Celebrating 13 Moons

13 CropOn Friday 13th April, we will gather for our 13th Moon Lodge. So far it has been a rich and deepening journey into connecting with the lunar energies and cycles, the feminine mysteries, and magic of the circle. Aided by the drum, our inner guides, stories and the movement of the moon through the zodiac, we are learning how to attune to lunar consciousness and our inner rhythms.

April’s moon lodge– the 13th circle happening on Friday 13th feels extra special. Although the number 13 has been much maligned in our culture, it is in fact an auspicious day connected to the Goddess, the sacred feminine and Venus. In ancient times there were 13 months in a year as there were 13 moons in a year and 13 menstrual cycles. The 13 month, 28-day, relationship to time was dominant on our planet for 6000 years before the turn from lunar to solar consciousness.

The Maya, Celts, Egyptians, Lakota, Essenes, Polynesians, and Cherokee all used a 13-month calendar. The Druids also used a 13-month calendar which was connected to their alphabet and tree calendar – each consonant of the Druid alphabet represented a moon cycle. In both Mayan and Druid cultures, the extra day was a ‘non-calendar day’ or a ‘day out of time’, traditionally a day of ritual and renewal in preparation for the coming year.

There is a technical term for fear of Friday 13th- ‘friggatriskaidekaphoboa’, the ‘Frigga’ prefix comes from the name of the Goddess from whom Friday was named- Frigg, or Freyja, like Venus or Aphrodite, is associated with love, fertility and erotic love.

The number 13 is symbolic of feminine power and creative life force, and wisdom. Though Death is number 13 in the tarot deck, feminine wisdom teaches us that death also points to rebirth and renewal. On the inner planes death may herald the deep transformation necessary for our truest becoming.

On Friday 13 April Venus will be in Taurus which she rules; here Venus is mistress of her sensual pleasures, making the most of her natural gifts. In the 8th house, there is an added dimension of depth and possibly initiation or awakening.

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