Asteroid Isis on the Midheaven

This full moon in Gemini places asteroid Isis at zero degrees Virgo on the MC- the most public part of the chart.
Isis in the astrological sign of Virgo – the Goddess- at the top of the chart with a Gemini moon invites communication through mediums beyond the usual commercial or corporate modes.This placement offers a more soul-felt, intuitive way of working – more expansive and more honest than our prevailing systems.
This follows a theme seeded in the last new moon on November 7th when asteroid Vesta was on the MC. Vesta indicates our sacred vocation in the world, what we are devoted to and what we are here to do. What we simply cannot not do, and the sacred ways we may achieve this.
This lunation cycle offers the possibility to consider a feminine based approach to career and worldly matters – how we operate publicly and on our life path?
As well as individually, these issues relate to how we move forward in the world of business and exchange on a collective level.
Asteroid Isis on the MC speaks of the need for emotional healing and awareness, and the interconnectedness of all things. She challenges destructive and fragmented systems, myopic thinking and outmoded models of growth and opens a conversation on ethics and integrity: How do we create the public sphere – by whose authority, for what agenda, and at what cost?
Increasingly we see corporations and services publicly declaring themselves to be more ecological, with a smaller carbon footprint, concerned with ecology and the environment. But while we are still operating in a growth paradigm that is hierarchical, based on competition and accumulation of wealth at the cost of the earth and other beings, this claim is often shallow and tokenistic.
Isis blows this illusion away- don’t be fooled by meaningless accreditation and stamps of approval- ask the deeper questions.
Isis desires true change and knows that if we are to create a more balanced world we must first do the deep soul work to clear the shadows and heal the fragmentation. She speaks of union of the masculine and feminine principles, of the yin and yang working together to create a balanced world.
She synthesizes and connects everything through love and devotion- nothing is separate. We cannot with good conscience continue to reap personal gain from any form of exploitation against others including the natural world, the more-than-human realm and the human sphere.
When the veils of obscuration fall away, Isis invites us to the wholeness of our being and the power we hold when we open our hearts to the love of the universe. She guides us to penetrate our personal (and collective) webs of destruction and offer ourselves to the awakening of the world. She offers clarity and sets a no nonsense, no excuses benchmark for right relationship in the commercial world.
What is yours to do? What is yours to do once you have liberated yourself from binding conditions and mental loops of the mind? What is yours to do when freed from fearful and self-limiting beliefs?
Releasing the illusions of who we think, or have been taught to believe we are… to discover who we truly are is what the world is waiting for- us to step forward.
So much of what passes for career and growth and progress is in fact driven by fear and greed and separation. These ‘qualities’ have been rewarded and esteemed in our culture but much has suffered in the process including our soul, and the soul of the world.
Isis on the MC invites us to reconsider our idea of success. She calls for heart connection and healing, and exposes the illusions that we have caged ourselves in.
Isis calls us to peel back the shroud of dysfunctional emotional ways of being and patterns that we have wrapped ourselves in- in our individual stories and distorted ways of knowing the world based on illusion and fears of past.
She asks that we let go of the burden of negative experience, piecing back together the disparate and fragmented parts of ourselves so that we can come into wholeness and take our place in world as we are meant to, embodying a wisdom that connects heaven and earth, and the mystery of life.
This placement calls forth the divine feminine warrior or priestess, the soul- worker and way-shower to a more heart-based, connected way of relating to ourselves and our world.
Isis asks you to find your soul song and sing it boldly.

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