Haumea: The Goddess of Ecology is Rising


The first new moon on January 6th places dwarf planet ‘Haumea’ at 26-degree Libra, exactly conjunct the ascendant.

Haumea is rising… and as the Goddess of ecology, fertility and sacred birth, we need her more than ever.

January 6th is also ‘Epiphany’ in the Christian Calendar. The word Epiphany means “to bring light” or “to make manifest”. On the first new moon of the year, on the day of the manifest light on earth, it is Haumea who is ascending, illuminating her teaching and highlighting the themes for the coming year.

Working with the vibration of Haumea may enable us to more deeply understand the inter-connection of life and show us that the missing link does not reside in thinking our way out of the problem but exists inside of us, as part of us, the part that connects us to the web of life- not as stewards and agents but as integral and non- divisible from the earth and her processes.

While we consider that the earth is a separate being that needs to be managed by political policy or agenda driven legislation, we can never fully experience union with her, or ourselves.

We are the earth… and while three and half hundred years of enlightenment thought may have conditioned us into believing that we are separate from the earth, and that our bodies are nothing more than material biological processes- machines, and that the earth is a resource to be managed and exploited, it is time let that story die and rebirth a new story.

Haumea teaches us that the earth is not a problem to be solved, and when we recognize that we are involved in the same biological/ecological process, we awaken to our place in the web of life and recognize that true change begins within. Connecting with the processes of life within ourselves and understanding our relationship with the earth and cosmos beyond, we can no longer be victims in a dying system, waiting for the end. We are agents every step of the way.

In astronomy, Haumea resides in the Kuiper belt and is roughly the same size as Pluto. As one of the fastest rotating large objects in our solar system, Haumea is a fast spinning dwarf planet with moons and rings- the rings only being discovered in 2007. Haumea herself was discovered in 2003.

What was birthed in human consciousness with the discovery of Haumea in 2003? To understand this the mythology of the Goddess after whom the dwarf planet was named can shed some light.

Haumea is sacred birth- She is the Hawaiian ‘Goddess of Childbirth’, an epithet given due to her profound knowledge of the birthing process, not only of the physical body and the soul but with the biological/ecological relationship with life and life processes. Haumea is said to have earned her title of Goddess of fertility and childbirth when she saved a laboring woman from a C- Section applying the correct healing herbs instead. She is also ‘The Goddess of Ecology’ with a natural wisdom of the healing powers of plants and herbs, the sacred waters of life, and of the natural processes.

Haumea constantly changes herself from old to young through a process of death and rebirth; in this way, she is connected to the deepest secrets of regeneration and renewal. She births children from other parts of her body, not just the womb- she births from the head, thighs and other limbs suggesting that she hold the key of shamanic wisdom of cell regeneration.

Working consciously with Haumea promotes the acceleration of energy for the purposes of healing, purification and regeneration. She is dynamic in cutting through old stagnant patterns of a lower vibration, infusing the system with energy and movement to release the old and outmoded and make way for the new.

Haumea facilitates a rebirth of consciousness. Our essence can become distorted and blocked by psychic emotional and astral forces that keep us tied to negative ways of being and believing in the illusions of the world. These blocks cause congestion in the energy body and build up toxicity that is expressed physically or emotionally and is reflected in our relationships and state of our environment.

Haumea is integral and not separate from the land of all living beings in one great holistic eco- system and reminds us of the web of life and the sacredness of all life. We are sacred. The Earth is sacred… neither human beings nor the Earth are problems to be managed- it is all part of the same flowing process of life and regeneration that is to be experienced and participated in.

 Haumea helps us to recreate from our primal and original attributes, she helps us to reactivate our essential energy and raw vitality and teaches how to plug into this well spring. Haumea says that we can redefine ourselves repeatedly, a constant process of cellular rejuvenation and sculpting of our ‘Prima Materia’, with balance and poise.

Perhaps we can begin to move through these changes faster… whereas before people would be in therapy for years, sometimes, decades, this only showed that trying to fix things from cerebral processes alone was a very long way home. The power resides within- in our cells and in our ability to creatively imagine new ways of being. Handing responsibility for our health over to a system that still views the human body as a machine to be fixed rather than a vehicle of spirit is outmoded.

We get to define ourselves and take autonomy for the sacred act of becoming by unplugging our energy and power from external definition from artificial matrices.

Haumea, pronounced How-May-Ah, sounds a bit like “How May I”?

How may I serve? How may I play my part in evolving consciousness and real change that cuts through the limitations of the old paradigm?

For an astrological consultation on how Haumea spins in your life, I am available for Zoom sessions or in person.

1 thought on “Haumea: The Goddess of Ecology is Rising

  1. Beautiful writing on Haumea. We can practically feel the ecological rising to people’s attention at this time. As for me, had a strong urge toward gardening 🙂

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