Venus Retrograde in Scorpio: A Look in the Well.


Amor Sacro y Amor Profano (Galería Borghese, Roma, 1514)

As Venus retrogrades through Scorpio relationships may be sorely tested- relationships with others and self. With the illuminating light of the Taurus full moon on Wednesday we may receive some clarity as to what really ails us in this department.
And there are strong clues of where to look- Venus retrogrades in the same sign every eight years, whatever issues were present from October 8th- November 18th, 2010 when Venus was last retrograde in Scorpio, may have popped up again for reckoning. If there were relationship – or other Venus-type issues present, we have an opportunity to handle them now, or at least get a deeper perspective.
This Venus retrograde may lead us right back to wherever we left off in 2010- how well, or not did we deal with the issues?
Relationship issues can run deep, right down to our first experience of mother and father; if through early wounding our instinctual self has been suppressed causing difficulties in present relating, this Venus retrograde may assist us in becoming more aware of our deeper impulses.
Difficulties with accepting love, trusting love, having our basic emotional needs met are all Venus problems.
Aphrodite the Greek counterpart to Venus has two epithets: ‘Aphrodite Urania’- meaning celestial or heavenly, and ‘Aphrodite Pandemos’- meaning of the common people. Both aspect of the goddess must be expressed, and herein lies a clue to possible unease in relationship- are we serving one aspect of the goddess and ignoring the other? Are we honoring our spiritual path but in denial about our more instinctual primal needs? Or, alternatively, are we satisfying our worldly physical needs and avoiding our spiritual calling? Basically, are our needs being met physically, emotionally and spiritually?
Is there a resonance with what happened in 2010, or even further back to October/November 2002?
Use the light of this full moon on Wednesday, in Taurus where Venus is exulted to shine a light on this aspect of your life.
The seeds of the new moon on October 9th which was just one day before Venus retrograded, paired Venus and Persephone in an exact conjunction. Persephone, having made the descent and the return from the underworld in union with Venus, allows for the possibility of a forensic view of our inner mechanics- the nuts and bolts of relationship… And if indeed you do feel like a ‘nut’, or feel like ‘bolting’, my advice is to hold off on making big decisions until mid-November when Venus turns direct, better yet, leave it until mid-December when the shadow of Venus retrograde has truly passed.
In the meantime, take this opportunity to get deeper insight into your patterns of relating and ask what it is you need to feel truly met- from yourself and others.

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