Asteroid Isis on the Midheaven

This full moon in Gemini places asteroid Isis at zero degrees Virgo on the MC- the most public part of the chart.
Isis in the astrological sign of Virgo – the Goddess- at the top of the chart with a Gemini moon invites communication through mediums beyond the usual commercial or corporate modes.This placement offers a more soul-felt, intuitive way of working – more expansive and more honest than our prevailing systems.
This follows a theme seeded in the last new moon on November 7th when asteroid Vesta was on the MC. Vesta indicates our sacred vocation in the world, what we are devoted to and what we are here to do. What we simply cannot not do, and the sacred ways we may achieve this.
This lunation cycle offers the possibility to consider a feminine based approach to career and worldly matters – how we operate publicly and on our life path?
As well as individually, these issues relate to how we move forward in the world of business and exchange on a collective level.
Asteroid Isis on the MC speaks of the need for emotional healing and awareness, and the interconnectedness of all things. She challenges destructive and fragmented systems, myopic thinking and outmoded models of growth and opens a conversation on ethics and integrity: How do we create the public sphere – by whose authority, for what agenda, and at what cost?
Increasingly we see corporations and services publicly declaring themselves to be more ecological, with a smaller carbon footprint, concerned with ecology and the environment. But while we are still operating in a growth paradigm that is hierarchical, based on competition and accumulation of wealth at the cost of the earth and other beings, this claim is often shallow and tokenistic.
Isis blows this illusion away- don’t be fooled by meaningless accreditation and stamps of approval- ask the deeper questions.
Isis desires true change and knows that if we are to create a more balanced world we must first do the deep soul work to clear the shadows and heal the fragmentation. She speaks of union of the masculine and feminine principles, of the yin and yang working together to create a balanced world.
She synthesizes and connects everything through love and devotion- nothing is separate. We cannot with good conscience continue to reap personal gain from any form of exploitation against others including the natural world, the more-than-human realm and the human sphere.
When the veils of obscuration fall away, Isis invites us to the wholeness of our being and the power we hold when we open our hearts to the love of the universe. She guides us to penetrate our personal (and collective) webs of destruction and offer ourselves to the awakening of the world. She offers clarity and sets a no nonsense, no excuses benchmark for right relationship in the commercial world.
What is yours to do? What is yours to do once you have liberated yourself from binding conditions and mental loops of the mind? What is yours to do when freed from fearful and self-limiting beliefs?
Releasing the illusions of who we think, or have been taught to believe we are… to discover who we truly are is what the world is waiting for- us to step forward.
So much of what passes for career and growth and progress is in fact driven by fear and greed and separation. These ‘qualities’ have been rewarded and esteemed in our culture but much has suffered in the process including our soul, and the soul of the world.
Isis on the MC invites us to reconsider our idea of success. She calls for heart connection and healing, and exposes the illusions that we have caged ourselves in.
Isis calls us to peel back the shroud of dysfunctional emotional ways of being and patterns that we have wrapped ourselves in- in our individual stories and distorted ways of knowing the world based on illusion and fears of past.
She asks that we let go of the burden of negative experience, piecing back together the disparate and fragmented parts of ourselves so that we can come into wholeness and take our place in world as we are meant to, embodying a wisdom that connects heaven and earth, and the mystery of life.
This placement calls forth the divine feminine warrior or priestess, the soul- worker and way-shower to a more heart-based, connected way of relating to ourselves and our world.
Isis asks you to find your soul song and sing it boldly.

Taking the War Out of Men (and women).


The story of war and how it has impacted us, and in particular the male body and soul, is a narrative of our time that needs to be told.

Locked up, unexpressed grief has weighed down on our cultural story for generations, stifling creativity, compassion, open-heartedness, and the feminine principle- or the soul of the world.

While ‘Remembrance Sunday’ is traditionally honoured there is confusion in the hearts and minds of many.

Do we honour and grieve the deaths of those who died? Do we remain silent and ignore the significance of the day. Or do we proclaim a statement of dissent by wearing a white poppy?

While we celebrate our veterans we seldom acknowledge the emotional scarring they have carried their whole life. We do not acknowledge how this has affected their families and communities, nor do we pay attention to the unresolved ghosts of war and the inherent intergenerational trauma.

Beyond tradition and societal protocol deeper questions are raised. What have we been warring for? Cultural historians and anthropologists tell us that human beings have always warred in all cultures through all times. The legacy of war includes endless variations of meaning for the reasons why, but at root it is a separation between humans.

On an inner level it reflects back to us the split we feel within ourselves and the ways we are vulnerable to mass manipulation.

In a post industrial, neo liberal culture what are warring for?

War that sanctions and upholds corrupt systems and agendas in the name of power, greed and control is a terrible degradation of human life. In the wheels of consumerism and corporatocracy, human life is expendable.

The military industrial complex, nefarious political systems and mass psychological manipulation continues with impunity. Crimes against humanity and the earth endure despite growing anti-war and anti corporate feelings. War is a thirsty, well oiled machine, operating according to its own laws, in service to growth at all cost, insane wealth accumulation, power, and narcissistic need.

