, “the manifest light”. What manifested in your consciousness at this time, and what is working its way through your soul toward a point of release on the full moon lunar eclipse on 21 January?
Haumea, Goddess of Ecology was sitting on the ascendant on the new moon, ready to express her essence and culminate on the midheaven on the full moon. Haumea rising speaks of the need for deeper understanding and awareness of our innate connection with life, the processes of life, renewal, ecology both inner and outer, and purging ourselves of outmoded systems and behaviors that keep us trapped in any sort of limiting contacts either with ourselves or in our social systems. Anything that prohibits a full and flowing expression of life may be scrutinized to reveal inner workings, vested interests, and hidden agendas.
Haumea offers release and liberation – not from the outside – she is explicit in her guidance and shows that the way to effect change begins within and that our bodies are natural organisms subject to the same laws and principles of the earth… the act of cleansing the inner waters (and blood) has a resonance with the purifying rivers and oceans- it is all the waters of life.
This lunar cycle from new moon to full moon offers an opening for a deep, candid look at how energy moves in us, the collective, and our social and ecological systems. Haumea is one of the fastest rotating large objects in our solar system; on a bio-psychological level this movement offers the potential for rapid change. When we bring our heart, mind, soul and spirit in alignment, and with intention, the capacity to effect change is enormous and fast. Long drawn out plans that are repeatedly hijacked and thwarted by corruption,man-made complex structures and less than wholesome motivations, may be dislodged and exposed as more direct and powerful means of change are realized.
With Venus and Jupiter on the ascendant on the full moon lunar eclipse on 21 January, the energy of feminine wisdom and expansion are highlighted. Call upon these two mighty forces to aid your intention and focus. Haumea, Goddess of Ecology is shining bright on the midheaven and is conjunct asteroid Lilith bringing a flavor of original feminine wisdom (before it was distorted by patriarchy and life limiting attitudes).
Haumea opens the sluice gate and facilitates the waters of life to flow freely.
To work with these powers during this lunar cycle it is useful to become aware of the places of rigidity in ourselves. It is also a good time to work with inner ecology- where do we spend our energy and why?
If you would like an astrological reading to explore how Haumea spins in your chart, I am available for astrology consultations either via Skype or in person.

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