We discuss these things, there is a conversation. More and more people are waking up to the matrix-like illusions of our culture and agreeing that the Emperor appears to be wearing no clothes. But what of our inner landscapes? What of the devastation inflicted upon the human soul? What does it mean that young men (and women) still march off to war, full of zeal and promise only to return confounded, lost to themselves and their families?

In the days of the temple priestess, it was recognised that after having experienced the horrors of war, men were too unbalanced and discordant to integrate back into community life and would need to ‘have the war taken out’ of them by the sacred temple priestesses, a blessing from the goddess- before being reintegrated with their family and community.

There is no such care taken today when soldier return to their wives and families. We accept that ptsd is a common symptom of war and that many are afflicted by it, but it is not properly addressed.

In a wider cultural context the story of ‘man’ remains hidden, a secret reservoir dammed with layers of conditioning about what it is to be a man. The story of ‘woman’, on the other hand, is in full flow… the river of tears has burst its bank. The women’s movement, the return of the sacred feminine, and mobilisation of the female political voice are all narratives of our current human story.

There is a movement towards cleansing the hearts and soul of men through groups and initiatives however it is slow and support is limited. Many men report feeling remote from their inner ‘feeling’ world, and yet others are not aware of an inner feeling world at all…boys don’t cry.

In many ways patriarchy has been more damning to men that it has to women. In that system women is always ‘other’ and had something to rub against, men appeared to hold the insider position, the male gaze is myopic to itself. Within that system, ‘male’ assumes the position of subject- unreflexive and secure in his dominant position while ‘female’- as object has something to challenge.

The fight continues, whether on the physical, emotional or spiritual battlefield (not forgetting the virtual battlefield with its endless heave of pornographic reduction and cheap, but ultimately disconnected thrills). Many men are struggling to find their place.

‘So above, so below. So within, so without.’ This saying from ‘The Hermetica’ speaks to the reflection between private and public realities… the outer state of the planet and the inner human condition. The outer and inner are not separate, the war we experience on the outside is symptomatic of the conflict we feel on the inside. It is conscious presence that can save us- a willingness to feel the ways that the war machine moves in us… how it moves in me.

By contacting the abandoned and neglected feelings and experiences, by breathing life into the stagnant and wounded places we find a way out of the wasteland.

– In support of men’s groups.

– In support of better treatment and compassionate awareness of the effects of war on the human soul and on the earth.

– In support of people waking up to the reality of the war machine.

– In support of the value of human life.

And, in loving respect to all men 

Vestals: The Sacred Sexual Priestesses


The chart for today’s new moon sees asteroid Vesta at 19 degrees Capricorn (conjunct Pluto), shining bright in her glory on the midheaven.

In ancient Rome the Vestal Virgins tended the sacred flame in the temple devoting themselves to the goddess Vesta and taking vows of chastity. They were chosen for this service form the age of about 8 – 30 after which they could, if they wish, marry… apparently few did.

According to astrologer Demetra George, prior to patriarchal takeover from matriarchal culture, the vestal virgins, or priestesses of Hestia as they were known in ancient Greece, were the sacred sexual priestesses who were capable of ‘taking the war out of men’, opening the hearts of wounded men who had become shut down by trauma an initiating them so that they knew how to honor and meet the feminine- and even produce an heir to the throne.

The flame they carried burned bright within the inner fires of their bodies (kundalini) as sacred flames of purification able to transmute even the most disconnected and discordant energies.

It was a true shamanic act of magic and there was no moral judgement attached to the ceremony.

When the men came back from war full of violence and rage, they would first have to pass through the temple of Vesta and lay with one her priestesses so that he could be transformed by the goddess and reintegrated into the community ensuring the well-being and harmony of all.

The flame of the vestal virgins burned so bright that it dissolved the negative experience of war and opened the hearts of the most broken.

At the winter and summer solstices, 6 vestal priestesses would lay with 6 of the king’s high-ranking men in a darkened sacred cave so that their identity was concealed. Any child born of a priestess was considered a divine child and if there was no natural heir to the throne that year, a divine child was chosen. In this way a royal priestess blood line was in place.

Later, after the patriarchal usurping, the vestal virgins were kept in the temple where they tended the hearth and the sacred flame in devotional service but were sentenced to horrific death should they transgress their vows of chastity. In this way, kingship and claim to the land was passed down, not from a priestess lineage but a patriarchy in which the tenure of the king changed from just 1 year to a life time.

Enforced chastity was as much about control and male power as it was about moral values.

With Vesta conjunct transformative Pluto on the midheaven, perhaps a worthy consideration is how we deal with trauma and inner devastation in our present-day culture? We either suffer the disruptive consequences of it ensuring more and more, or we medicate it.

What would a modern day magical encounter with the goddess or the healing feminine principle look like at a collective level?

Research found in Demetra George ‘Asteroid Goddesses’